Enjoy Summer Fun without Splashing Out

When your budget leaves you with little room for extra treats, it can be difficult to find ways to enjoy yourself without spending a fortune. By getting creative this summer and making the most of the free or more affordable opportunities which are all around, you will be able to enjoy a long summer of fun in the sun, without damaging your bank balance.
If you regularly take holidays abroad during the summer months, but a break abroad will be beyond your budget this year, take a look at the following cheap ideas of how you could enjoy a summer to remember, even if you are staying at home.

Pack Up a Picnic

Why spend money on an expensive meal at a restaurant when you can make up a picnic basket or cool bag of treats and head outside to enjoy the scenery? Whether you are simply dining al fresco with a fresh salad on your garden lawn, or you are taking a trip to your favorite park for an afternoon of sunshine and sandwiches, a picnic is an easy and affordable way to spend a relaxing day.
If a big group of you get together and agree to each bring a different item of food or drink, then your picnic can be even more affordable. All you need are a few things to eat, some refreshing drinks and a picnic blanket, and you will be all set for a simple yet enjoyable lunch in the open air. For something a little different, why not try a classic barbecue with your friends on a summer evening?

Get Gardening

Gardening isn’t just about mundane tasks like mowing the lawn. When the sun shines, take the opportunity to get outside and make the most of the sun by spending some time improving your green space. Colourful and fragrant flowers help to make any garden a more pleasant space to spend an hour or two, so why not invest in a few new plants to brighten up your outside space?
Not only will you be improving your garden, but you will also be enjoying the fresh air, getting a good tan and lifting your spirits. All without spending a fortune.

Grab your Walking Boots

If you are lucky enough to live in the countryside, then you will be surrounded by opportunities for affordable exercise. Simply put on a good pair of walking shoes, grab a bottle of water to keep you refreshed, and head out into the fresh air to enjoy a relaxing walk. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a more adventurous hike, going for a walk is a proven way to improve your mood and give your health a boost.
If you live in a more urban environment, then you can still enjoy the benefits of a good walk. Take a trip to a different area of your town or city and explore new streets, or alternatively go for a quiet stroll around your nearest park.

Go On a Fruit Hunt

From picking strawberries to seeking out blackberries, fruit picking is synonymous with summer, and doesn’t cost a penny. Grab a basket or bag, head to your nearest hedgerow, and see what delicious treats you can discover. Whether you are picking to eat, or are planning to whip up a delicious smoothie with your bounty, going on the lookout for fresh fruit is a rewarding and enjoyable way to spend a summer day.
There are numerous farms who offer self-picking, where you can help to bring in the fruity harvest in return for a few pieces of fruit of your own.
These are just a few of the ways to enjoy the summer season without stretching your budget. Think a little more creatively and it can be easy to find free and fun ways to make the most of the summer.

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