How To Position Yourself Long In A Slowing Global Economy

Last year was great for rapid evolvement in online businesses and automation. Now more than ever, consumers are connected with their favorite brands with a new series of internet and social media trends forming. However, economists are now coming to a consensus that in 2017, the global economy will show signs of slowing down for the first time since the crash 2008. Therefore, to stay ahead of the game, you’ve got to position yourself long to avoid becoming embroiled in a boom and bust cycle. Certain business ideas have become the hot topic of 2017 and for good but different reasons. There are plenty of ideas out there, but some are already showing clear signs that they will be sticking around for quite some time.

global economy

Source – SpaceX

SpaceX is futureproof

SpaceX is a private commercial space-transportation startup company born from the brilliant mind of Elon Musk. Founded in 2002 by Musk and operating out of Hawthorne, California, USA, he has personally invested $100 million of his own money into the company to get it launched and sustained throughout the early years. The company is developing partially reusable launch vehicles which are essentially rockets. These rockets are part of a family group called Falcon, and so far the latest version is called the Falcon 9. These rockets have been resupplying the International Space Station with essentials such as food, new equipment, and experimental apparatus. The company has experienced its Series E round of funding with the latest coming in at $1 Bn from Google itself. For any investor looking to go long in 2017, watch out for SpaceX stock might soon go live this year; first come, first serve.

Residential real estate is exploding

When you arrive at the single most rewarding aspect of investing, the balance of risk and reward will never be in your favor as much as investing in real estate. The human population is growing, and due to the wonderful marvel of science, we’re all living longer than ever before. This means that traditional family housing is not being built as fast as previous years, but high-rise contemporary apartments for bachelors and families are. This is the trend that’s emerging now, with more families opting for less expensive homes in state of the art, new apartment communities. With all the benefits of living in the city, new open floor, family home apartments are becoming prime residential property locations as all the features of a luxury home come as part of the package. You can find everything and more in the design of the modern apartments, with regards to spacing, decor, materials, and style that, all the family will enjoy and feel right at home living in.

ecommerce investment

Credit – Mediamodifier

The unstoppable rise of ecommerce

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist specializing graphic design, or a small business with a bespoke, modern cloud generated marketing company; the only world of ecommerce investment doesn’t look like it will slow anytime soon. Due to how much easier it is for businesses to target and gains vital information about their core audience, the increased demand for ecommerce tools and diversified knowledge is well sort after. More and more shoppers are doing the bulk of their consuming online, filling up their virtual shopping carts at their own leisure from the comfort of their own home. As technology continues to evolve and shape the way we live, 2017 is set to be another year in which online businesses rule the stock market. It’s literally a case of taking your pick; look for the best stock and family group of businesses with the financial backing of the tech giants such as Facebook, and invest in companies that have fleshed out their prospects.

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