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Choosing the right life insurance safeguards your long-term financial interests

You may feel as though you’re covered in the case of illness or death, but do you actually have what you need? If you have massive gaps in your life insurance coverage, then your loved ones could get stuck with bills or left without the benefits they thought they had. If you purchased a life insurance policy several years ago to care for your family after your death, but you never reviewed it, now may be time to study your options and make sure you’re fully covered.

For example, do you know if you can start paying off your funeral when you’re still alive? Do you know whether your family has to follow your funeral wishes or if they can spend the funds in the way they would like? Your family doesn’t want to face these questions after your death, so now is the time to address this information. If you’re prepared now, you can make the process easier so that your family can focus on grieving. A few small changes to your life insurance coverage today can save your family thousands of dollars and prevent hours of complex financial planning.

To decide whether you’re making the right choices with your life insurance after your death, take the Health IQ quiz Life Insurance Quirks You Should Know About. You may find that you’re missing key gaps in your planning knowledge that leave your family vulnerable. Don’t wait until you fall ill to prepare your family financially for your death. Test your knowledge and discover what you need to know today. And let Health IQ and their team know what you think of the quiz in the comments below, or try one of their related quizzes on Hidden Factors That Influence Your Life Insurance Rate, Quiz: The Life Insurance Claims Process, or Reducing Your Life Insurance Premium.

Want to learn more about how life insurance can benefit you? Speak with one of Health IQ’s life insurance agents to learn more about their special rate premiums for health-minded folks.

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