How NOT to invest for your retirement

 invest for your retirement

It is easy to get trapped into the wrong advice given by unscrupolous financial advisors trying to sell you what’s good for them and not for you. “No problem” they say. “You will double your investment” they claim, and you end up believing in their figures and their smile. There is another truth. If you do not want to end up like many people at or near retirement investing in the riskiest options ever, you should read carefully this infographic and evaluate your choices accordingly.

Many financial products are risky because they do not guarantee a steady return, but are instead linked to risky markets where you can have big gains… and big losses. In the more mature phases of one’s life, it is better to aim at something safer to invest your hard earned money. Did you know about the risks of these financial vehicles?

Variable annuities are not safe because they are linked to the mutual fund market. What about stocks? Well, better go to the casino instead. It’s important to make informed choices on such a critical aspect of our lives.

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