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In Need of a Sale? How Specialist Homebuyers Could Benefit You

In Need of a Sale? How Specialist Homebuyers Could Benefit You

Securing a quick sale can prove to be a minefield, but sometimes it’s the only way to get yourself out of a sticky situation without forfeiting everything. If your debts have mounted up and bankruptcy is on the horizon, your home could well be your only remaining source of equity. However, the UK housing market remains volatile, and it’s not unheard of for properties to take a year or more to sell. If things have progressed to the point of no return, you simply don’t have the luxury of waiting so long for capital to come through.

This is where specialist home buyers can be of benefit. Guaranteed to make you an offer and affect a quick sale, they can prove to be the lifeline that the desperate and the downtrodden so desperately need.

First-Time-Homebuyers1How Quick Buyer Companies Work

Quick buyer companies tend to be an online estate agent like House Buyer Bureau. These companies work by buying houses outright for a cash sum, and ensuring that the whole sales process is completed within a week or less, quickly freeing up a large equity source for the seller.

This is quite different to selling your home through an ordinary agent, where the property would first have to be marketed then sold to an independent party before a final sale was achieved. This process frequently takes months, and it is not unheard of for it to run to years.

It is for this specific reason that quick buyer companies were invented. Where there is no time for a cash buyer to be found, they step into the role of purchaser. All that you, as a seller, need to do is contact them and tell them what you’re offering. The process is very quick and simple. Generally, you’ll fill in a form online telling them a little about you and your property. You’ll receive a return call almost immediately, from an experienced professional who can discuss your situation in more detail. Following your conversation, they should come back to you with a cash offer within a matter of hours. Provided that you’re happy with it, the transaction should take no more than a week from start to finish, ensuring that you have money in the bank when you need it most.

The Benefits of Quick Buyer Companies

As you can see, quick buyer companies have many benefits, the most important among them being speed. For those who need a quick injection of capital into their account, they pose a much more reliable solution than traditional alternatives.

Aside from this, the sales process is far more straightforward, and almost totally stress-free. There is no question of whether or not your house will sell, nor or how long it will take, nor is there a middleman to complicate things. There is only you and the company who need to negotiate with each other, and you know that there is no way that your sale can fall through.

Many will argue that a downside to the process is that the amount you’re offered for your property will be less than market value. However, if you weigh things up, you’ll see that this is balanced out by the welcome fact that, cash-strapped as you are, you will not need to lay out for commission, solicitor’s or legal fees.

When you look at it like that, isn’t it a wonder that we’re not all turning to quick buyer companies to sell our homes for us?

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