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Why Didn’t You Get That Home Loan?

Rejection is rarely welcome, especially when credit applications are involved. During the past few years, numerous applicants have been declined credit for secured loans and mortgages. The question many people are asking is why. Provided below is a summary of some of the reasons why applicants are being refused credit for loans and mortgages. People...


Beware of the Flopping Real Estate Scam

Throughout history, there have been scams that have been designed to make a quick buck for their unscrupulous perpetrators. Currently on the rise is the ‘flopping’ real estate scam. The scam is perfect for these depressed housing market conditions whereby everyday Americans are struggling to pay their mortgages. The scam takes advantage of the practice...


Using a Mortgage Calculator

If you are interested in getting on the property ladder or moving up, you will need to know how much you can borrow and if you can afford the monthly payments. A mortgage calculator is a vital tool that will give you a guide to what you can afford before choosing a specific product or...


Sell Your Home for Quick Cash and Rent it Back

What stopping you from selling your home for quick cash? Are you not comfortable with the idea of moving out of your home? Nobody wants to move out of their dream home! But think practically – if you are behind on your mortgage payments and your creditors are going to court, then you will lose...

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