How to Avoid Moving Back in With Your Parents

We’ve all been there. The awkward moment when your parents think they’re finally free of you and then you knock at their door with all your possessions.  It might be a life transition, perhaps you’re moving house or you’ve just finished university. But beware! You tell your parents, “It’ll only be for a week or so, while I find my feet”but before you know it, a year’s passed and you’re wondering why on earth you’re still lying on the sofa watching repeats of Jeremy Kyle. Whether you want to find a new home or just want to stay afloat, these are some of our top tips to avoid the dreaded move back.

Get a job

It’s best not to be picky when it comes to jobs. In fact, a lack of income means you will certainly need to move back in with your parents. Changing career or just starting one can be a tricky time and sometimes the wait can go on forever! In these situations don’t be afraid to take temporary work in bars or restaurants but if you can’t stomach endless hours in the catering world, then make sure you use your contacts. With most jobs it’s all about who you know, so if you have any friends in high places, make sure you get in touch!

Find affordable accommodation

You might have thought by this stage in your life that you’d be living in a penthouse suite over-looking the city skyline. Maybe there’s an indoor gym next door and on the roof there’s a hot-tub for all the parties you’ve been having. Think again! If you’re ever going to live independently you have to be realistic. Try and move in with friends or a partner, it’s a great way to keep costs down. If you heading out to a new city on your own, then you should definitely consider a house-share, it might get frustrating when the same unwashed pots and pans litter the side of the kitchen (we all know who it is), but it’s worth the sacrifice. You might even save some money for your own deposit in a few years time.

Relax – It’s not the end of the world

Importantly, while it’s nice to charge off into the world and achieve all your goals, life hardly ever goes to plan. So if you’re thrown a curveball and end up living at with your parents, don’t be too hard on yourself. Besides, Mums know best.

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