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Few creepy and not-so-famous predictions for the investment world in 2017

Few creepy and not-so-famous predictions for the investment world in 2017

As we turn the calendar to the New Year, 2017, this is again the time of rigorous speculations about what is going to come in the New Year. As we know that there are no crystal ball experts out there, predictions are often funny to us and we mostly love to read them, even though we have it at the back of our mind that the predictions are wildly incorrect. In fact, if so many expert politicians and doctorates couldn’t predict the winning of Donald Trump based on the data in their hand, why should the world even bother for the other opinions given by any other analyst? Check out some unpopular and creepy predictions for 2017.

#1: Twitter won’t be acquired

Yes, if you have seen that news in headlines, don’t ever both to click on them. Twitter (TWTR) is nothing but a money-losing product which shows no signs of growth along the path and their part-time CEO isn’t a material for initiating change. Hence the best that could happen with Twitter is a noble purchase by some non-profit group in order to save it from the trash but unfortunately, this $15 billion acquisition isn’t going to happen soon in 2017!

#2: AI will become the topmost tech world acronym in 2017

All of us love to go through a well-written tech post and if you go by the reports, VR or Virtual Reality was probably the most overhyped and overused tech of 2016. This was probably possible due to the 180% run in shares of Nvidia NVDA and also the buzz in augmented reality of Pokémon Go. Sadly, tech bloggers always give way to something new and shiny and this year, it’s going to be the year for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

#3: The US stock market is not going to shift places

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA is at 20,000 and the market has priced a business-friendly environment in Washington with high hopes of moderate global growth in the New Year. Valuations are also at their highs and corporations can keep investing over a long term growth to profits and revenues. There may be few good alternatives to US stocks which might add some percentage points.

#4: Unemployment won’t go above 5%

The labor market fully participates with the companies but the employers currently don’t have enough pool to draw their applicants from. If the Republicans go tough with the sources of immigrant labor as they had resolved, it would be rather impossible for the unemployment market to see a better and prospective future in 2017.

#5: Big tax changes won’t take place in 2017

You would wonder that the news of Donald Trump would give you some sort of tax reforms but if the members of GOP think similarly, you perhaps didn’t pay attention to what the President is planning. In between the Tea Party and the establishment and between moderates and bright red states, the legislators wouldn’t possibly be able to do anything regarding the tax policy.

Therefore, if you’re a non-believer of all the nonsense, the stock market and the US would definitely be better than what it was 2 years back. Don’t fall for pessimism and the fear that keeps mongering momentarily on Facebook.

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