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When Cash Advances Can Pay Off for Borrowers

You’ve no doubt heard about the pitfalls of “ no fax payday loans ” or paycheque cash advances. The interest rate, when compounded over a full year, stretches into three and four figures. That would not make sense because it would mean the payback would be bigger than the loan itself. Fortunately, not many people...


How To Be Debt Free

The credit boom and subsequent credit crunch of the last decade have left many Americans with an overwhelming level of debt that they have no real means of ever paying back. This will no doubt have a contributory factor in the 20% rise in personal bankruptcy filings witnessed during 2010. If you are one of...

how to be debt free

Fastest Way to Become Debt Free

Eleanor Simpson is a debt counselor for Franklin Debt Relief, the leading company in debt settlement programs for consumers. Are you looking for the fastest way to become debt-free? Bankruptcy is no longer the best option since the 2005 overhaul significantly reduced the number of consumers who qualify for financial relief. Balance transfers or ten-year...


Escaping the Bad Credit Loan Jungle

The “Bad Credit” Loan Blues … Is this your song? Frequent calls from bill collectors Cash advances from one credit card to pay off another Not making your loan payments on time or missing them Paying just the interest or less than agreed upon Continually falling behind on monthly bills Inventing new excuses of why...

secured personal loans

Important Things to Know When Getting a Secured Loan

Secured loans are typically used for larger amounts over longer periods of repayment. The reason this is done is that they are costly and time-consuming to set up. Since arranging the searches and registering the property interest (the usual security is taken for a secured loan) takes weeks to complete. So immediately, one drawback can...

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