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How To Get Organized And Save Money

These are affluent times that we live in.  Our lives are stuffed with all of the things that we desire, from entertainment systems to ornaments to crowded wardrobes to music collections, the list goes on.  Although it may be nice to have all those things in some ways, becoming overwhelmed is also very easy.  Your house gets so crowded and full of stuff that you can’t even remember what you have.  It’s almost impossible to find what you are looking for.  You might even buy something and then realize you already had the item.  Maybe it was hidden away in a drawer.

One obvious solution to this problem is to go buy boxes, shelves, and other kinds of storage solutions at a furniture store.  However, that can get expensive.  Your new storage could also wind up just as cluttered and messy as what you currently have.  There are some fantastic mortgages available for families and professionals, and this is something you may consider, however, I have other ideas before you decide on purchasing a new home for storing all of your clutter.

“Here are some effective ways to save money and reduce the clutter at the same time,” says John Thompson from YourNextMortgage.co.uk.

Storage Inside Storage

Save empty takeaway trays and small cardboard boxes.  These work really well to store small things that you have laying around the house, including pens, kitchen ingredients, or accessories for your electronic devices.

Another thing you can do is take lidless boxes and line drawers with them.  You can divide the drawer into different storage compartments, similar to a cutlery drawer.  Doing this will prevent wires from getting tangled up and make it easier to find various items.

If you happen to have a cupboard stocked with different shaped containers, you might want to transfer the contents and put them into storage tubs.  You can neatly stack these and use your space more efficiently.  If you get clear plastic ones, you will be able to see what is inside them.


Go through your stacks of DVDs and CDs.  Ask yourself whether you actually listen or watch them.  If you can’t decide whether to hold onto something or not, check eBay to see how much you could sell it for.  Ask yourself whether you would like to have the money or the copy or the CD or DVD.

Then start selling on eBay, you can turn your unwanted entertainment items into cash and also reduce clutter, free up much-needed storage space and provide yourself with some money to buy something that you will truly enjoy.

Your Mending Pile

Is there a mending pile in your house full of items that you don’t ever get around to fixing, like the broken vase or coat missing a button?  Do you have broken tools and toys hidden in the back of a drawer?

Anything that is broken that you are holding onto is just wasting space.  Think about whether it is something that you want bad enough to buy a new one.  If not, just throw out the broken one.  If yes, then maybe it is something worth fixing.

To ensure that your mending does get done and prevent having to buy these things new, have a box next to the television for your mending items along with any equipment or tools you will need to do your repairs with, such as superglue, needle, and thread.  The next time you are watching one of your favorite shows on television, get something out of the box and start to mend it as you are watching your show.  This will make it not feel like such a chore if you have something enjoyable to watch.

Only Keep Good Food

Don’t allow your refrigerator to get cluttered with old food.  Once a week, go through it.  Look for jars and leftovers that are out of date.  Either get rid of them or figure out what you will use them for before they go bad.

Getting your house organized doesn’t need to be a huge task.  It also doesn’t need to be expensive,  In fact, you can save lots of money in the process, so why not start today?

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