Head Injury at Work: What are Your Options?

It’s possible that you have suffered some sort of head injury at work. And you may not be the only unlucky one. There are millions of people around the world who suffer from these damages the year round at their own workplaces. So if it is not your fault that you have been injured, who do you claim the costs from? If you are injured at your workplaces, some office policies allow for compensation of some sort.

So what is head injury at work exactly mean?

This could be the result of a fall, maybe from slippery stairs or scaffolding, maybe at a construction site. It can even entail a slip through the roof or ceiling though a hole that was not noticed, and particularly from a height. Injury also consists of getting hit by a falling object or by a collapsing shelf or even when equipment has failed to hold up. You would think that the injury may have been avoided with the right kind of equipment such as hard hats or a protective harness or safety coat. However, you may be in for some good news as you may still be entitled to receiving some sort of compensation despite that.

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Sometimes, though not very often, a head injury can result in brain injury too. With the impact of the accident being very strong, there can be a resultant skull or brain injury as well. in other cases, while the external head may not suffer injury, there are a great many chances that the skull or the brain can still be impacted and injured. For these situations, claims and compensation changes accordingly.

So what is considered when a head injury happens at work and compensation needs to be paid by the company? They try and figure out, firstly, what kind of injury has the employee suffered from? Does this injury or limitation affect the employee’s work stance or have an effect on their productivity? And finally what sort of adjustments can be made to treat the problem accurately. Once these questions have been considered the compensation can be decided accordingly.

Employers’ Responsibility

It is important for offices to start considering the safety of their employees for human reasons and also because it would save them a lot of money in compensations. Employees want to be assured of the fact that they are entering a safe workplace.

However, offices are paying more and more attention to the possible reduction of incidents such as these. Employers also have the responsibility protect their employees from any such incident occurring. Due to that, they are also trying to make the workplace a little friendly, in terms of the architecture and interior decoration and even employ appropriate safety measures. Things that would help would be to install proper railing for walking support, specially reserved handicapped parking spaces, ensure bright lighting, glare guards for monitors or laptops, allow for a some-what flexible schedule for work so that employees are allowed to stretch in between.

Finding the Right Help

Accidents at work claim deserve the right compensation. If you are confused, head off to the right solicitors with years of experience. They will be able to guide you on how you could start a work injury compensation process, and will even be able to help you compensation you need. Remember, your compensation amount will depend on various factors like the extent of injury and the nature of the accident. You would have to prove to the court, for instance, your medical bills and the fact that the accident could have been avoided – things your solicitor could help you with.

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