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Plan for Losses: The Key to Sound Trading

Plan for Losses: The Key to Sound Trading

The risk lies at the very core of trading. Without risk, the profit would not be possible. On the flip side of the coin, because of that risk, there is the danger of big losses befalling you. However, as necessary as taking risks is if you’re to turn a profit, by using stop losses intelligently,...


Martingale Strategy in Forex

If forex traders were told that there exists a 100% profitable trading strategy, most of them would treat this information quite skeptically. However, such kind of strategy really exists, and it is called martingale. It was devised for gambling chiefly. As far as gambling is concerned, martingale refers to any gambling system in which the...


Online Trading Services That Are Worth a Try

There are several online trading services available on the web today. A beginner investor is therefore often confused about which tool and service are best to use. I am presenting some of the tools and services I use that have proven to be very helpful to me. Virtual Trading for Beginners The first tool I...

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