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Simple and Effective Ways To Save

With the current economic situation, many of us are looking for simple ways to save money. I’ve read hundreds of articles about money-saving tips, but in my experience, it’s normally the simple tips that are the most effective. It’s important that when we save money, we make our savings work for us. We all know...


Why Buying a New Build House Will Save You Money

When you are looking at new homes, a lot of decisions need to be made. Maybe you are expanding your family and need a home that fits your needs, or perhaps you are getting to an age where a simpler home is what you desire. Regardless of the reason, choosing a new home is a...


Why You Need To Be Aware of Mental Biases

We all have biases that restrict the way we manage and profit from our savings. The way we think and the mistakes we make are studied by behavioural scientists and it is important to be aware of these challenges when we are making investment decisions. The first bias we need to address is the tendency...

personal finance

Sharing Knowledge on Personal Finance Tips

With commodity prices and fuel prices always on the rise, it is very important for one to manage their finances efficiently. Although there are plenty of books on this vital topic, the basics of holding a good financial status at all times remain the same. A few important tips that will ensure your financial security...


The Infinite Banking Concept

The essence of the Infinite Banking Concept is how to recover the interest that you normally pay to a banking institution through the use of dividend-paying life insurance. This way the policy owner makes what a banking institution does. It is a third alternative to making a purchase. Instead of losing opportunity cost on cash...

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