Credit Card Debt

A College Freshman’s Guide To Credit Card Debt

When surveyed about the reasons that they first take out a credit card, college students inevitably rank a concern for credit scores as their primary motivation, beating out even convenience and protection in case of emergencies.  To a degree, of course, this is utterly specious, and we would expect our most responsible and ambitious young […]

New Government Watchdog Group Monitors Credit Card Debt Companies

Although the legislation empowering the Consumer Financial Protection division of the federal government won’t formally take effect until the third week of July, the largest corporations issuing credit card debt accounts have already started making changes to their policies in anticipation of the coming industry wide upheaval.  Thus far, while waiting for their formal mandate […]

Credit Card Defaults Hit New Low

Five out of six major credit card providers in the US have reported further reductions in credit card debt. Overall credit card debt stood at $785 billion at the end of March, according to the Federal Reserve. Figures for April show only Bank of America with increasing debt balances with approximately 1 in 12 in […]

New Limits On Credit Card Debt Spending

In this age of credit card debt relief nightmares, when so very many Americans find themselves in the position of begging lenders for debt settlement negotiation just to avoid bankruptcy, it seems a tad silly that anyone would spend time worrying over what they can’t buy through card accounts, but lending banks have increasingly decided […]

Would New Federal Controls On Credit Card Debt Collection Help Consumers?

As a result of increasing public pressure for governmental support of debt relief measures (spearheaded by the ever more powerful advocacy groups tackling the basest tendencies of the credit card debt industry), commentators and pundits familiar with the goings on around Capitol Hill agree that our elected officials may soon have no choice but to […]

How to Settle a Deficiency from a Car Repossession

How to Settle a Deficiency from a Car Repossession

Consumers who are searching for credit card debt assistance often have problems with other types of loans as well, including car loans. The unfortunate part of this is that a car can be repossessed by the creditor when as little as one payment has been missed. Repossession laws vary from state to state, so if […]

Consolidating Your Credit Debts to Save Money

Consolidating your credit card debt is one of the best moves you can make to save money.  This is a crucial step in improving your credit score for the future and insuring you have enough money each month.  With the numerous advantages for all cardholders who take advantage of credit card debt consolidation, it is […]

How To Be Debt Free

The credit boom and subsequent credit crunch of the last decade has left many Americans with an overwhelming level of debt that they have no real means of ever paying back. And this will no doubt have been a contributory factor in the 20 per cent rise in personal bankruptcy filings witnessed during 2010. And […]

Things to consider when applying for a credit card

Things to consider when applying for a credit card

Once you’ve decided to get a credit card, there are many more decisions to be made. While the plethora of different deals, prices and types of credit on offer can be confusing, it’s important to take the time to really understand credit terms and conditions to make sure that you apply for the right card […]

Credit Card Debt Solutions, Ideas to Help Your Household Budget

Practical credit card debt solutions to implement today!

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