Junomarkets – Asia’s Global Broker Has All That You Need to Trade the World

Trading is following a certain concept or idea. A trader needs to acquire knowledge on a number of things like technical indicators, market demand, political leaders, global economy and market conditions. A trader needs to avail various services, technologies and financial instruments during the course of trading; the ideal online trading environment that he needs is offered by the Junomarkets.

Junomarket is trading platform that believes in the following –

– Partnerships: Personal attention and latest technology are two important factors that are offered to clients through a powerful network of Asian clients.

– Technology: Besides working upon improving the trading environment for clients, they are really passionate about providing them with intuitive and simple tools based on the latest technology.

– Focus: Quick execution and minimum latency are offered to clients through Asian pricing engines and trading servers. Clients have the advantage to get served by regional branch offices.

– Integrity: The value of long-term relationships is not understood by many. Only the long-term veterans in the trading market are able to understand such relationships. Industry veterans that are capable of analyzing trends and managing markets are employed under Junomarkets. These professionals are inclined towards ensuring long-term profitability for their clients.

What do you get in return?


Junomarkets provide traders with a wide variety of trading instruments from across the world. With open markets, traders are allowed to pick powerful platforms like commodities, stock indices and forex for trading.


Amongst a number of trading markets, forex seems to be the fastest expanding one. The MT4 platform offered by Junomarkets allows you to utilize spot metals FX crosses out of a lot of 30. For the introductory Juno accounts, the leverage offered is up to 400:1 and for the generous accounts it’s up to 200:1.

Stock Indices

The equity market of a country shows the largest stocks under the stock indices. The whole forex-analystindex can actually be trades under the Junomarkets. It allows you to earn profit by exploring opportunity of short selling. You won’t even need to consider the individual stocks or seek an opinion from outside. Your market moves can yield great results only when you capitalize while trading the index.


With the volatility of trade being increased, the world is observing a number of popular trades involving natural gas, oil and other popular commodities. A lot of flexibility and lower sizes make the commodity lots worth quality trading. Junomarkets don’t charge any trading fees or commissions for commodity trading. The price that is quoted is the actual price that you ought to pay for trading.


A majority of traders can get their needs satisfied out of one single platform that yield considerable variety. For all clients the broker needs to be versatile. Much of the desired versatility and stability is offered by the Metatrader 4 platform. Junomarkets – Asia’s global broker is capable of providing you with an online access to Metatrader 4 so that you’re able to explore markets via Macs and public PCs. In the recent times, trading has gone mobile. While using your android and iOS based devices, it becomes easier for you to access the mobile MT4 app with the help of your Juno account. When it comes to mobile trading, this app is known to be one of its kind and truly powerful. You can’t really miss out on any trading opportunity now-a-days.