Factors to consider before you swift from one job to another – Tips before making the move

Are you mired in years of double-digit or single-digit unemployment? Do you think that your home state has hardly been flourishing with job opportunities? If answered yes, you must have been determined to steer clear to a new direction in order to get a brand new life with a new job. Although landing on a new job may initially seem to be a long shot, the employer may have checked out your resume and offered you some good position. Before you hurry up and pack your bags to settle in new digs, here are few questions that you should address yourself.

Question #1: How is the new work environment?

Did you ever walk around the workplace of your new office when you visited for the interview? How do you think people would interact with you? What kind of professional atmosphere does the office have? Are you going to fit into that? Will you be able to interact openly with different management levels and do you think the environment would be collaborative enough? Will it offer you an environment to advance in life? Do all sorts of research about the company before packing your bags for the new office.

Question #2: What benefits would I get in the new office?

The next thing to check is how the new office will offer you benefits like a range of health plans. What kind of coverage level will the company offer you and whether you will get access to healthcare. Would you be able to pay more on premiums or deductibles or copayments? Doe the employer offer matched contributions on your retirement plan? Would the plan be portable for you? Will they offer a 401(k) or an IRA? These are some of the most vital questions that you need to ask before thinking of a shift.

Question #3: What is their time-off?

This is one of the most important things that you need to check before shifting jobs is the vacation time, the total number of sick and personal days off that you’re going to receive annually. What are the numbers of paid holidays that you’re going to get? How soon can you accumulate vacation time? Will all your days be lumped together into a single pool of paid time off? Will that system be appealing to you?

Question #4: What kind of change will it bring to your lifestyle?

Since you have to travel to a new location, will the new office be more time-consuming experience or a costlier one? Will your new job fit into your lifestyle? Or will your job interfere with some more vital commitments in your life? Will it keep you closer to achieving long term goals?

Therefore, before you shift from one job to another, you have to do your bit of homework and research about the company so that you can be sure about where you’re going and what you can expect from them.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/application-request-pen-coolie-1915347/