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Frugal Under the Sun: Practical Family Summer Tips

Frugal Under the Sun: Practical Family Summer Tips

Summertime is often associated with family outings and outdoor fun. And it should be, as the weather is very inviting and the time spent with the family is always rewarding. But more often than not, summer activities may be costly as this is the peak time in the travel industry when resort and hotel fees will be at their highest due to the high demand.

So is there a way to solve this dilemma? Can you enjoy summertime with the kids without breaking the family budget? What are the cheaper alternatives to expensive vacations and holiday activities?

1. Staying at Home

If you really want to be frugal then the best place to spend your vacation might be at home. You will be surprised with the challenges staying at home will bring, as you’ll be compelled to look around your neighborhood and local community for creative (and fun) activities under the sun.

Go to the local park, the community pool, or even the nearest museum. I am sure there are still many places in your area that you have not yet visited or even discovered. So whip up that local map as this is the perfect time to learn to appreciate what your city offers. Advantages? No lodging costs, no long road trips. And if you want to save further, eat at home and schedule your activities before or after the meals.

2. Holiday Programs

Many local councils organize holiday programs to keep the kids busy and occupied for a few hours at a fraction of the cost of a resort trip or a carnival ride. Call your community hub or inquire at your local library which is likely to offer crafts day and other entertaining activities for kids, or if you are up for it, organize a crafts day at home with friends and family. Set it up in the backyard to take advantage of the pleasant weather. How-to kits are easy to find and the activity will keep the kids occupied for days.

3. Exercise

One of the best ways for families to enjoy their local hub is to take bike rides around the neighborhood. Not only will this help pass the time, but it is a good exercise for everyone hoping to burn out those tubs of ice cream the family consumes, too. Walk or jog and take the pets with you for added fun. Summer is a great way to move around and soak in the warmth of the sun.

4. Camping

There is no better way to enjoy the summer weather than to go camping. Camping grounds are cheap and the fun is only limited by your imagination, and of course ground rules. Inquire about camp activities or do your own fun with trekking, fishing, or swimming when possible. Enjoy sleeping under the stars with your family and telling heartwarming stories around the campfire. Your kids will definitely remember this time for ages.

5. Travel Frugally

If your family is really dying for a change of scenery, then go ahead and do that road trip. But make sure your plans are in place and are very cost-effective. Find destinations where you have relatives or friends you can stay with to avoid accommodation costs. If you are lucky enough, they may even offer to give you a tour. Seek for reduced family rates on popular tourist spots and find the shortest but safe routes possible to save on gas. Plan out where you will be stopping for meals or better yet pack sandwiches and drinks.

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