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Car Insurance: What Should Your Policy Offer You?

There are some factors that you will want your car insurance policy to cover. But that doesn’t always happen. You don’t always get what you think you might get from a policy. Some of them only give you minimal levels of cover. And that’s why you should always read the small print and be aware of how much cover you’re getting.

Fire and Theft

Are you covered if your car gets damaged by fire and theft that’s the fault of someone else? If you’re not, then you don’t have much cover. Many people assume that their car insurance policy will cover them in the event of their car getting stolen. But that’s not always the case. Fire and theft cover is not something that all policies have. And getting this level of cover will usually cost you a little extra money. But that’s definitely worth paying for in most instances. You should compare prices and find the best deal out there.

Flexibility Over the Repairer

Some policies will demand that you have your car repaired at a certain garage. Insurance companies do this because they have an agreement with certain garages. It’s a mutually beneficial deal because the garage will also point their customers in the direction of the insurer. But this isn’t always a good thing for people with insurance policies. It means that you can’t shop around and look for deals because you have to use the repairer that the insurance company tells you to. Ideally, you should find a policy that provides you with the flexibility to make your own decision. No one wants to be told where they have to get their car repaired.

Cover for Medical Bills

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of your medical bills if you get injured in a crash. These injuries can be very severe, and the cost of the medical bills can be huge. So, you should definitely find out if you get this level of cover from a policy before you sign it. Not all policies will give you this cover, but it’s worth finding one that does if you possibly can. Then, you’ll be able to get the very best treatment and get back to driving as usual in no time. If you search through all the options, you’ll be able to find at least one suitable policy that covers potential medical bills.

Courtesy Car Provision

When your car breaks down, you can be left in a tricky situation. Even if the insurance provider is covering the costs of the repairs, you’ll still need to find a way to get around. So, find a policy that provides you with an adequate courtesy car in the event of your car being out of action. It’s one of those details that might not seem that important. But when you don’t have a car, and you need to get to work on time and take the kids to school, a courtesy car can seem like a real savior. So, ensure this is part of your next policy.


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