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Galveston Wealth Has a History of Success


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The brokers at Galveston Wealth like to say that you are only as good as your last trade. But they also know that no single trade will make or break a client’s account.

There’s no guarantee of successful stock selection in the markets at home or abroad. Brokers who claim they only pick winners are disingenuous at best.

Research and study of market trends over the last half-century have repeatedly shown that it is extremely rare for brokers to accurately predict with regularity the future performance of any given stock or fund.

But investors need not despair. There is a solid strategy that’s been proven over and over to build wealth.

Galveston Wealth has been in business since 2007. Over the last decade, despite market fluctuations and global uncertainty, Galveston brokers have demonstrated the capacity to build wealth over the long term.

Every winning strategy is based on a diverse portfolio that employs a range of tools. Diversified portfolios that balance risk with caution and maximize returns over the long term are based on a winning formula that for the last 10 years has been driven by a global economic recovery.

But even a slowing recovery doesn’t dampen the prospects for investors willing to plan for the long term. Galveston has developed a suite of mitigation protocols to reduce outflows when growth slows.

As a result, client expenses contract and assets stabilize during downturns so Galveston’s customers can weather the storm. It also means that investors won’t need to sell when the market bottoms out.

With commodity prices in a tailspin and China’s overheated economy finally cooling down, investors must brace themselves for changes. That’s why investors must incorporate expense reduction strategies into their investment plans.

Galveston isn’t just focused on growth. It’s also focused on shoring up what assets its customers already maintain.

Just as Galveston’s clients entrust their assets with its brokers, the company is invested in its clients. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that only works for both parties when they stay invested in the market for the long term.

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