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Driving a car is an everyday need for many people, especially for those who live in a city where transportation is not reliable or cannot allow them to be on time for their commitments. Unfortunately, buying a car is probably the most expensive purchase you will make, other than a house, which is why many people are forced to apply for a car loan instead of saving enough money to pay upfront.

Before you start applying for a loan, make sure you take into account every aspect in the same way you would any other large investment or purchase. Take your time to analyze the entire process from beginning to end.

1. Review and understand your credit report

This is the first thing you should do before looking for loans to buy a car with bad credit, access a free copy of your credit report, then take the time to review it and verify its accuracy. This type of documentation has the greatest impact on your capacity when requesting a loan to finance a car.

In case you do not know your own credit history and you do not know if the accusations that are formulated against you are totally true, you could end up with a higher interest rate. That is why you must know this type of information or get it repaired.

If you can understand your credit report you can explain all past negative elements, in the same way, you can explain the errors in payments.

2. Idealize a budget according to your current finances

After you have reviewed your credit history, start calculating the budget based on your current income. It is important that you consider two different perspectives, for example. The total amount you are willing to pay for a car and the amount of money you are willing to pay each month.

For example, both the amount of money you pay for a car that is financed and your interest rate contribute to the amount of your monthly payment.

3. Do an investigation of the automotive lenders:

There are lenders who work only on loans for people with low credit scores. These types of loans usually have a much higher interest rate, which is not convenient because they end up paying much more money in the period of the loan. Search and research car lenders online to make sure you have the average rates on your car loans so you can calculate your rates. You can find the best bad credit auto loan offers from MoneyLend to help your search.

4. Find a way to negotiate the purchase price

It is possible that having bad credit can not change your interest rate. But, that does not mean you cannot negotiate the established price of the car. The price of the car to finance has nothing to do with the loan.

Find a way for the seller not to know your credit history, you really do not need to know. Try using some negotiation tactics so you can convince him to reduce the price of the car.

5. Consider opting for a co-borrower

Requesting a co-borrower can help you increase your chances of obtaining approval for a loan, thereby improving your conditions. The co-borrower will provide a guarantee to the lender because they will be obligated to pay all the payments and, otherwise, they will be obliged to repay the entire loan.

6. Do not allow unnecessary updates

Sellers will always make offers for the best service, do not be fooled by these commercial tactics, in this way it will be much more difficult to pay off the debt as soon as possible. Try to keep your contract as previously established.

7. Carefully review the loan agreement in detail

Make sure you read every detail before signing anything. No matter how good a reputation the lender has, there are always details that can change what was agreed upon. Verify that all the information in the agreement is accurate. That includes the price of the sale, the rates applied, the interest rate, and even the make and model of the car.

Where do I have to go to buy a car with bad credit?

If the loan application was approved, download and print the loan package and then take it to the dealer to make the purchase. Loan documentation includes recommended auto dealers close to your location.
When you have already found the dealer and you have made the selection of the car corresponding to the terms of the loan approval and the price has been determined the dealer will work with your lender.

Pros and cons

Loans with bad credit are very helpful when you need to buy a car and you do not have the available budget. This method of purchase offers many benefits, but also has its disadvantages. If you are planning or are in the process of acquiring a car with financing, it is worth knowing the pros and cons of this process.


• Possibilities of having payment plans of up to six years with 0% interest.
• It helps you organize your payments and responsibilities.
• Ease of payment.
• You can have the car with you in a short time of waiting.
• You can choose the lender with the rates that suit you.


• Takes years to pay the debt.
• Pay a little more for the value of the car.
• Have a very large debt.
• It is necessary and obligatory to have a down payment.

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