How to save money on your holidays

Now in the midst of the festive period, the majority of families are settling down for Christmas at home. In contrast, a growing number of families are looking to spend the festive period abroad, as they aim to capture some winter sun and enjoy a unique holiday experience. Interestingly, consumers also use the winter period to research and book trips for the following summer, in a bid to save money and take the stress out of planning international trips. Either way, Christmas is a busy time for sun-seekers and those in search of overseas trips.

3 Ways in which you can save money on your Holiday

While the ways in which you can save money on your holiday depend largely on the nature of your trip and destination, we have identified three ways to save money at every stage of the experience. For example: –

  1. Access flash sales to save money on Holiday essentials

If you are familiar with flash mobs, you will know how brands use spontaneous and interactive marketing tools to promote their products (or services). We have also seen a similar concept impact on the world of sales recently, through which brands collaborate to offer goods at hugely discounted prices for a limited period only. These deals are usually shared online, where discount vendors such as LivingSocial, EveryDayOffers and Groupon collate the best offers and publish these on a first come, first served basis. This can be an excellent way to save money on holiday essentials!holiday4

  1. Book your Flights and Hotel with Strategic timing

Timing is everything, especially in the race to save money as a consumer. As a holiday-goer, flights and accommodation will usually represent the highest costs, and booking these at strategic times can help you to save money. Once you have picked a destination and estimated date of travel, research exactly when you can expect flights to be released as this is usually when they can be sourced for less. In terms of hotel rooms, either book six months in advance or between two to four weeks prior to leaving, while it is also important that you identify resources such as as they list secret hotels and the best real-time deals.

  1. Consider specialist breakdown coverage for road trips

While road-trips can be exceptionally fun and are a great way to see the world, they also bring huge logistical and financial challenges. Insurance requirements change from country to country, for example, meaning that a simple breakdown overseas can trigger huge costs and scupper your holiday before it has even begun. It is therefore that you invest in relevant and comprehensive breakdown coverage that protects your overseas, with service providers such as Start Rescue offering an in-depth European policy to its customers.

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