Have you ever wanted to venture into the world of law? Perhaps you’ve seen a few too many episodes of Suits but the fire in your belly can no longer be sated by just watching and you want to look at what is out there for you. Well, look no further:

personal investigators

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Criminal Lawyer

This is a meaty one. You will be defending individuals, organizations, and companies that are facing (usually severe) criminal charges. In the state, appellate or federal court. One of the most active skills here is the criminal defense lawyer’s ability to investigate the case, using personal investigators as well as their own skills. Interviewing witnesses, looking up case law to strengthen your case, and planning strategies. If you choose this you would be wise to head for the private sector rather than the public sector – the wages are higher – by about double in the first year alone.

Real Estate Lawyer

You’ll be assisting clients in their purchase and sale of real estate. Issues such as zoning, property development, neighbor disputes, tenants, and more also come under the umbrella of a real estate lawyer. The superior skill here would be astounding attention to detail, careful document drafting, and incredible analytical skills. You might also be required to represent clients in court, suing tenants for unpaid rental charges, arguments over land, and more considerable disagreements with companies, developers, and landowners. The salary for this is a peachy 90+ k a year.

Family Law

This one can be highly emotionally charged. Dealing with divorces, adoptions, custody battles, prenuptial, and custody agreements. Working with clients to get the best outcome for them and hopefully any children involved too. There are a few areas that you can specialize in like child custody, domestic abuse, and child support. A few critical skills here will be the ability to keep a cool head in highly emotional situations, to provide support and assistance to people in their most vulnerable time, and also to get the best deal. A healthy salary of around 70k+ and upwards can be enjoyed by those who follow this path.

A Civil Rights Lawyer

This one is kind of like the forefront of standing up for people. They defend the rights and fundamental liberties of the public. A usual case would likely involve some or all of the following: discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, or some medical states like pregnancy, mental health, and others. They tackle anything that appears to have been mishandled and get justice for their clients. Lawyers who specialize in this field are incredibly passionate about getting justice for those who might otherwise not be able to obtain it by themselves. Most civil rights lawyers tend to specialize because the subject is so broad. A mixed bag of earning potential from 40k to well beyond 200k depending on where you chose to work.

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