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You could grow your business by stretching your finances and investing more money into it – that’s what so many business owners do – or you think a little outside the box and consider growing your business by using automation to increase your company’s productivity, and therefore your profits.

Did you know that you can typically automate up to 45 percent of your business? I know, that’s a lot. So, if you aren’t quite sold on automation yet, here are some compelling reasons that just might change your mind…

Automation is Cost Efficient

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use automation to grow your business is the fact that it is likely to have a positive impact on your finances. You see, with automation, you can use tools like Intelligent Information Management and even basic email templates, to cut the amount of time that you and your employees spend doing both simple and complex tasks that take up time. The more time you free up, the more productive your business can be and the less money you will need to spend on staff – it makes perfect sense.

Automation Can Consolidate All Areas of Your Business

Using the various automation tools at your disposal will allow you to connect various different aspects of the business, which can improve productivity significantly. For example, you can use digital asset management to ensure that all members of staff can collaborate and access documents via various different applications, which means they can work together more easily, or you could use a CRM system to not only deal with customer subscription sign-ups, but to also let customers know about new products and services, or even special offers you’re running. That means you can make many more sales without any effort whatsoever, which can only be a good thing for your company’s finances.

Automation Can Free Up Your Time

If you automate everything from your calendar to your social media updates. That will free up a lot of your time, and as the owner of the business, this is very important. Why? Because you are the person who should be schmoozing clients to get more business, scouting out the best talent to help your business grow, and a million other things that triviality such as booking appointments and doing the books gets in the way of doing that and boosting your finances as a result. By automating this stuff, you are allowing yourself to work on high-value tasks that use your full potential and help your business to thrive and grow, it really is that simple.

Automation Can Do Your Marketing

Whether you’re using Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts for the week or Infusionsoft to push your content to a range of platforms where your customers can see them, automation can do the bulk of your marketing for you.

Automation Can Get Rid of Human Error

Human error can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars and set them back when they should be pursuing growth. The great thing about automation is that, providing you set it in motion correctly, it will run and run without experiencing any problems. In fact, it is estimated that it can eliminate as much as 80 percent of human error in industries such as manufacturing and engineering alone.

Automation is the way forward, especially if you want to increase productivity, boost profits and see your business grow.

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