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How An Individual Retail Marketing Strategy Works

How An Individual Retail Marketing Strategy Works

Retail Marketing Strategy

Ever heard of predictive technology? You might be surprised to learn that it’s a sophisticated tracking and monitoring system that creates a customer profile of YOU, based on your purchase history at major retailers, your life stage and other data. Much of this information is obtained using barcodes—those inconspicuous black-and-white areas on packaging that the cashier scans when you’re checking out. The profiles created about you and other customers are used to market relevant products and services to you. It’s also used to target specific campaigns based on your needs and interests. Coupons, for example, are often sent to consumers because of specific purchases they’ve made. About 79 percent of consumers say they use coupons regularly, resulting in a huge cost savings. In 2011, consumers saved a sizeable $4.6 billion from coupons. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you realize. Retailers, such as supermarkets, can actually sell your purchasing info to other companies. And you could even pay a different price for the same item, at the same time of day, in the same store, than another customer. Creeped out? Check out the infographic below for more details on how retailers are capturing information about you and using it to drive your shopping experience.

This infographic was made by Camcode, the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-printed bar code labels and Camcode asset tags for equipment.

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