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Injured? Make Sure You Get What You’re Entitled To

It can happen anywhere, in any environment. One minute everything is completely fine, the next you’re being hurried off to the hospital to receive treatment for an injury you’ve acquired during an accident. This can be distressing for the obvious reason that you’ve found yourself in physical pain and your wellbeing has been compromised, but also because you can’t be sure if you’ll have to take time off work and lose your income. The good news is that money doesn’t need to be a concern: if you were injured and it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

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Taking the First Steps

Your financial compensation won’t, admittedly, be the first thing on your mind. It is important to determine what you’ll do next, however, as soon as you’re well enough to think clearly and proceed. For instance, you should ascertain what exactly happened when you were injured – and which parties were responsible. This may be difficult if you suffered a head injury, so try to find out if there were any other witnesses were around. Once you know what happened, you’ll know what kind of compensation you’ll be entitled to.

Looking at your Options

If you were injured at work, you’ll be eligible for a payout from the workers’ compensation pot, which each employer pays into and is paid out on a no-fault basis. This process is relatively straightforward as it doesn’t require anyone to admit fault; it is there for routine injuries in the workplace. The other option is a personal injury claim, which you’ll file against a business or an individual who was at fault for your injury. This is a little bit more difficult, as you will have to put forward a case that something they did was negligent and contributed to your injury.

Making the Claim

If you’re requested workers’ compensation, the claim is as simple as asking for the form and filling it out before returning it to your employer. The other kind of claim will be more complex, but exactly how much more complex will depend on the seriousness of the injury and whether the other party has admitted fault. In serious conditions, you should consult a good lawyer and be ready to play the waiting game.


If your case is a personal injury claim, then you may have options as to how you receive your money. One is a one-off lump sum payment and the other is a structured payment, where you receive the settlement in smaller sums over a longer period. Sometimes these options will not be offered and you may receive one or the other. If you receive a structured settlement, be aware that it’s always possible to sell your settlement to a third party in exchange for the lump sum.

Moving Forward

Getting injured is nothing short of an inconvenience, but with money available to help this inconvenience can at least be alleviated. Follow the procedure and you’ll be back to your best in no time, and without losing your income, either.

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