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How would you like to get more customers? Dumb question, right? Who doesn’t want more customers. When it comes to people, no one can resist getting something for nothing. If you are looking for a way to get more customers, than now is the time to start giving away stuff for free. People love free stuff and will usually go wild over it. Why give away free items? Isn’t that a good way to go out of business? On the contrary, by giving your items away from free you are actually gaining customers. According to an article, giving away free services and products has been a great business tactic for quite some time. Think about the last item that you got for free. Was it a free water bottle when you purchase three boxes of cereal? How about a free CD or trading card when you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope? The fact is, freebies get people’s attention. When you got someone’s attention, you can control what they do. According to another article, there is no better way to gain customer locality than with giving your product and services away. So, how does this giving away free items for free work? The idea is really simple. Your one and only goal should be to get that service or product in the potential customers hands. How can you easily get items and services in people’s hands? Simple, by giving it away for free. What typically happens when people get something for nothing is they brag about it. This bragging is called free advertisement for you. Some additional things that happen when people get something for free include: they feel obligate to buy again, they wind up paying for it later, they think that getting more is a discount, they buy more when there is some mystery element to it, and they will talk more when they get free stuff.

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