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Buy Frozen Food in March & Other Seasonal

Buy Frozen Food in March & Other Seasonal

Seasonal shopping is just plain smart. If you can’t afford “it” this season, save for the next season. Of course necessities usually are right now issues, and buying an air conditioning/heating system or plumbing replacements rarely hit at a good time. Let’s take a look at some of the hints offered by the experts, even from my experience, and see if you agree.


From my own personal experience, January savings is for Christmas cards and wrap, furniture, bedding linens, some cold weather gear, flooring, and prom dresses. You can also sneak in a mother-of-the-groom dress deal in January! From the experts did you know home theaters are best buys a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl…how about that! Duh!


Weddings are much less expensive in the colder weather months, especially February and November. Even Valentine’s Day is not as pricey as June! And think of the colors in early November in parts of the country with palates of gold, reds, oranges, and browns blended with a few evergreens. According to experts boats and cameras are thrifty buys in February.


Besides March being the frozen food month, a couple other items available at lower prices are gardening tools (getting ready!) and china and flatware. You may end up with last season’s patterns for a table setting, but lately variety is the spice of an interesting meal. And apparently perfume is best in March, so if you happen to have a summer anniversary, at least that might be one less expensive item to purchase.


In April, you will find malls advertising running and other types of gym shoes on sale; some will even have coupons for making better brands more appealing. And would you know it, snowblowers are hot items for late March and April shopping! If you can file early and expect a tax return, April can be a great time for televisions, as well as vacuum cleaners.


Speaking of appliances, I found out the hard way that refrigerators actually go on sale in May. Just tell your 16 year old fridge that! One good thing to note is that mattresses and box springs are available at great deals in May, so after stocking up on linens in January you can put them on that brand new mattress in the spring. Other interesting items available in May are picnic and BBQ items, and almost any party supplies; so your June wedding doesn’t have to be quite the expense fiasco you imagined…well, maybe!

June and July

For June and July, I have a surprise, or at least I had never considered it, stock up on butter! Its freezer life is about six or seven months…just in time for holiday baking! Both interior and exterior paint happens to be a hot commodity this time of year as well. Wonder if you could paint the interior with the AC on and then keep the exterior paint  till early fall and paint it then when it’s just a bit cooler?! Also, in the early summer months berries, peaches, and many summer vegetables are at their peak so outings to pick them or, if you have a green thumb, gathering your garden wealth, and freezing them is prime.


Home playground equipment and lawnmowers we found were best August purchases. Now, depending on your local climate, plants and flowers are available for good deals, as are swim suits and other beach apparel. (Note to self, by now for that cruise you booked in April for September.) And in at least one state, August offers a tax-free weekend for shopping for items like school supplies, some clothing items, back packs, and other things with the hopes of providing opportunities to purchase necessities for families.

September and October

September and October are good for stocking up on some canned goods, broths, and hearty frozen pies as the cooler months approach. For the tip I am always grateful, October is car buying month. And it is common knowledge that purchasing seafood in the months from September through December means fresher finds. Of course as you begin thinking about the holidays, October is a great month to check on any specials for those must haves. Fortunately, I just ran out of pecans and almost to the end of the walnuts so will be stocking up very soon!

November and December

Rounding out the calendar year, besides the holiday goodies and pre-sales, remember to see if your favorite nursery has bulbs, trees, and various shrubs on sale. Another item our family has enjoyed is the RV purchased in late November. The deal included a much fancier one, with many more “bells and whistles” making our summer adventure a great time. Oh, remember you can keep frozen turkeys for several months, after all who doesn’t love a smoked turkey in the summer?! One tidbit I certainly did not know is that the best time to buy golf clubs is December! One Christmas gift checked off! And a couple more items include those small appliances you hate getting for anniversary gifts…maybe they would be ok for Christmas; apparently pools are a good December item as well.

Coming to a Close

As the year and these thoughts come to a close, keep in mind the above offerings are certainly not all. If you are a newcomer to your area, spend at least a full calendar year getting acquainted with sales, items in those sales, and the time of year of the sales. It really would not be wise to embark on a dispute because that certain small appliance should be on sale in December. Oh, and before I neglect to mention about the air conditioners, October is usually the month to replace one. Happy shopping!

Jennifer Hawkins is a professional chef and restaurant owner who saves a ton of money every year by shopping smart. She loves to blog and she covers everything from cutting down your grocery bill to tips on serving quick, healthy meals.

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