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As a tenant, you know how important it is to keep a clear criminal record and pay your rent on time. No landlord likes a tenant who does not pay on time or is involved in illegal activities like drug trafficking, larceny, aggravated assault, etc. Whatever your reason behind eviction was, you need to move on and find new ways of renting a house.

How does eviction affect your credit records?

I am assuming you already know what eviction is and the reason behind it. Maybe you are someone who is about to get evicted or has already gone through the process. Either way, eviction does hurt your credit records as it shows up on your credit report for seven years from the date of eviction.

The eviction record gets cleared after seven years if you pay off the judgment. Bear in mind that, after eviction, your credit score will remain the same but the eviction record will be mentioned. Consequently, lowering your chances of getting a loan or renting a house for the next seven years.

Here are a few ways to find housing with an eviction on your credit.

1. Offer compensation and an apology to your landlord


The landlord has the right to withdraw the eviction from your credit report. Instead of moving on, go back to the landlord and explain your situation. If you made a mistake then consider apologizing for it.

No one wants to see you in this situation. If you offer appropriate compensation along with the pending rental money, your landlord will definitely remove the eviction record from your credit reports.

2. Look for lenient landlords

There is a reason why some landlords are stringent when it comes to tenants background and credit history. They don’t want to offer their well maintained and cherished home to someone who is unreliable. In your case, you will have to find landlords who are lenient with the approval process. In most times, these houses won’t be ideal but to find a house with an eviction on your credit, you have to compromise on your standard of living.

3. Go back to the drawing board and start building credit

You can’t change what happened in the past. But you can definitely learn from your mistakes and take corrective measures to improve your situation. Pay off all your debts and keep checking your credit score on free credit score sites like CreditKarma.

Secondly, apply for a credit card and make sure to pay your bills on time once you start using it. Within a few months, your credit report will look a lot better than it was and you can use it to persuade the new landlords to let your rent their house.


You will most likely succeed in finding a new house even with an eviction on your credit if you follow one of the above-mentioned methods. Everyone makes mistakes, so make sure to pay your rent on time and maintain a good relationship with your new landlord. Doing so will get this unfortunate circumstance off of your credit report so that you can move forward within just a few months.

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