Female finance executives are breaking all barriers – What you should know about them

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As per the 2017 World Economic Forum and their Global Gender Gap Report, it has been found out that female talent has been seen to be the most underutilized resources in the business sector. Particularly in industries like finance, this is even clearer. As the career level increases in the financial industry, the numbers of female representatives keep declining. Though it is a fact that 48% of the financial employees are female but sadly at the executive level, the figure is just 15%.

There are several women all over the world who are breaking all barriers while playing the roles of financial executives. Few people interviewed 7 such women who belonged to the Forbes Finance Council and they chose to take a look at their experiences and provided some valuable advice to others. Here are few things you should know about them.

#1: The gender gap is both an opportunity and a challenge

There isn’t any secret that the finance industry is entirely dominated by the male population. The finance industry is an ‘old-boys club’ and majority of the men have entered this industry because their college alumni or their father belonged to this industry. This is why women find it hard to break into this industry because there were never too many women who belonged to this periphery. One of the biggest professional challenges has been to break the mold of having a middle-aged man to earn some credibility but when you have the perfect outlook; all challenges will seem to be an opportunity.

#2: Finance is more than just money

Among the women who were interviewed, making a career in finance is not just paying your bills. The ultimate factor is in making the difference so that you can be differentiated in whatever you do and you’re not compared to a man. The financial leaders usually do whatever they want as their jobs affect the individuals in a positive note. This is the kind of support system which is needed and there are 3 quarters of Americans who find it extremely difficult to save money.

#3: A finance professional always keep learning

Besides altruism, the women also reported stimulation of their intellect as the main motivating factor in their careers. They also claimed that the financial markets are impacted by almost everything from politics to climate change and no two days seem to be alike in this market. The women who are interested in shaping their finance career should have broader understanding of the functions which are available. This way they can move down the path which intrigues them most.

#4: Women are the future of finance

Women these days aren’t happy to live with the status quo. They’re all finding their own business and they’re engaging in supporting brand new initiatives which can develop the business culture which works perfectly for them. With the popularity of fintech, both the fintech companies and financial institutions were all embracing the new narratives.

Therefore, if you’re a woman who is interested in the field of finance, you should learn the above listed things from the women who are involved in the financial industry.


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