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Dealing With Debt: How To Finally Climb Out Of The Money Pit

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If there’s one thing that just about all of us have to deal with during our lives, it’s debt. Debt is one of those things that you’re just going to have to get used to once you enter the adult financial world. The modern economy is almost entirely built on debt, paying off debt is the most effective way to secure a decent credit score, and it’s practically impossible to buy a home or car without some getting into some kind of debt for many people. However, there’s a big difference between the kind of debt that most of us will deal with throughout our lives and the kind of debt that can cause serious problems in your day to day life. That kind of debt can lead a lot of people to get into pretty serious trouble that can feel very difficult to pull yourself out of. However, it’s not impossible. With that in mind, here are a few ways to get yourself out of debt without having to start working seven days a week.


One of the toughest things for a lot of people is dealing with the sheer volume of debt that they have. Many people find themselves paying off various things, and it often piles up to be pretty overwhelming. One of the very best ways to deal with this is to consolidate all of your existing debt into a single monthly payment. Not only will this make life a lot easier for you when it comes to keeping track of all of the money that you’re paying, but it can often reduce your payments overall. If you’ve been paying off your debts, then you’ve probably taken a decent chunk out of them, this means that if you take a single loan to pay them all off, then you can get yourself back to square one and start paying that loan off from a much more stable financial position. Of course, this isn’t always an option for many people, but it’s certainly worth considering.

Short term loans

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Of course, if you’re dealing with some debt that isn’t exactly taking over your life but is very difficult to break away from then you might be better off taking out a short-term loan so that you can pay it off. That way you can get out of the pit that you’re in and then start to manage your finances more effectively. You can visit Captain Cash for more information on these kinds of loans. Of course, one thing that you should always remember is that these are far from the ideal solution if you’re dealing with something larger that would require long-term repayments. You should think of these kinds of loans as short-term cash injections. As counter-intuitive as it might seem to take out a loan to pay off debt, it can often be the perfect way to get you back onto a stable financial footing.


Of course, if you want to start paying off your debts more securely then it might be time to start thinking more long-term. It might not be the most drastic method out there, but there are few ways to deal with debt better than to start saving your money a little more carefully. Now, you might be thinking that if you’re in debt, then you’re not going to have any money to save in the first place. Well, the truth is that most people actually have more money to save than they generally assume. The truth is that you’re probably spending more than you realize on things that you simply don’t need. If you cut out all unnecessary spending and instead put that money in a savings account, you’ll be able to accumulate enough money to start paying off your debt bit by bit far more quickly than you might expect.

Careful budgeting

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Do you have a clear budget for your household income and outgoings? If not then you need to do that right now! If you don’t have a clear household budget, then you’re never going to be able to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending monthly. This can make it much harder to keep track of your debts as well as any other spending that you’re doing. By creating a clear budget, you may actually be able to find plenty of instances where you’re paying far more than you need to. Whether it’s things like your internet, your phone bill, or simply your grocery shopping, having a budget that you can look at easily can make cutting back on things and saving money far simpler than you might expect.

Reaching out for help

A lot of people mistakenly feel as though the debt is something that they should be ashamed of. This often comes from the idea that if you don’t have money, then you’re inherently worth less than someone who does have money. Because of this a lot of people tend to hide their money troubles from those around them for fear of being judged. However, the reality is that sharing those problems with people around you can be incredibly helpful. For one thing, talking to the people in your life can ease a lot of the stress that debt can cause. Not only that but there are plenty of organizations that are entirely dedicated to helping people get out of debt and supporting them along the way. Sure, the hard work is always going to have to be done by you but having someone else at your back supporting you can be just the boost that you need to finally climb out of that money pit.

It’s easy to hear the word debt and assume that you’re never going to be able to do anything about it, but it’s important to remember that it’s far from the life sentence that it’s often made out to be. Even if you’re really struggling with debts there are always ways to deal with them; you just have to know where to look for them.

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