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how to apply a credit card

Things To Consider When Applying for A Credit Card

Once you’ve decided to get a credit card, there are many more decisions to be made. While the plethora of different deals, prices, and types of credit offers can be confusing, it’s important to take the time to really understand credit terms and conditions to make sure that you apply for the right card for...

how to be debt free

Fastest Way to Become Debt Free

Eleanor Simpson is a debt counselor for Franklin Debt Relief, the leading company in debt settlement programs for consumers. Are you looking for the fastest way to become debt-free? Bankruptcy is no longer the best option since the 2005 overhaul significantly reduced the number of consumers who qualify for financial relief. Balance transfers or ten-year...


Pay Off Your Debt In 5 Easy Steps

You can pay off your debt in 5 easy steps. You might be reading that thinking that it can’t possibly be true, considering how much debt you are carrying. Before you resign yourself to paying high-interest rates and making minimum payments for the rest of your life, you should at least give this plan a...

Eliminating Your Debt in the Most Convenient and Creditworthy Way

Eliminating Your Debt in the Most Convenient and Creditworthy Way

Debt consolidation has always been beneficial over bankruptcy as far as creditor’s interest is concerned.  Whereas with bankruptcy, creditors get nothing or very little from the debtor. The debt consolidation system shows positive and systematic money management in favor of them. Debt consolidation beneficial for both: Debt consolidation in turn could be extremely advantageous for...

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