Extra Space on Your Business Premises? Here’s How to Take Advantage of It

Having extra space on your business premises is something that a lot of business owners dream of having. However, for those of us that are sitting on larger plots of land that we can’t seem to make use of, it can be difficult trying to determine the best use for it. To help you make the most of your land investment, here are a couple of ideas that will help you utilise that space.

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Outdoor Area

If you operate a restaurant or cafe, then using the space outside of your store is a fantastic way to add seating areas and also expose your food and drinks. The space outside of your store can also be used to show off the items you sell indoors. For instance, if you own a florist then you can use the outdoors to showcase some of your best selling bouquets and plants. There are plenty of ideas for outdoor areas, but it all comes down to your imagination and the type of business you own.

Separate Office

If your main building has a small office that you want to expand, consider building an extra office. With help from Armstrong steel buildings, you could easily bolt on an additional office on the outskirts of your property. They’re cheap, easy to construct on your own, and extremely durable, making them perfect for small businesses and startups.

Parking Lot

Want a way to give back to your customers? Why not add a small parking lot to your business location? If you have space, adding a couple of parking spaces would be a fantastic idea especially if your location is in a remote area or if you sell large appliances that need to be taken back via a vehicle. A parking space is extremely convenient for your customers and you could even rent out the parking spaces if you’re in a desirable area like a city.

Premises Extension

Whether you sell toys, food or run a law firm, extra office and store space is never a bad idea. Extend your business however you want, be it vertically or by adding new rooms, and never run out of space again. You could use these extensions for more seating areas, more storage space or even an additional office for when you expand your business online. For most people, extensions are an excellent way to accept more orders and deal with more customers but keep in mind that by extending your location you also require more staff to cover the extra demand you might get.

Storage Area

You can also consider adding extra storage areas. This is useful if you need space to house large appliances or cleaning items. Think of it as an outdoor storage area for items you need after closing. You could also keep reserves in the extra storage area. For instance, if you sell books, then you could have just a couple of books out for display and reading purposes, but store more copies in your storage area for when customers want to purchase it.