Few of the common mistakes committed by shoppers during Black Friday weekend


Black Friday shopping can well be considered as Olympic sport. It is not only strategic and competitive but also takes away a lot of energy. Nevertheless, if you do the right research and planning on Black Friday, things won’t seem as scary as you may think it to be. More than 7 among 10 Americans stock on holiday gifts over the entire Thanksgiving weekend, as per the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Black Friday occurs on one day but the discounts and deals continue through that specific weekend. There are many attractive deals that you can get during this weekend and without enough research, you can never settle down with the best deal. The concerns of this article will tell you about the different mistakes that are committed by shoppers during Black Friday.

1. Not making a list to follow

There are many shoppers who don’t have an idea of the things that they’re looking for during Black Friday and this is when they tend to hurt their budget. You should be able to decide on the types of products that you want to buy, identify the products online and compare among the retailers who offer such products. Who are you buying the things for? Where can you end up with the best deals on such products? Are you looking for clothes or electronics? Or are you looking for home furnishings or toys?

2. Unknowingly paying for full prices for the add-ons

Another common mistake committed while shopping for electronics is paying the entire price for the add-ons. These add-ons might include cables, batteries, chargers and other things which will help the big things to work. But one thing you should remember is that you won’t get such add-ons at the same place and on the same day. Hence if you wish to heighten your savings, you should know where you can get such items like electronics at the best possible price. Regardless of the place you buy them from, the quality should be the same.

3. Succumbing to the temptation of purchasing toys

During Black Friday, it is indeed tempting to avail the sales and discounts on toys. It is during the first 2 weeks of December that the toy sales are extended and this is the time when the toys are given away at a very cheap rate. Hence if you see that extra discount written on the price of the Moschino Barbie doll, don’t rush for it.

4. Selecting the wrong time to shop

Do you think Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday? There are several stores that remain open on Thanksgiving, providing the shoppers a nice chance to beat the crowds of Black Friday. Studies reveal that 55% prefer staying at home during Thanksgiving. If you wish to save your dollars, it is always better to hit the store way before the actual time.

So, now that you’re familiar with the mistakes people commit during Black Friday shopping, don’t repeat them when your time arrives. Steer clear from them and grab the best deals.

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