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Carnival Post for Financewand.com

Happy Saturdays friends. Hope you all had a rocking Christmas! All of you must be worried about the new financial year as all of us want to kickstart a fresh 2014, without any baggage of debts or financial worries. So if any of you are looking for some of the best tips regarding investing, budgeting and debt, then your search ends just here as I have planned to write a carnival post including some of the most financially important posts, from some of the leading finance blogs –blog_carnival2

  1. Jonny @ Financewand writes 5 Simple Ways to Pinch and Save Every Month – In the present unstable situation of an economy, it is really difficult to save money and add some more amount to the emergency fund. And if you have bundles of debts to be paid off, it can be even more difficult to take out some extra bucks for savings! But you can actually do it by following certain smart tips and tricks.
  2. Jacob @ Cashcowcouple posts 6 Ways to Get Through College Debt-Free – Though posted by Jacob, the post is written by Kali @ Common Sense Millennial, who is a like-minded member of generation Y. Statistics show that two-thirds of all students graduate college with student loans and the average person carries $26,000 worth of debt they have to repay. Also, in the United States, debt from student loans has surpassed 1 trillion dollars. There are definitely some choices and decisions that you have to make to manage your personal finance to live a life, without debts.
  3. John @ Frugalrules writes Motif Investing Review: A Unique Approach to Investing – Motif investing is an all-new approach to investment, started only two years ago. Being an experienced guy in the online brokerage industry, John gives a detailed description of motif investing including its advantages, disadvantages, features, and his personal take on that.
  4. Jefferson @ Seedebtrun writes Good Money Manager Review – Good Money Manager is one of the leading and most reliable names when it comes to getting some helps with debt consolidation or you simply want to come out of the vicious cycle of debt. The site is especially meant for people who are burdened with tons of debt and have failed to figure out the proper ways to come out of that.
  5. Mr. CBB @ Canadianbudgetbinder writes The power of plastic points – While most people have wallets full of colorful credit cards, Mr. CBB goes on explaining the details of using credit cards properly and offers some significant tips on using credit cards smartly and strategically.
  6. Daisy @ Add-vodka writes 5 Tips for Successful Investing – Making smart investments really seems to be a challenge sometimes with so many options these days, and here is where Daisy helps you out with 5 really simple, yet effective tips. According to her the basic key to successful investment is simple and based on this simplicity, you can expect assured long-term success.
  7. Paul @ Frugaltoad writes The Holiday Shopping Playoffs: Shop Without Overspending – In this season of holiday shopping, Paul talks about something really different. While it is the common story with most of us to have a big hole in our wallets by the end of the New Year’s Party, it is not quite the same with serious shoppers. Paul offers 5 effective tips that one should keep in mind while going holiday shopping.
  8. Charles @ Gettingarichlife writes Get Rich With Real Estate: Strategic Ways To Finance Properties – Those who are planning to buy some new properties soon, must have a look at this post, which specifically focuses on important topics like a traditional mortgage, fixed mortgage, and other relevant subjects.
  9. Hayley @ Diseasecalleddebt writes Christmas Money Making Challenge Update! – Hayley shares her experience regarding a Christmas money-making challenge that she undertook a couple of weeks ago and quite interestingly, she was able to meet her challenge to some extent, and on some notes, she was a failure. Overall, it was a nice experience.
  10. Jennifer @ budgetinginbaby writes It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Jennifer goes on describing her December goals, while mentioning the fact, that like most of us, December is a very special time for her family, and it is especially so as there are lots of holiday celebrations, apart from four birthdays.

Hope this was helpful and wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

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