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Dos and Don’ts of Printing Checks In-House

Dos and Don’ts of Printing Checks In-House

Inhouse checks

Even with multiple alternative payment methods available, there are many reasons why people still choose to use checks for payments. Businesses set up check printing systems to make the check payment process simpler. However, before you start setting up your printing system, you need to keep a few dos and don’ts in mind.


Buy Checks Online

Many online vendors offer check printing services. From blank checks to QuickBooks compatible checks, the online check printing service can satisfy every check variety need.

Compare Prices of Check Vendors

Since multiple vendors offer similar services online, the price offered for their services are highly competitive. Compare the prices of online check printing service before ordering your check. Look for websites that claim to offer “lowest price.”

Buy Blank Check Paper

You can save money on checks by choosing to buy blank checks instead of printed checks. Online check printing service costs extra, so it is cheaper to buy blank checks and magnetic ink to reduce the printing cost.

Use Software

The process of printing a check is made simpler by using software like QuickBooks. QuickBooks keeps track of all the payments and allows you to print checks in a few easy steps.

Have an Endorsement Stamp

Checks are just pieces of paper if they are not endorsed. To make the process of endorsing a check faster endorsement stamps can be used. You can buy endorsement stamps from check printing vendors.

Set Up the Right Printer

Online check printing service can supply you with checks that need to have the payee details printed onto them. With blank check papers, you will need to print your bank details along with the payee details. To print checks, you do not need to have a special printer, any inkjet printer can serve the purpose.

Buy Magnetic Ink

If you avail online check printing service to purchase printed checks, then you will get checks with MICR code printed on. However, to print the MICR code onto a blank check paper, you will need to have magnetic ink.


Order Checks from Banks

Banks offer extra check sheets at a hiked price. Banks avail the services of check printing vendors but charge much higher rates. So, cut out the middleman by avoiding banks and opting for online check printing service.

Hand Over Checks Without Reviewing

Once you have printed your check, you should review it before endorsing it. The endorsed stamp can be cashed, so always double check the information printed before endorsing and handing over the paper.

Use Improper Paper and Ink

Without magnetic ink, MICR code will not be printed onto the check. With the MICR code cannot be read the check remains invalid. Having the MICR code and bank information on any piece of paper is enough for the paper to be accepted as a check. However, your payee may not accept the check if the check is not printed on check paper.

Use a Common Printer

Using a common printer for all office work makes the check printing process long drawn. By having a dedicated printer for check printing, you can leave your check paper inserted and print the checks at your leisure.

Give Access to All Your Employees

Check to print in your office can be a way of having forged checks cashed. To keep your checks safe from being forged keep the check papers, printer and endorsement stamp out of reach of unauthorized employees.

You can easily set up and in-house check printing system with these dos and don’ts in mind.

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