How to make money with Forex affiliate programs

Forex are one of the highest paid programs in the affiliate marketing niche. The fact that you can stand to make upwards of $200 per referred client makes it one of the marketing niches that you cannot ignore. However, there is a lot more to forex affiliate programs that you can think of. Here are some ways to help you get started promoting a program.

Website Promotion

If you run a website or a blog, forex partnership can be a great way to monetize your websites. Placing banners, or text links within your content or by sending a promotional or introductory email to your mailing list, the possibilities are endless. However, markets should note that it is not as simple as throwing in some banners and text links on your website and expecting visits to convert to clicks and eventually to depositing clients. Marketers need to make use of smart marketing tactics in order to achieve good, if not great results.

The type of website that you manage also plays an important role when it comes to success with forex affiliation. Ideally, a financial website tends to offer a higher rate of conversion of visitors into depositing clients. But other niche websites such as economics, gambling, online games and so on can also be used to promote forex or Revenue share?

Most programs allow you to choose between a onetime compensation, known as CPA or a recurring commission also known as revenue share. While there is no straight forward answer as to what is more lucrative, marketers need to understand their website demographics and thus choose one of the two commission plans. Some forex brokers also offer a hybrid plan which includes a CPA and a revenue share. If you notice that your website has a steady stream of traffic but visitors tend to bounce off, then using banners that are linked to a CPA plan can be more effective.

Text links embedded deep within content are proven to be more effective in terms of linking to a revenue share plan. However, no matter what, marketers are encouraged to experiment with the banners, text links and the commission plans in order to choose the more ideal revenue share plan.

Broker Promotions

Forex broker promotions can play an important role as well including the messaging that is on the banners. Most new traders tend to prefer forex brokers that offer additional bonuses that can help in increasing their trading equity. Therefore, utilizing banners that speak about forex broker promotions can be an effective way for marketers to promote the forex brokers that can also entice website visitors to click on the banners in order to learn more.

Forex Affiliate Programs – Why are they lucrative?

At the outset, forex affiliation is very lucrative thanks to the basic fundamental psychology of the human mind, which is to make money. By allowing the retail trader access to the financial markets, it is quite easy for just about anyone who has the capital to deposit funds and start trading. When choosing anaffiliate program, it is important that you as a marketer should pay close attention to the forex broker that you are promoting. With high paying CPA’s and revenue share plans, a seasoned marketer should be able to further monetize their websites or marketing plans making use of forex affiliate programs.

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