Teaching English abroad can be an exciting and attractive lifestyle for many, but there is also a lot of confusion surrounding the process, holding many back from the opportunity. With so much information regarding teaching English abroad available, many people become overwhelmed and divert from the idea before getting started. So, here are some tips you can follow to hopefully clear up some confusion surrounding teaching english abroad and get you started on your exciting job abroad:

Decide to teach English abroad

Making the decision of whether or not to teach English abroad is the first step to consider. If you wish to work and live overseas then consider taking the steps to actually make it happen! But make sure you have thought long and hard about whether to not this is the lifestyle that is suited to you. Since teaching English abroad is not for everyone one should determine whether you will be able to cope with various challenges so as to have a nice stay abroad. Dealing with uncomfortable situations such as being able to get the basic necessities and live without many comforts of home is not an easy task so one should consider that.

Choosing where to go

Being able to decide on a destination to teach can be more complicated for many individuals than just choosing a country. A person should understand that some locations are more lucrative than others so one should choose the location wisely to save money while teaching. A person is advised to start somewhere with high job markets but a low cost of living. Therefore, consider teaching English in Korea to save more money while living abroad. Choosing where to go is very important since different locations have different requirements.


While a university degree is an added advantage and required for some more competitive countries, you really only need a high school diploma to get started. A Bachelor’s degree is required however in places such as Western Europe and the Middle East due to the high interest in these locations from English teachers.


When planning to travel abroad to teach English, consider some of the many expenses involved in taking on such an endeavor. This job is meant to help you save money while working in a foreign country so consider the costs of airfare, certifactions. housing, and living expenses. If these costs out weigh your income you may want to reconsider your choice to teach abroad.


An individual should have with them TESO, CELTA, or TEFL certificate before trying to teach in most locations, even though it might not be a requirement in your region. Take some time to researching various providers as some will assist you in areas such as job replacement, insurance, and housing.


There various steps you can take towards the rewarding teaching English experience found abroad. The above list might not be all-inclusive but hopefully, it has highlighted some important steps to consider. It may seem like a tiring process to get started but many certification providers will help you through the steps. Finally, once you have decided to start the journey abroad, don’t forget your determination and patience. it can be a long process but the experience is totally worth it.

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