Investments: Selecting funds for 2016

As per a report published on 2015 has officially turned out the worst year of stocks since 2008. In fact, it turned out to be a horrible year for investments as a whole. Oil, junk bonds and industrial commodities performed worse than the stocks did. While the stocks still grappled with abysmal lows, they didn’t crash completely as the other commodities did. Can 2015 be marked as a year of a major financial meltdown like 2008? Perhaps not. However, over the past twelve months we have witnessed serious financial fluctuations – something of the scale of the fiscal irregularities in 2008. Some of the major names like Russell 2000, Dow Jones and S&P 500 registered their worst performance since 2008.

The financial scenario of 2015: What it possibly holds for 2016

According to author Jonathan Cahn, it was only in the month of August when the global market started going berserk and went out to lose 11 trillion dollars as a result. Financial gurus opine that 2015 marked the beginning of a financial crisis which is going to take a notable shape in 2016.

The fiscal fluctuation that we have talked about in the previous section only paved the way for what is going to be marked as a major crisis in 2016. So, don’t be surprised if 2016 turns to be another 2008. You know that the ripples were created in 2015 only. As per CNN, around 70% of all the investors had lost money in the year and from the way things are shaping up till now, it can well be said that 2016 is bracing itself for a bigger fiscal chaos.

The financial scenario has actually hastened the need for revising ways in which funds should be selected by investors. Even if you are mulling such investments for the first time in your life, this remains a great opportunity to find out the correct ways in which you should select funds for investment. Do take a look at this video to be guided properly in this respect:

Find out what Dhirendra Kumar, the CEO of Value Research has to say about the most lucrative funds for 2016. This New Year trade with more confidence. Do check this video out for further information.

Hopefully, this particular video will turn out to be a valuable resource for budding traders and also the ones looking to revise their investment strategies.

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