How Can You Reach Out Insurance to the Millennials in the New Year 2018?

As long as insurance customer base is concerned, the millennial generation is very soon going to replace the baby boomers as the biggest customer base for the insurance industry. When it comes to attracting the least-insured generation, the industry has got some really serious work to do. As per the report from a company which advises firms to gain customer insights, Fuel Cycle, they have pulled together key strategies which can help insurance bring the millennial generation together, something which no one has ever done before.

The ace business firm, Insurance Business asked a senior researcher, Nick Chadwick about his top tips on the things insurance companies should require focusing on as we move towards the beginning of 2018.

The art of engaging millennials

In the year 2018, it will rather be crucial to concentrate on the ways in which insurance companies can engage millennials. The way in which the millennials are engaged is more multi-faceted than what we ever saw with the previous generations. They are the ones who love to stay engaged by leveraging different methods, which may include apps, social media, mails, online communities and any other way that is offered by the insurer.

As long as millennials are concerned or the newest generation, utilization of the latest communication channels and directly conversing with them is extremely important, as compared to the predecessors. As the intermediaries still play a vital role in the insurance industry for the immense knowledge in buying products, millennials usually prefer the more direct methods and this means that the insurance brokers and agents require adopting all the new methods in order to gain their attention.

Setting up proper communication

The senior researchers are of the opinion that the key focus for the insurance carriers should be to set up direct communication in the year 2018. The direct medium of communication like the websites, the mobile apps usually remains a considerably untapped resource for the insurance industry. According to a recent study revealed that the millennials will most probably buy online insurance and more than half of them will prefer working directly with the insurance carriers rather than working in accordance with an agent.

In 2018, besides leveraging the multi-channel strategy, you also require bolstering the competition as this is also going to be important in 2018. Experts suggest that it is vital to keep researching the consumer market and how the competitors are reacting to the ongoing rat-race. Ultimately, when you can offer a voice to the consumers, this is probably the best way in which you can meet their expectations on a continuous basis.

Lastly, for the insurance companies to proactively retain the millennial generation, they even require investing in the non-conventional areas like customer intelligence and R&D and the procedure of purchasing insurance shifts on the channels, new screens and platform through the next decade.

Choosing the right life insurance safeguards your long-term financial interests – Know how

You may feel as though you’re covered in the case of illness or death, but do you actually have what you need? If you have massive gaps in your life insurance coverage, then your loved ones could get stuck with bills or left without the benefits they thought they had. If you purchased a life insurance policy several years ago to care for your family after your death, but you never reviewed it, now may be time to study your options and make sure you’re fully covered.

For example, do you know if you can start paying off your funeral when you’re still alive? Do you know whether your family has to follow your funeral wishes or if they can spend the funds in the way they would like? Your family doesn’t want to face these questions after your death, so now is the time to address this information. If you’re prepared now, you can make the process easier so that your family can focus on grieving. A few small changes to your life insurance coverage today can save your family thousands of dollars and prevent hours of complex financial planning.

To decide whether you’re making the right choices with your life insurance after your death, take the Health IQ quiz Life Insurance Quirks You Should Know About. You may find that you’re missing key gaps in your planning knowledge that leave your family vulnerable. Don’t wait until you fall ill to prepare your family financially for your death. Test your knowledge and discover what you need to know today. And let Health IQ and their team know what you think of the quiz in the comments below, or try one of their related quizzes on Hidden Factors That Influence Your Life Insurance Rate, Quiz: The Life Insurance Claims Process, or Reducing Your Life Insurance Premium.

Want to learn more about how life insurance can benefit you? Speak with one of Health IQ’s life insurance agents to learn more about their special rate premiums for health-minded folks.

The most important car insurance features that you need to check while applying for a policy

It often gets you through an overwhelming experience when you buy a new vehicle or become a licensed driver for the first time. The same goes true when your vehicle is up for renewal. Prior to applying for an auto insurance policy, you must compare a few quotes from your favorite insurance providers.

Like while purchasing cars, car insurance policies are also offered to you with varying features. In order to achieve the best value, you must compare these policies. Features that you need for your car are certainly an important point of consideration while shopping for car insurance.

What features do you actually need to compare while signing up for an insurance product?

Personal auto insurance doesn’t necessarily come with all popular features or cover all of your vehicles. So, you must read through policy clauses very attentively before putting your signature. Some of the full-coverage car insurance policies may be transferred to rental vehicles that you use in place of your regular cars. But there are exceptions to such policies.

Do you know if your car insurance offers features like car rentals? Check out how and when they meet damages before you rely on a particular insurance. They might reimburse you only after you bear the costs upfront. You must know the features that vary with each insurer and state. Even after possessing personal car insurance, you may consider utilizing coverage through your credit card or supplemental coverage benefits provided by your insurer.
Every year, you’re likely to come across several most popular features online based on the search history data that support car insurance comparison tables.

Consider 6 tips to obtain the best quotes for a comprehensive car insurance policy:

Few of the car insurance features have gained much popularity with car owners in the recent times.

Car insurance comparison tables are derived after taking into account a percentage of the total number of user

clicks achieved during a certain period.

1. Market or agreed value

A majority of car owners are inclined towards covering their vehicles for the market or agreed value.

2. Pay every month with any additional cost

Another feature that has gained much popularity with car insurance users is the option for meeting premiums every month without paying any additional cost.

3. Roadside Assistance

The one that comes third in the list of popular policy features is roadside assistance. There’s no need to worry about assistance during the odd hours of the night.

4. Coverage for drivers that aren’t nominated

This feature covers an unnamed driver and keeps his car insurance policy valid even when he is involved in an accident. Such coverage is offered although he isn’t nominated. About 13 percent of those who used the filters had actually opted for this feature.

5. Lowering of age

More than 10 percent of the car owners have checked on the opportunity for lowering premiums by restricting the age limit of another driver.

6. 24×7 help desk

A dedicated customer help line extending for up to 24 hours has always been in demand with users that checked all filtering options while signing up. This feature has been checked by over 6 percent of the insurance users.

The factors mentioned above always been an important point of consideration for car owners that opted for the right car insurance coverage. You must also acquire more information on car insurance before narrowing down your choices.

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Driverless Cars Will Save You Money

You might think that the idea of driverless cars saving you money is a little nonsensical. After all, there’s currently a rather hefty premium on the technology. Going autonomous is estimated to add around $10,000 to the price of a vehicle. But it’s worth considering for a moment what has happened in practically every other area of the economy that has been touched by digital technology. Take the first mobile phones, for instance. To buy a cell phone in the 1980s, you had to be incredibly wealthy (and strong enough to lift them), but today you can pick up a phone for 100 times less money. The same trend will occur in driverless cars. They’ll start off expensive, and then they will get cheaper and cheaper as companies begin mass-producing all the autonomous components.

Driverless Cars


But there’s an argument to suggest that people will save on more than just the price of a new vehicle by going driverless. In fact, it could help bring the cost of motoring way down and make driving safer, preventing injury and death. Take a look at some of the ways driverless cars could boost your finances.

Your Family Will Only Need One Car

Because humans have to be behind the wheel of today’s cars, families often find themselves forced to pay for multiple vehicles. When one person leaves the home with one car, it denies everybody else access to transport.

However, with autonomous vehicles, it doesn’t have to be like this. The family car could quite easily take one person to work, then taxi the next person to school and then return itself to the family driveway until it is needed again.

This isn’t just a moot point. The effect that driverless cars will have on the number of cars the average family owns has been studied by the University of Michigan transportation division. They estimate that average family car ownership will plummet from 2.1 today to just 1.2 after self-driving cars are fully adopted. That’s bad news for the car industry, but incredibly good news for consumers who want to slash the cost of transport. The University of Michigan also predicts that smart apps will allow the real number of cars owned per family to fall even further. Rather than just having to rely on their own car, it’s more likely that people will rent out cars from a fleet of driverless vehicles on the road designed to serve everybody. Ride hailing may replace ownership altogether for people who aren’t particularly concerned about owning their own car.

You Won’t Get Injured

Today, the chances that you’ll get injured on the road is unacceptably high. At the moment, the best recourse is to find a personal injury lawyer, but what about in the future? Because driverless cars will result in a 90 percent drop in accidents, there will be less chance of injury, especially for people traveling inside autonomous vehicles. Improve safety functionality will mean that society and individuals will no longer have to bear the incredibly high costs of accidents and won’t suffer debilitating illnesses at the same rate.

MetroMile, an insurance company, has estimated that driverless cars could save the average motoring over $1,000 on their car insurance every year. That might sound like bad news for the insurance industry, but what insurers care about isn’t the total amount of money they can charge for car insurance, but the difference between what they get in and what they get out. For driverless cars, insurance premiums will be much lower, but so too will the number of accidents. In other words, if driverless cars really can avoid collisions (which seems entirely feasible given the evidence we have so far) then the cost of insurance will come down too, and motoring expenses will plummet.

You Won’t Have To Pay Out For Tickets

Every year, the authorities grab hundreds of millions of dollars in fines from transgressing motorists. The cover story is that it is about safety, but for the majority of drivers, speeding or sitting in a box junction for too long is a complete accident. We’re all human, after all. However, robots are not human, and unlike their fleshy counterparts, they never get tired or lose their concentration. This means that people who buy driverless vehicles could potentially protect themselves from road violation fines of all varieties because the car is programmed to avoid these hazards. It is likely that the maker of the software will be fined if a car does something it shouldn’t, meaning that companies, not customers, will pay for highway violations.

Understanding the Life Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens

People who are above 65 years are often relieved of their financial responsibilities. They want to live a free life without worrying about the financial burdens of their family. Although this picture seems viable but in reality it is not always true. Financial worries often keep on going in the households that affect every member of the family. In such state, senior citizens, who are no more the earning partners in the family, feel the need to contribute to the expenses of their younger ones. One good solution to this situation is that the senior citizens can buy insurance policies. There are schemes under which the companies have started offering life insurance over 65 years of age.

In order to understand that “how insurance policies work for senior citizens”one needs to understand the reasons those propagate the seniors to buy life insurance policies.

• Tax advantages: People who are in business often opt for these policies to enjoy tax advantages. The policies of life insurance for seniorsoften come with tax benefits. In order to save their money for future instead of paying it in terms of tax, senior citizens buy life insurance policies.

• Meeting the death and final expenses: Senior citizens very well realize the expenses that are incurred on the death occasion in the family. That is why they often decide to buy life insurance policies for themselves so that they can support their family expenses. With the experiences of life, they can very well understand that how insurance policies work for senior citizens.They buy these policies so that their family can take care of their burial expenses without having to worry over the finances.

• Pay-off the debts: The retired people want to pay their lifetime debts before they leave the world. They may use their pension income for EMI based monthly payments of debts. In order to assure that their financial liabilities are not passed on to their children or survivors in the family, they buy life insurance policies. Their families can take care of the debts that remain after the passing away of the policy holder.

• Self esteem: One significant reason that people often enquire about senior life insuranceis their self-esteem. They hold the position of “provider” in the family throughout their life. So they plan to leave some financial gifts for their children. On their death their family can use the policy amount in the most viable way.
Now let us understand that how insurance policies work for senior citizens?
There are two types of insurance policies for seniors:
• Term life insurance: Such policies come with a time frame. For example ‘Mac’ who is 65 years old can buy a term life insurance worth $10,000 for his daughter. It means she can withdraw this much amount of money in the 10 years time period. After this tenure, the policy ceases to exist. In such policies, usually the rate of interest is lower and duration is fixed.
• Whole life insurance:This policy extends till the life time of the policy holder and ends on his or her death. The nominee may withdraw the whole sum of life insurance as a lump sum amount.

These are the two main options available for life insurance among seniors.

To better understand that life insurance for seniorswe need to explore the conditions on which the policies are given to the senior citizens.

How insurance policies work for senior citizens who have health problems?

The companies try to cover their risk in the maximum possible way by examining the health condition of the senior citizens. They check the pertaining ailments and the history of these diseases in their clients. The companies also examine chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. They try to measure the intensity of these problems to assure the life expectancy of their clients.

The companies will also enquire about the addictions and other life style hazards of their clients such as smoking, drugs, overweight or obesity etc. The impact of these conditions may decide the health and well being of the senior citizens.

If any of these health issues is on serious terms then the clients can avail “graded” insurance cover. In this policy the nominee doesn’t get full death benefits if the policy holder dies in the initial 2-3 years. If your health is sound then you can avail any choicest option among the offers by the insurance companies.

Tips on getting affordable life insurance:

• Be healthy and fit: The cost and terms of your insurance will largely depend on your health. Therefore try to keep yourself fit and healthy at the time of buying life insurance cover. You can take up some normal work-out or wellness regime if you plan to buy the insurance in a period of 2-3 months.

• Earlier you buy, cheaper is the policy: This is a golden rule in buying any insurance product. If you plan to buy any insurance cover, make up your mind sooner. The younger you are more life expectancy you have! The insurance companies want to ascertain minimum risk of life expectancy. For people who have crossed the age of 60-80 years, it is advised that they take an early decision on purchasing life insurance policy.

• Compare the quotes: Internet is the best medium to seek all information pertaining to various life insurance policies available for seniors over 60-65 years. You can seek complete knowledge of elderly life insurance,what are the rates of interests and how do they vary with age, what kind of policy you want to buy and what are the benefits associated with each one of them. Different companies have different offers. You can compare the quotes online and assess them on the parameters such as cost, amount of premium to be paid, terms of pay back, rate of interest etc.

The requirements of senior citizens are different than the other people; therefore their policies too have different terms and specifications. One should carefully read all the instructions and terms & conditions before purchasing any policy.

Getting the most out of your home insurance policy – Some tips for homeowners

home insurance

There are many homeowners who consider home insurance as a necessary evil and it is true that they can feel like that but only until you require insuring your home. When the need arises, the insurance can be like a life savior and you will feel glad and lucky to have had insurance during an unfortunate event. Home insurance has been designed to safeguard something that is most likely your biggest asset. You have definitely worked hard and saved enough to get your home loan for buying your house and henceforth it becomes your responsibility to take care of your house so that you don’t suffer any further financial losses. This post will discuss about the ways in which you can make the most out of your home insurance policy. Check out the points.

• Know the appropriate value of your home and the home insurance which you may need

One of the foremost things that you need to understand is the extent of insurance that you will need for your house. First, consider the appraised value of your home and in case your home is destroyed or damaged, you have to know how much it will cost in order to replace the total structure or the portion that has been damaged. Establishing the value of your home is not a DIY project and at the same time, you shouldn’t allow the insurer to determine its value. Get a professional who will deduce the value of your home.

• Know the risk factors on which the premium will be based on

It is vital to realize that the premium on your home insurance policy is based around the risk that the insurance company is taking by selling off the policy. The higher is the risk that something can happen and they may have to pay for the damage, the higher will be the premium. Hence, the factors like crime rate in your neighborhood, your lifestyle habits, the block where the home is located and the proximity of your house to the highways are some factors which will determine your insurance rate.

• Utilize all the points which can help you pay less premiums

As there are tons of risk factors which can drive the cost of the home insurance premium, there are also few factors that can lower the premium rates. A home burglary alarm system, sprinklers and fire alarms, dead bolt locks, upgraded heating systems, updated electrical and wiring system for your home, a home located nearby the police department are few points which can decrease the premium rates of the insurance policy. Having a good credit score can also save your money and so if you have a poor credit score, first go for credit repair.

Thereafter, when you see that all the required factors are perfect, you should speak with insurance agent to get your home covered. If you have already had an insurer, make sure you get your home covered from the same agent to avail multiple-policy discounts.

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How Much Should You Pay for Car Dependability?

car breakdown

There is nothing worse than having your car break down while you are on the way to someplace you need to be. Perhaps it’s happened to you in the rain, or on your way to a wedding, or at night when you’re in a sketchy part of town. For some, driving an older vehicle is a source of constant anxiety because of the threat of breakdowns and high repair costs.

But not all of us can afford a brand new car. If you need a car to live your life, it’s important to know how to get the most dependable vehicle at your price point, and to consider paying a little more if your needs can’t be met at your current budget. Used cars from dealerships like J.D. Byrider will undergo a lot more scrutiny than the car you see on Craigslist. If dependability is a priority, that may be an important consideration.

Still, reliable cars can be found from many sellers. As a buyer, you just have to know what you need, as well as how to evaluate specific possibilities. Start by researching cars that will fit your purposes. Think about what you need in terms of storage, fuel efficiency, power, and every other characteristic which will have an effect on your life. Choose five or six cars that meet these needs, which are more or less in your price range depending on the seller.

Car Dependability

Some people stop here and immediately start looking for bargains. Pump the breaks! You’re not done. Now you need to start to research the details hidden under the hood of the used cars in your short list. Get on forums and research common problems associated with these vehicles. You might discover that that minivan you wanted was manufactured with a transmission that almost always conks out at 90,000 miles. Or, you might discover that the Jeep you’re interested in will get to 300,000 miles routinely, with only regular maintenance.

Once you’ve found a car that meets your needs as a driver, and sounds like it can be maintained with your income and experience, start looking for deals. Start with a quick search among all area dealerships to find out how many of vehicles of the make and model you are interested in are available in your region. You can just choose the car at the lowest price if you want to have the assurance that results from getting a car from a reputable dealership.

If you want to dig even further, look at internet and print classifieds for listings of the car you’re looking for. Expand your search to 150 miles around your home, or more if you’re willing to travel long and hard for a deal. You’ll find cars this way that aren’t well marketed and have few prospective buyers. You can negotiate a much better price in these circumstances. Just make sure to get the car inspected before you buy it!

Look hard for the car you want, and make sure that the car you choose will meet your needs and be within your ability to maintain. This way you’ll save money and get exactly what you’re looking for.

Why should you buy LIC Term Plan?

As compared to other types of life insurance, term insurance plans are the simplest and the most beneficial form of insurance product. Be it consumer or financial experts, term insurance plans are preferred by any over other life insurance plans. One of the major reasons why LIC term plan is better insurance option is that it offers higher sum assured amount at very low premium rates.

Term insurance plans are particularly designed in a way to provide financial protection to the family against unforeseen circumstances. The life insurance plans are generally known as a protection plan. While life insurance plans offer a wide variety of options to the buyers, a term insurance plan offers life coverage with no saving or profit component. Term insurance plans are best for those insurance buyers who just want to have a life cover without any savings. Moreover, these plans are one of the most affordable plans and can be availed easily in a hassle freeway. Besides this, to validate the point that why one should have term insurance plans, here we have discussed briefly some of the benefits of term insurance plans.

The major reasons why you should buy LIC term plan are as follows:-

1. Simplicity- As compared to ULIP or endowment plan, term insurance plans are much simple and easy to understand. Under LIC term plan, one has to pay the whole premium once and get covered for the term chosen. It can really get complicated to plan financial goal around cash value insurance plan. Generally, it gets difficult for an individual to divide the premium into risk cover cost and savings. But a term insurance plan simply provides the life coverage so, there is no risk involved in it.

2. Competitive Pricing- As term insurance plans are simpler and have the same structure it can be compared easily on the basis of price. With the growing demand of term insurance plan, it is rapidly emerging as a commodity. In order to choose the best insurance policy, you can compare the quotes online and choose the most suitable plan for yourself. As compared to cash value policies, term insurance policies are more price competitive as buyers suffer fewer information problems.

3. Flexibility- LIC term plan provides more flexibility than the cash value policies. Under term plans, if a person stops paying the premium, the risk coverage stops as the policy ends. Cash value policies provide the survival benefit only after the completion of the whole tenure of the policy. If you stop paying the premium midway, you can go through financial loss as you will not able to recover the saving portion without any deduction.
Moreover, there are numerous term insurance policies which can be renewed as well as can be converted. One can also change the term insurance plan into endowment plan. The insured person will just have to pay the extra premium and the sum assured amount will remain the same.

4. Tax Benefit- The premium paid for the term insurance policies provides tax exemption under section 80C of Income Tax Act. However, in endowment plans, as the premium rates are high one get more benefit under section 80C of Income Tax Act. Moreover, endowment plans also provide tax benefits on the maturity claim under section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act.

5. Lowest Premiums- As compared to the other life insurance policies, the premiums for term insurance is much less. For example- if a 30-year-old person buys a term insurance policy of 20 years tenure for the sum assured amount of Rs.10,00,000, then he/she will have to pay an annual premium of Rs3000. Similarly, if a person takes an endowment policy, then he/she will have to pay an annual premium of Rs.30,000 and if it is an endowment with profit policy, then the yearly premium will be about Rs50,000.

In case you have taken a large loan like a home loan or car loan. Then buying a term insurance plan is beneficial, as you can cover the risk by repaying all the loans with the help of a term insurance plan, which is cheaper as compared to the other types of insurance plans. In the case of uncertain demise of the insured person, the plan not only provides a death benefit to the nominee of the policy. Additionally, it can also be used to cover the risk of business loss due to the untimely death of the policy holder.

However, while purchasing term insurance policy, there are certain aspects that should be kept in mind like determining the coverage you need for your family members and life-stage, assess your needs and budget, claim settlement ratio, the income factor, rider, choosing the right insurer and online purchase.
With all these Benefits Offered by LIC Term Plan, it is certainly one of the most beneficial plans as compared to other insurance plans. Having a term insurance plan from LIC is the best way to provide financial security to your loved ones in the most affordable way.

Ensuring Insurance: 4 Ways To Make Sure Insurance Companies Pay Up

Image Source

We all pay a lot of money into insurance schemes so that when the worst happens, we don’t have to pay for the damage. But what if after all that money you’ve poured in, the insurance companies still refuse to pay up? A single clause or error on our part can cause a claim to be denied – something which can be extremely frustrating. It’s like investing in safety net, only for that net to have a hole in when you fall.

It’s for this reason that you’ve got to be sharp and resourceful when filing a claim. Those crafty insurance companies can only do so much to avoid paying – in the end, the client always has the upper hand. Here is how to take on the insurance companies and win.

Act quickly

When disaster strikes – whether you’ve just been involved in a car accident or had your house burgled – you must notify your insurance provider straight away, even if you don’t make a claim immediately. Insurance companies may want all the details before paying up. If you wait a couple weeks, certain details may not be as fresh in your mind. Many companies have a deadline of a month – if you try and file a claim after that it will be automatically rejected. Similarly, for theft, make sure that you notify the police within 24 hours. Failure to notify the police within this period will result again in the insurance companies rejecting your claim.

Gather photographic evidence

The best way to support a claim is to gather photographic evidence. If a flood has wrecked your home or a vandal has smashed your car windows, make sure to take individual snaps of every single piece of damage that will have to be paid for. Do this before any repairs are made (you shouldn’t make any repairs until your claim has been accepted).

Hire legal help

Sometimes for assurance, it pays to hire legal help. Different lawyers and representatives will specialise in different areas, for example with damaged property you need to hire a public adjuster, whereas for a car crash you may need a car accident lawyer or a personal injury attorney. Having a legal representative can help you to unpick the complicated clauses and loopholes that sometimes accompany insurance policies.

Follow up

Once you’ve made a claim, keep up to date with its progress to avoid the insurance company putting it on the backburner and effectively ignoring your claim. By hounding them, you will show that you are serious about getting your money. Ask for a timescale in order to know how long the process is likely to take. You can then make plans in the meantime, such as arranging alternative transport to work if your car has been damaged, or putting in plastic sheets to replace windows. As already mentioned, avoid making repairs until you’ve got your money – if you make a repairs and complication occurs that requires you to collect more evidence like another photo or extra details, you may not be able to comply if the damage has been fixed.

How to Make Sure Your Car Accident Claim Has a High Success Rate

Car accidents can be a frustrating, scary, and time-consuming problem It’s important to remain calm during the entire process and keep your mind sharp. Making an accident claim can be a strenuous task, but it’s vital to help pay for repair costs, damages, and medical fees that might occur as a result. To prepare yourself in case it happens to you, here are some tips you should follow.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Stop and Remain Calm

If the accident has left you dazed, then stop immediately. If you can feel pain, then make sure to remain calm and don’t make any sudden movements that could increase the pain or make the injury worse. It’s an offense to move your car after an accident no matter how minor you might think it is. Never drive off and stay put where you are. Turn off the engine, switch on the hazard lights, and set up a warning triangle some distance away from your car. If someone has been injured, then you need to make sure you phone emergency services and call for an ambulance.

Collect Information

It’s vital that you collection the registration numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident. If anyone tries to escape and drive off, then make sure you take down their license plate numbers first. If the other drivers are cooperative, then take down their phone numbers and addresses as well. If they refuse to give information, then that fact can be used in your claim as well. You’ll also want to take down any car insurance details of other drivers.

Contact Your Insurer

To make your claim stand out, you’ll need to tell your insurer several important pieces of information. Give them everything that you collected during the accident, such as details of the other drivers. If another driver didn’t have insurance, then you can contact the police because it’s required by law for all drivers to have insurance. Make sure your insurer knows every detail that you can give: the time and date, the location, what the weather was like, what happened, and any witnesses that were willing to give a statement.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Additional Tips

The majority of a claim involves collecting information, however, there are some more pointers that you can follow to make sure that your claim is successful.

Never admit to the accident, especially if you’re unsure what happened. Law firms can assist with even the harshest DUI, DWI, or other similar accidents. Never lie about what happened—especially to your insurer or lawyer, but never admit to anything without proof.

Take plenty of photos. Make sure to include the location as best as you can, and don’t focus just on the damage of your car or your injuries. Take pictures of the surrounding area with the cars in view, photos of license plates, and snap a few shots of the drivers and witnesses that are willing to make a statement.

If your claim is successful, then don’t expect a huge sum of cash as compensation. Wait for your insurer to contact you about what you’ll be awarded. Most of the time, it’ll just be enough to carry out repairs, but in some rare circumstances, they’ll agree to replace your car if it’s suffered a lot of damage. They will also cover medical expenses in case you’re injured.

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