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How to save on your home insurance

How to save on your home insurance

Home insurance is a product offered by almost all property and casualty insurance companies of the country. Home insurance policies provide a wide range of coverage to protect a home against all sorts of damages and losses caused by a natural disaster, theft or anything else. Unlike an auto insurance policy, buying a home insurance policy, also known as homeowner insurance policy, is not mandatory by laws. Still having home insurance helps a homeowner by providing necessary coverage for his home, personal possessions and liabilities.

Tips to save on home insurance policy

In some states, the cost of home insurance is really very high that many homeowners can’t afford it and as a result, their homes remain uninsured. However, there are a number of methods through which a homeowner can save on his existing or new home insurance policy and the methods are,

  • Bundling the policies – Should a homeowner buy both car and home insurance policies from the same insurance company, he can be entitled for getting multi-policy discount. This discount helps him save as much as 15% on the premiums of both home and car insurance policies. This discount is also called as multi-line discount.
  • Being loyal to the insurer – Insurance companies offer special discounts to the policyholders, who have been working with them for many years. The percentage of loyalty discounts depends on the length of loyalty. Insurance companies always offer better deals to the loyal insurance leads.
  • Adjusting the deductible – Homeowners, who are not likely to file frequent claims, can reduce the cost of home insurance policy premium by increasing the amount of deductible. However, homeowners, who need to file frequent claims, should not increase the deductible amount; rather they should pay higher premiums.
  • Installing home security devices – Insurance companies often offer discounts to the homeowners, who have installed home security devices in their homes. These devices may include sprinkler and home security alarm. Insurance providers offer discounts for using fire proof materials for roofing. Smoke free households are also eligible for getting discounts.
  • Improving credit rating – People with better credit rating often get discounts on their home insurance policy premium. Homeowners, who file frequent claims, are not likely to get any discount.
  • Shopping around and comparing quotes – There are a number of websites that offer free insurance quotes. Homeowners can compare quotes offered by different insurance companies to make a better and affordable deal. They can also visit sites that look for eligible home insurance leads.

Homeowners, who are truly interested in insuring their homes, should follow the tips in order to save on their home insurance policy premium. When it comes to choosing an insurance company, they may visit websites like and get customers’ reviews on different insurance companies.

Author’s bio – Daniel Lewis is a senior insurance advisor at Insurance Leads. His insurance related articles are laced with deep insight and knowledge, and have benefited numerous insurance-seekers.

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  • I can certainly vouch that bundling policies and being loyal to your insurance company can get you some significant discounts. When my wife and I got married we, bought a house and the insurance was substantial. We then added both of our car insurance policies and ended up getting large discounts on car insurance.

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