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Eat Healthy, Save Money?

Eat Healthy, Save Money?

Stretching that monthly budget during tough times is no easy task. Raises are rare, the cost of living is increasing, and so is the price of preserving our health. Getting ahead in this world takes more than a mix of grit and gravitas; the system is designed to cater to those who have already established themselves. Even if you were to know the best stock picks, would you have the funds available that are necessary to seize upon such an opportunity? We’re very limited in what we can accomplish when it comes to making significant gains in both lifestyle and financial stability.

Luckily, there might be an easy way for any family to accomplish both at once: eating healthy.

Saving money by eating right is not exactly easy, at least seemingly so. Healthier options on many store shelves are oftentimes priced higher than the preservative-packed alternative. Indeed, it’s telling that the United States is the only country in the world where our impoverished are on average fatter than the rest of the population. As counter-intuitive as that sounds, it makes sense when you realize how cheap bad food is, and how costly eating right can be.

So when families attempt to save a buck by skipping the burger in favor of the bean patty, they usually find that the savings are virtually non-existent. In combination with the seemingly lacking flavor and substance, they quickly revert back to Hamburger Helper. It’s enough calories in one sitting to cover you for half the day, but it’s also $2 a box.

People forget that the way you save on eating right is not through the substance, but the volume, or lack thereof. Countless individuals across the country are economically used to large portions. We’re been trained to worship the “less for more” tactic of food sales. We don’t realize that the portions we consume are far larger than what the average healthy human is supposed to be eating daily.

For instance, did you know most nutritionists recommend a serving of meat being no bigger than the size of your balled fist? Most Americans consider that size of cut to be worthy of the appetizer. But if you and your family decided to follow such guidelines, especially those currently being proposed by the Department of Agriculture via the awareness campaign, you will certainly see an increase in monthly money to spend.

It won’t be easy. Your bellies will growl at the reduced intake. But you’re not only saving your limited income, you’re saving yourself from paying the price of poor health choices. Stretching your earnings starts by shrinking your stomach.

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