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How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad

How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad



If an individual is interested in teaching English abroad then he or she should go ahead to complete the whole process. Teaching English abroad is an attractive lifestyle for many but one thing in common is the confusion encountered. With so much information regarding teaching English abroad, many people become overwhelmed and divert from the idea before getting started. The following are the process an individual should follow so as to land themselves jobs abroad.

Decide to teach English abroad

Making a firm decision of teaching English abroad is the first step to consider. If an individual wish to work and live overseas then one should decide that he or she will make it happen. An individual should think really hard whether this is the real lifestyle suitable for him or her. Since teaching English abroad is not for everyone one should determine whether he or she will be able to cope with various challenges so as to have a nice stay abroad. Dealing with uncomfortable situations such as being able to get basics necessities and live without many comforts of home is not an easy task so one should consider that.

Choosing where to go

Being able to decide on a destination to teach can be more complicated for many individuals than just choosing a country. A person should understand that some locations are more lucrative than others so one should choose the location wisely to save money while teaching. A person is advised to start somewhere with high job markets but the low cost of living. Therefore one should consider how to teach English in Korea to save more money while teaching English. Choosing where to go is very important since different locations have different requirements.

Going to school

A person requires a high school diploma to be able to teach English abroad. Also having a university degree is an added advantage and a minimum requirement for most locations especially those competitive areas such as Western Europe and the Middle East.

Balancing checkbook

When a person is planning a transition abroad he or she should think of a lot of expenses that he or she is supposed to cater for.  An individual is supposed to save more money to cater for their expenses when getting started and also consider how to teach English in Korea. Some of these expenses to worry about are airfare, certification cost, living expenses, and initial housing.

Getting credentials

An individual should have with them TESO, CELTA, or TEFL certificate before trying to teach in most locations. Even though it might not be a requirement is necessary to have them. Take more time in researching various providers and some provider can also help one with the above steps assisting In areas like job replacement, insurance, and housing.


There various steps an individual can take regarding rewarding teaching English experience in abroad. The above list might not be all-inclusive but have highlighted the important steps to consider. It seems to be tiring work but most providers help individuals with most of the steps. Lastly one should decide that he or she is going to teach English abroad, also be determined and the rest will flow smoothly.

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