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Holiday tips for Tipping – Who, When, and How Much

Holiday tipsAhh, the month of December is upon us. The crisp cold air tickles your nose and makes your cheeks rosy, just like jolly ol’ Saint Nick. Beautiful lights and decorations span the world this time of year as we get into the holiday spirit. Before you are wrapped in the hustle and bustle of this busy season, it is time to plan your giving list to show the people around you just how much they mean to you. If you are wondering about how to show the many people who deliver you wonderful services throughout the year that you appreciate them, we have an excellent list to help guide you in determining what to give and, or, how much to tip for these individuals.

Paper Delivery Boy – TIP: $5-$25
He makes sure you know what is going on locally and internationally with the delivery of your daily paper. Rain or shine, he wakes up early to make sure you have a newspaper on your doorstep each morning. Depending on your budget and how good your delivery boy is, you should plan on tipping them between five and twenty-five dollars, along with a smile of appreciation.

Hair Stylist – GIFT or TIP: $15-$100
If you have a regular stylist who seeps you looking beautiful all year long, it is nice to show your appreciation with a Christmas gift or tip. If you plan on buying a gift, make sure you know your stylist’s interest and what she may appreciate, something that will allow her, or him, to indulge in themselves. Whether you plan on giving cash or a gift, you should plan on spending at least fifty percent of the cost of your regular service.

Apartment Doorman – TIP: $20-$100
If you live in an apartment or townhome in a big city you probably enjoy the friendly return to a doorman. These important people not only open the door and keep watch on visitors, but they also are wonderful at hailing cabs, not to mention ensure those that enter belong in your building. The budget for their holiday tip ranges from twenty dollars to one hundred dollars, depending on the type of building you live in, and the bigger tips should go to those who serve you most.

Dog Walker – TIP: One Week’s Pay
This is the person who tends to your beloved four-legged child, giving your pup a change of scenery and much-needed daily exercise. Plan on spending up to around one week’s pay on this person for a holiday trip or gift. Remember, do not choose to give a gift unless you know the person well enough to know what they would appreciate.

Housekeeper – TIP: One Week’s Pay
She knows all of your dirty secrets, well at least where all the dirt is in your house. If you have a regular housekeeper who keeps your house clean and in order, give her a big thanks for a nice holiday trip, as much as one week’s pay. If you enlist the help of a cleaning service and do not know your housekeeper or it changes often, a tip is not necessary.

Assistant – TIP or GIFT: $20 – $250
If you have an amazing assistant at work show them just how much they mean to you by giving them a nice tip for the holidays – at a minimum give them twenty-five dollars, but if they have been with you for a while and you have a nice position with the company do not hesitate to be more giving.

Teacher/Day Care Staff/Sports Instructor – TIP or GIFT: $20-50
These are the incredible people helping mold your child into the adult they will become. They not only teach your child, but they also treat them as one of their own. Show them your appreciation with a nice tip of holiday gift valued between twenty-five dollars and fifty dollars, depending on their job and your child’s love for them.

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