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Five Ways to Get Extra Money

Bills have a way of cropping up when they are least welcome, especially during the summer months when the electric bill can skyrocket to levels unseen since Enron decided to play around with the California electrical grid.

Here are five ways you can make a quick buck to help to catch up on expenses.



Starting your own company can be one of the most rewarding experiences possible in modern capitalist society. You will encounter new people and face challenges that the average office drone will never encounter.

The potential for profit extends beyond the first client. You can potentially build up a company that you can sell for a decent profit down the line. A business is an investment in yourself and your name. Take great care, and it will turn you a profit both now and in the years to follow. If you’re not sure how to get started here is a good article on freelancing.

Donate Blood or Plasma

Blood banks constantly need fresh supplies, especially for rarer blood types. Contact your local commercial blood bank and find out if they are accepting paid donations today. If so, make a point to stop by and do your civic duty.

Going to a blood bank does more than give you a quick buck – it enables you to take solace in the fact that you could very well be saving a life.

Go to a Pawn Shop

Few people are willing to part with any of their possessions. In a pinch, every option must be considered. Is that old television really worth keeping around? How about that computer you replaced with the last tax check?

Take an inventory of your home, and try to offload everything you do not use. Pay close attention to unneeded items that run up your bill, such as that old CRT television in the kid’s playroom. It is an electrical nightmare, costing dollars per day.

Ask For More Hours

If you work in service, approach your employers about working more hours. During the summer months, the amount of business the company receives will normally increase. By offering to take on a greater workload, you can not only make more money but put yourself in a more favorable position for a promotion to manager.

Write a Story

Magazines are looking for stories all the time. So are publishers, both big and small. Drag out that half-finished story you typed up one slow day and finish it. Bring in your worst enemy, and ask that he does his worst. In the end, you will have a well-written story ready for submission to many different organizations.

This is a good way to be creative and make a quick buck – additionally, if you are successful, this will create a new revenue stream to help you out in the future. As a bonus here is a good article on how to get money fast which has ways not mentioned here.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, new writers come on the scene every day, so take advantage of the resources offered.

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