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How Technology Can Detect Business Finance Fraud

Image source Pixabay When it comes to financial fraud, there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that financial fraud among both households and businesses is alarming and is a serious issue to be dealt with. The good news – however – is that, while the numbers are high, they are falling....


5 Reasons to Open a Business Checking Account

You may wonder if opening a business checking account is worth the time it takes to set up. Think about how many hours you spend sorting through your business and personal records in a single report. You’ll save time if you open a business checking account. Here are a few other reasons to head to...


How to Affordably Develop Skills

Photo Credit It is a simple rule to follow: the more skills you develop, the better your chances are of earning more money in the future. In days gone by, developing skills would have required a great deal of money. The Internet, however, has made skills development far more accessible and affordable. So, when you...


Why Protecting Your Assets Means Protecting Your People

Image Protecting our employees while they work is not only a legal and moral duty, but it can also be fundamental to the wellbeing of your business. You may be thinking of the cost to your operations – and there’s no denying that Health and Safety do demand that we don’t cut corners and can...


Care For Your Customers and Skyrocket Your Small Business

When you first launched your small business you were brand new to the world of entrepreneurship; after sleepless nights, fifteen-hour days, and a lot of hard work you managed to get your ideas off the ground. Since you started running your own business, you have realized how important it is to maintain excellent customer relationships....


How To Make The Workplace More Diverse

Society still has a huge problem as it often dictates who can work where. For example, women working on building sites simply isn’t something that you often see due to the nature of the work and sometimes the comments received from colleagues who are male. The workplace shouldn’t be somewhere that you feel like you...

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