New Business? Keep These Outgoings Low!

When you are just starting out in business and have limited income available you need to watch the money whizzing in the other direction. It simply can’t outweigh what’s coming in from the other side. It can be hard to do this when you are keeping an eye on everything else, but, as you likely know, the majority of new businesses fail in their first year. Some are due to overspending. To get around this you need to be stringent and strict. Do not allow any more outgoings than you actually need or it will hold your business back. Here are some examples of the things you should try to limit. You may have already considered some, but they can put you in the right mindset and help you succeed in the future.


There are all kinds of fees in business that you need to watch out for. You may end up paying some yearly or monthly fees that you simply don’t need to be paying. You can see the real definition of annual fee, they can be quite debilitating. You can limit them, come to better agreements with the people you are paying and don’t use things that you don’t need. An example here could be paying monthly for software you use that has other programmes attached that you don’t. Take away the stuff you don’t use and pay less monthly. It works and can pull your outgoings right down.


Over Employment

When you recruit, don’t over recruit. It can leave you right down on money monthly if the business income drops significantly. Only recruit those you need. If you end up over recruiting it can be quite tricky to get your staffing back to nominal levels. It can be done, but you need to make redundancies. To do this you need to explore other avenues, like a reduction of hours. Otherwise they can take you to court for unfair dismissal. You will also need to make a pay off. As you can see, whatever way you look at it you will need to make some form of payment if you over recruit. Analyse exactly what you need and don’t exceed it until your business grows. It means you have to do more work, sure, but your business will be all the better for it.

Watch Your Suppliers

Whatever you get supplied, be it products for your store or general office supplies, you will need to pay for it. Make sure your repeat orders are actually needed and you aren’t ordering things like pens when you already have stacks in the cupboard. You need to make sure you are strict with this ordering or the costs could fast spiral out of control. Keep in control of the ordering and always see if the suppliers can do whatever you need for a lower fee. Never buy anything you don’t need. Be strict with ordering and only put on order what you actually need to survive as a business. Otherwise these extra fees could contribute to your downfall.


What’s Really Holding Your Business Back?

Running a business is full of ups and downs, but the secret is learning how to deal with the downs and not savoring the ups for too long. When your company is stuck in a rut, you must fix things as quickly as possible.

To do this, you have to identify the cause of your problems. What’s holding your business back? It’s time to look inwards and figure out where you’re going wrong. In this article, we’ve listed three things that could be the cause of your struggles:


Your Business Model

One of the hardest things to admit is that your business model just isn’t working. You spent months, maybe even years, developing this plan for how your business would earn money. Then, when push comes to shove, you got it all wrong. There’s just something about the way you make money that just doesn’t work well. Let me use a fictional scenario as an example here. Imagine a coffee business that wants to offer subscriptions instead of people going into a shop and buying coffee. People can sign up for coffee subscriptions online and get a cup delivered every day. Sounds like a good idea, right? But, the subscription business model just doesn’t work with that business idea. People want to walk into coffee shops and buy a drink whenever they want, it’s not something they want to subscribe for. So, what you need to do is look at your business and try to alter your business model, so it’s more effective and helps you earn more money.

Your Sales Team

You may love them, but your sales team could be the reason your business is being held back. For whatever reason, they’re just not hitting their targets, and you’re losing a lot of leads. More specifically, they’re losing lots of great online leads. To address this problem, you have two options. One; fire your sales team and hire new people. Two; work on improving their sales performance. Naturally, option two is far better and more convenient. How can you improve their performance? Well, you can retrain them and hone their skills, or you can look for enablement solutions for online sales. Either way, will help, and they’re pretty similar ideas. Most importantly, just focus on bringing your sales team to the present and ensuring they use techniques that will work in 2017 rather than outdated ones that just aren’t helping them close any deals.

Your Customer Service

Most of the time, your customer service is what’s holding you back. If your business is providing a lackluster service to your customer, then you can bet everyone will know about it. People will give you bad reviews, and that puts other consumers off your business. So, your customer base starts to dry up, and even your loyal customers begin to leave you. Make sure you always put the customer first and strive to give a stunning service. Otherwise, unhappy customers will be your biggest enemy.

More often than not, the cause of your struggles is one of these three things. Work on fixing them and your business will get out of its rut and be on the way to greatness once more.

Speculate to Accumulate : Investments For Service Business Success

If you own a service business, then you need to be aware of which areas you need to invest in to ensure that you are as successful as possible. Of course, you will need to balance the cost of these with the value that they add to your company. But don’t be afraid of a little speculation for some accumulation, if the intent is to improve your chances of commercial success.

The Service

Most commercial companies other offer either a product or a service. In fact, that is what they are designed to do. To offer a product or service that folks need at a cost that covers the company’s overheads and allows for a profit margin. That is why it make perfect sense that the first thing that you should invest in the service itself.

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If the service you’re offering isn’t up to scratch, you are just going to make your own and everyone else’s life, a lot more difficult. This is because, you will have unhappy customers, disenfranchised staff, and a poor reputation.
That is why it’s so vital to put some time, and financial resource into developing your key services, so you can deliver exactly what you claim to. Otherwise, You are just building your empire on foundations of sand.

Your Staff

Of course, once you have a polished your services to offer the general public, the next thing on your list needs to be an investment in your staff. It is common that staff are often an underrated aspect of success in the business world. Therefore don’t always get the attention and investment that they deserve.

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Investing in small things that can help to boost morale, like training and socials gatherings. As can providing a development budget for things that don’t directly link to work. Such as playing a musical instrument or learning a martial art. Activities like this help, because people feel happier about their work-life balance, which in turn helps them to work harder and more effectively at their jobs.

Keep in mind that the ‘rise of the robots’ isn’t here quite yet! So service business still, pretty much relying on humans to make things happen. Therefore it is still very prudent to invest in this resource.

Customer Service Skills And Conflict Resolutions

Another area to invest in, that can boost the success of your business is training. Especially in customer service skills and conflict resolution. These skills are vital to having a proactive service company rather than reactive one. But why does that matter?

It is because, the proactive companies that give the customer what they want before they have even realized it that they want it. It is these companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, and have the clearest path to financial success.

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Remember too, if you can resolve complaints and conflicts where everyone comes out satisfied, you will also encourage great feedback and trust scores online. Which is becoming more and more important for commercial success in the current business market.

IT Training

Now if you are running your company without any IT at all, then you are a). Not going to be reading this, and b). In a very small minority. Most commercial ventures, whether they are one man bands or large multinational corporations, rely on IT to a large extent.

That is because processes can be streamlined, overheads slashed, and communication made instant. But how much time and money do you think your company loses, because your employees don’t know the best ways of performing tasks on their computers.

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At the most basic level, how many hours do your company lose because not everyone in the office can touch type? All those little mistakes add up. The same goes for even the most basic of tasks like running queries in Excel or your databases. Not to mention the more complicated features of any custom design programs that you may be running.

Then there is the issue of online security and using only secure lines of confidential work matters. Hillary Clinton being a prime example of this going wrong, recently.

For all these reasons it is vital to invest in IT training for your employees. Just remember to make it specific to the sort of jobs they will be working on, for you.

Surety Bonds

Something else that you need to consider investing is when you are aiming to be a successful service provider is surety bonds. Remember that your reputation is business is everything, so you want to be able to have ‘licensed and bonded’ next to your name. As this will help customers be able to put their trust in you.

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This trust comes from the guarantees like the ones available from Meadow Brook surety bonds. Which ensure your customers will be compensated if you don’t complete the job.

Therefore they know that they can recover their losses if you mess up. So they are going to feel a lot more confident in going into partnership with you. It’s not exactly insurance but functions like insurance on your contractual promise.

Office Space

Something else that you should consider investing in is a space that functions as you company headquarters like an office or building. This can help your reputation as you will have somewhere to hold meetings and that your clients can visit.

However, if you are concerned with the cost of this, you can choose to use flexible office space, booked just for important events and meetings. Then have your staff work remotely. As this will save on overheads, while still giving you a professional appearance.

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Lastly, another area in which it is wise to invest when you are running a business is your company branding. This is usually comprised of a logo, font and color scheme that is consistently used across all company correspondence.

Branding your business in this way can help you customers identify you, as well as help you stand out from competitors. It also feeds into the appearance of being trustworthy and professional which is such a vital factor for long-term service business success.


How Your Business Can Profit From Existing Entirely On The Internet

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The majority of businesses in the modern world use the internet within their daily operations to some extent. Perhaps you use it to sell certain physical stock on an additional platform or perhaps your company simply uses it to market and promote their business to a wider audience, in order to compete with the other big players in an ever-crowded era of digital business. Either way, this physically-based organisation may have held off from ever operating in an entirely virtual realm; or perhaps you’ve always had an idea for a solo freelance business, such as outsourcing a service in which you have great talent, but you never felt confident that it could ever work on a purely online basis. Well, I’m here to tell you that you were wrong.

The truth is that, in the modern age, almost any business model, whatever the industry, can exist entirely on the internet. Anybody can be an entrepreneur and start a business from the comfort of their bedroom or a small rented office, if they so wish. All you need is the business knowhow and determination to succeed; it terms of resources, it’s all at your fingertips. If you’re wondering how you could possibly get started with an online business and begin to profit through internet-based operations, then here are some tips for getting started, whether you’re a small, local business looking to reinvent itself or a solo entrepreneur working from home.

Create a highly-optimized website.

The place to begin for any online business is, of course, with the website. If you’ve an existing company, you likely already have a website, but perhaps you never considered that this could replace your physical base of operations. Nonetheless, a virtual business space can operate just as well as a physical one, but you need to view your website as the “front of house”, so to speak. Online marketing is so important to the success of a virtual business, because it’s essentially the only way your company will be noticed by its target market. Understanding SEO is important because, much the same as with a busy high street, the stores which push their way to the front are the ones which customers gravitate towards.

To simplify, your business wants to push its way up the rankings on Google search result pages, and this requires an optimised website. You need to focus on popular search terms and a website layout which is responsive to all manner of technological devices. This will not only improve your website’s ranking with regards to Google’s algorithm, but present a professional and aesthetically enticing image to all those who come across your business website.

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Make payment options reliable.

Clients expect a certain degree of professionalism from any business, but when transactions take place online, security and intuitiveness are of the utmost importance, as there is likely no face to face element with regards to any transaction. Customers want to know that they can trust your business before trusting your payment system, and a reputable, professionally-designed and transparent website model helps to portray a reliable face, because that’s how physical businesses captivate customers and gain their trust. Ensuring that you secure your credit card payment mechanism will ensure that all reviews are positive and no new customers have cause to doubt the level of security with regards to giving you their personal details.

Keep the company organised.

The most important piece of advice for those of you planning on running an online business is to maintain the same level of structure and organisation that you would have in the same company, were it based in a physical location. You want to portray and project a certain level of professionalism within your business, and the key to achieving this is to let your clients know that your online business still operates in the same way as a “real” business.

For example, perhaps this is your sole business project or perhaps it’s the work of a small team. Either way, the hierarchy must remain and there must be deadlines for work, whether given to your employees or set for yourself. Additionally, you could look into business addresses for a virtual solution to receiving important letters and other documents online, given that you likely don’t want your business PO Box mixed with your personal mail at your physical home address. Even if this is a freelance venture, keeping your personal and business life separate is important.

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Build a brand based on customers and not self indulgence.

It’s tempting to get a little carried away when creating a brand, especially as a solo entrepreneur trying to create their own personal empire. The key is to think about what potential customers will want, rather than solely what you would want out of such a business. Your brand needs to portray values that customers will likely share, rather than just talking about innovative and exciting products. Your business needs to remain human, especially if it’s based in a virtual, online world.


Performance & Perspective: Productivity Routes

Doing everything faster and with more focus is the big command in every contact center up and down the land. The work pace goes by with such ferocity that workers have no idea what they’re doing anymore, and although they’re getting through by the skin of their teeth it will inevitably cause them burnout. Sound familiar? Productivity is essential. We need to create ways to make our staff work faster and harder, and keep focused, but we’re going the wrong way about it. We seem to value making ourselves exhausted as the benchmark for getting a job done, but this is wrong. Ariana Huffington burnt out in 2007 for that reason, and she has now started a crusade to set the balance right, and so you should too. Luckily there are simple routes to take.

Upgrade Your Tech

It’s easier to measure productivity now in our workers than before. But why don’t we make the interactivity of our systems increase and put the onus on the customer instead? Customers are already using ecommerce to purchase and to review items, taking a lot of the promotion and transaction of the products out of your hands. The way we can upgrade the performance management best practices is to put software into play that takes a lot of the guesswork out of the processes. Looking at analytics software, it is a great way to show a staff member how they are doing based on the key benchmarks in your company, and rather than communicating it on a semi-regular basis in a one-to-one session, give them the data and they can see how they are doing constantly. It can be strategy that will pay off as a lot of people operate in the dark somewhat and don’t know how they are faring on a day to day basis. This also puts the ball back in the court of the employee so they can take ownership of their work.

Look At Your Business Setup


The task of business improvement and productivity is not like a spring clean, it takes a long time to fine tune everything. Sometimes it is best to get an external opinion of the business, and so the strengths and weaknesses can be pinpointed and changed. You may also wish to look at other business models and look to the industry to see how the benchmarking is out there. But if the shoe fits for them, it may not for you. And it is not the best practice to adopt another business model if yours isn’t working for you. This is a big bear trap for many small companies, but in looking for the right model to cut business costs, you may end up wasting money in other areas. The ability to streamline a business isn’t just making cuts upon cuts; it is about the value in the time spent working. Employees are not a person to be chained to a desk, they need to be nurtured and invested in themselves, and encouraging working smarter, not harder, will go some way to reset the balance.

Do You Really Need To Spend Loads On An Office?

A lot of businesses will spend loads of money on an office. They overpay on rent to get a nice office in a classy location. Then, they have to pay lots to maintain it and have it cleaned regularly. All in all, office expenses soon add up and make a huge dent in your budget.

But, is this really necessary? In short, no, it’s not. There are many scenarios where you don’t have to spend loads of money on an office. To illustrate this point, let’s look at the main reasons a business needs an office; to conduct work, to maintain a professional image, and to hold meetings with clients. These are pretty much the main reasons someone thinks they must have an office. Now, we’re going to take these reasons and show you how your business can satisfy them without having to spend big.


A Place To Work

Firstly, let’s address the notion that your business needs an office to conduct daily work activities. Sure, an office is a nice place to work, but you don’t have to spend loads of money on one. In a lot of cases, you can do all your work at home and have your employees working remotely, with everyone communicating online. This means you don’t need to pay a penny for office costs, which will save you an absolute fortune in the future. But, let’s say you struggle with remote working and do want an office. Okay, that’s fine, just make sure you only pay for what you need. Save money and buy a small office if you only have a couple of employees.

Maintaining A Professional Image

Arguably the biggest bonus of having an office is that they give your company a professional image. People can see your business address and start to think highly of you as it’s a legitimate business address for an office. If you work from home, then your home address won’t give you a very professional image. However, on sites like you can purchase virtual office addresses that will register your company to a top-class location. By doing this, you can have a professional image without needing to pay for a proper office.
Meeting With Clients
Offices are great for meeting with clients, there’s no denying that. However, will you constantly meet with clients every day? In a lot of cases, you won’t. In which case, why spend loads of money on an office when you only get its true benefit a few times a week/month? Instead, save money by hiring out a meeting room. Now, you’re paying for one room rather than an entire office. More to the point, you’re only paying for the room when you need it. So, you don’t end up with, office and a meeting room that collects dust as you don’t meet with clients every day.

As you can see, it’s really easy to save money and still satisfy everything you require from an office. If this article was helpful, then check out another one here on how to cut business costs.

Cut Business Costs Today

If you have your own business to run, then you are probably aware of the many ongoing costs involved in that venture. No business that exists today could survive for very long without having to pay out a fair amount of cash; in many respects, this is just part and parcel of having a business. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim to keep your business costs down as much as possible. When you run a business, you need to constantly find ways to improve how you do things, and one of the things to improve is usually the expenditure and outgoings of the business. Fortunately, there are many ways to do exactly that, and all you need to do is make sure that you don’t let your processes become affected in the process. If you are curious how to let your business run more cheaply today, then read on to find out.

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Something that practically every business in the world does to some degree or another is outsourcing. The truth is, outsourcing is a great, often very powerful, way of keeping any business going strong by giving some of the work away to other companies. This might not seem like something which will help a business, but the truth is it actually helps massively. No matter what, outsourcing is always a great way to ensure that your work gets done in time, with great quality, and without affecting your business at large. The question when it comes to outsourcing is how to know when it is a good idea, and who you should entrust it with. Let’s discuss this briefly now.

As a general rule of thumb, you should consider outsourcing if your business has a lot of processes which it doesn’t need to do itself in order to still provide the customer with the same experience. In other words, outsource anything that won’t affect your customers directly. Things like customer service and communications should probably stay in-house, but anything else may reasonably be considered for outsourcing, and doing so is likely to save your business a good deal of time and money. Just make sure that you are outsourcing to a firm which specializes in whatever you are outsourcing. You can do this by checking them out well beforehand. If you need help with the finishing of products, for example, look to people like for help. If it is your accounts that you need help with, take a look at Knowing who to outsource to is half the battle, so make sure you do the research and don’t get caught out.

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If it seems like you could do with saving money on the staffing levels, you are not alone. Most businesses go through these kinds of periods, and it is a perfectly natural part of the whole cycle of business. One particularly useful way to save money here is to use interns. With interns, you can get the same work done but for much less money spent on wages – sometimes none at all. At the same time, the interns themselves get the kind of experience they need to carry on with their career, so everyone is happy. Just make sure that you spend a decent amount of time finding the best interns you can for your area of business. There are many employment sector businesses out there who can help you find the best interns, so make sure to seek their advice, and you will end up saving your business a considerable amount of money on staffing. For more on hiring interns, see

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There is no doubt about it: your business needs to communicate with people outside of the business. Whether it’s your own customers, rival businesses, partners, or potential customers and clients, communication is a big part of any business’ operations on a daily basis. Of course, this also means that it is a frequently expensive one. Chances are, your business spends quite a lot of money on its communications, where actually this is rarely necessary at all. One of the best ways you can save money in this area is to simply make an effort to use email first and foremost for all communications. This is a good idea, because email is as effective as any other form of communication, but is also completely free of charge. The truth is, no business that wants to save money can avoid thinking about how vital email is in achieving that very goal. Make sure email is your default communication in your office, and it will make a huge difference practically overnight.


If you have ever heard of the paperless office, you might have at some point wondered whether you could make it a reality in your office. After all, those who have done it at least in part will be able to tell you that it is a great way to save a considerable amount of money, and you are saving the environment at the same time as well. If you are curious to give it a go, then you will first need to make sure that all of your necessary and relevant processes are equally simple to carry out on computer, and that you have a decent computer filing system set up ready and waiting for the big change. Once you are sure that the office is as ready as possible, you can make that change – and see how quickly you notice a difference in the outgoings your business spends on office supplies. What’s more, the amount that most businesses spend on things like stationery is often surprisingly high, so this is a great way to make sure that you reel in the spending in a very short space of time. This is well worth considering for pretty much any modern business with a long list of office expenses.

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All of your supplies come from somewhere, from your various suppliers, and one of the best ways to cut the costs of doing business is also one of the simplest things you can possibly do: simply negotiate with your suppliers. This is something that a lot of people don’t want to do, maybe because of some kind of sense of embarrassment for example, but the fact is that the successful entrepreneur is only so successful because of their ability to haggle with other people. If you have never done such a thing, or you are somewhat out of practice, then why not give it a go today? The worst case scenario – provided that you do it as politely as possible – is that they will say no, and everything will carry on as before. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. However, the best case scenario is that your business will dramatically cut its outgoings – simply as the result of one simple phone call. Clearly, this is something that is worth considering at least once. Do yourself and your business a favour: pick up the phone today and get bargaining.

Buy In Bulk

There is something else you can change in relation to your supplies, and it is just as simple as the last, and just as effective. Put simply, you can make sure to always buy your supplies in bulk, no matter what they are. This is one of the simplest ways of making sure that you keep your spending to an absolute minimum, and it is well worth considering. If you are sure you have the best supplier – and you have haggled the best price – then buying in bulk is all that is left to do to keep those prices down and that balance sheet as happy as possible. Chances are, you will get some serious discounts which will help you to keep your business in a strong financial position – something that all business owners want to achieve.

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Raise Prices

We have put this near the end, for the simple and probably quite obvious reason that it is far from ideal as a solution for your business’ financial woes. The last thing you really want to do is to improve your finances by making your customer pay more. However, there are occasions when it is your best, or even your only, option, and for that reason it is worth mentioning at least once during this discussion. If you get to the point where you have done everything you can think of to save money, and you are still in some kind of trouble, then you might consider raising the prices of your products or services. When you do this, do it gently and slow, and make sure that you calmly and compassionately explain the changes to your customers. This should help to soften the blow, and limit the amount of customers who turn their back on you. It is also worth considering the option of raising prices for a time, only to reduce them again once you have made up the shortfall that you were worried about. This way, you can get the necessary cash injection, but still keep the loyalty of most of your customers.

Spend Small After Starting A Business

Starting a business is an expensive aspect of life, which can quickly eat up a good majority of your hard earned savings. From buying or renting an office, to moving furniture to your new office (removal companies do not come cheap), to buying new furniture, to decorating the office, to making additions, a new business can see your finances get powerfully hit with transactions coming out of your account very quickly. Seeing as you obviously want your new business to look, and be, as perfect as possible, it is not a surprise that you will be willing to spend as much as possible or as much as you need. But it can be a difficult time to ensure you have enough money left over to spend on other aspects of the business.

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If your finances have seen a decrease in how much you can spend as a daily allowance, then perhaps it is time to take a look at what you can afford and what you can not afford. For example, do you really need to buy a brand name cleaning product for the office bathroom when a store brand is much cheaper? Or do you really need to buy that new coat, which may be heavily discounted, when you have more than enough coats already?

To ensure that you do not get into any financial trouble after starting a business, it could be a good idea to write down all your expenditures and compare that with money that you have coming in. Write down all the things you buy throughout a week, and think about whether or not you could cut down on the amount of things you buy. Be clear in your notes about the days you buy things on, the quantity you purchase, the price, and whether there are cheaper options available. It may help you to keep receipts or checks of the things you have bought in an online folder, and could possibly be able to lend you a helping hand, rather than you writing everything down on notes which could get misplaced or thrown away.

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When out doing a grocery shop for the office or at home, it could potentially be a good idea to take a good look at promotions, deals and offers that are in store. This way, you may still be able to get a good quantity of your groceries bought, but for a cheaper price. Some offers in stores can be outrageously good value. Also, keep an eye out for reduced items – especially freezable products. Some food is reduced by stores because their sell by date is fast approaching, but they will still be in good enough condition to eat. You could see a massive mark down in some reduced products, and if they are freezable you can take them home, pop them in the freezer and use them whenever you feel like. Good freezable products include bread, meat, ready meals, potato based foods and pizza.

Keep your finances in check and you will see your bank account becoming more comfortable.

Ways to Save Time When It Comes to Your Business

Saving time in your business, without cutting corners, is a dream for business owners. Doing something in half the time means that more time can be spent on something else and ultimately expenditure is going to be saved because of this — whether this be money spent on employee wages or on the customers’ services, getting the most out of money outgoings subsequently means more money incomings. Here are a few ways any business owners out there can save time on vital procedures, whilst making sure that the job is done properly.

Actively working with employees

It may not have previously crossed your mind, but showing an active participation in helping your employees (when possible) is not only going to lend an extra pair of hands to certain jobs, but also show them that you are someone who they can trust to help them when things get tough and make them think that they must increase their workplace productivity as you are there to watch them. So it kills three birds with one stone: adding an extra pair of hands without having to pay for them, builds a healthy and productive relationship with employees and eradicates slacking. You should set you and your team goals for the day in the morning — create a plan on how you can all achieve these goals — work together in the prioritising of them by importance and urgency, so that everybody knows what is expected — track your time and keep one eye on the clock — and set deadlines as the day goes on. Make sure to check these other tips on how to improve workplace productivity.

Working together


Safeguarding from technological disasters

Customers demand not only quality work for the money they pay, but they expect it quickly. So imagine then, you lose everything you’ve been working towards providing for a customer that has paid for a certain service, and all of a sudden you seemingly can’t find it anywhere, and you’re due to provide it to them later that day. This is why it is not only pivotal to safeguard your business from a loss of data, but to be able to retrieve said data quickly. With storage such as Cloud Storage, you can rest assured that everything you could ever possibly need is exactly where you need it. But for a more thorough way of dealing with a loss of data after a ‘natural’ disaster takes place and your computer finds itself at fault or failing: failover procedures and data disaster recovery can help you maintain uptime throughout your business. Recovering, restoring and repairing within minutes all of the data on the device that is so pivotal to the success of your business, is a pivotal way in cutting down on disasters that are sometimes unavoidable.

As well as these procedures, you should regularly back all of your crucial information up yourself. The act of physically backing up your information on, say, on USB flash drive or a memory stick is a way of you not only being able to know that a backup has taken place, but being able to protect it yourself. You should also know what to do when your internet goes down. Some tips on how to do so include checking to see if your router’s LED status indicators are on (if they’re not, then that is your problem) and checking to see if you are experiencing channel interference (if you are, then try changing your Wi-Fi channel using the router management console). As the old saying goes: If you want something doing properly, do it yourself.

USB Memory stick



Neill Billock Brings Industry Expertise to New Venture

Marketing executive Neil Billock is stepping out of his full time role at Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMG) in order to pursue an independent consultancy project. The new venture will capi-talize on his experience in the direct marketing industry; it aims to provide marketing and sales outcomes for businesses seeking specialist assistance. The venture will primarily target small to mid-size firms in order to ensure a completely hands on approach to project management.

At a recent launch event Billock spoke about the new venture, “I’m looking to leverage my nine years of experience as a marketing executive to help small to mid-size clients improve their mar-keting strategies and increase their sales conversions. This is a really exciting project for me be-cause it allows me to take a step back from the administrative side of running an ad agency, and instead have direct involvement in my client’s strategies and outcomes. I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I’m confident that I will be able to provide my clients with great value for money”.

Billock teamed up with Ryan McAweeney of VDMG in 2009; the two proceeded to transform McA-weeney’s marketing firm into a multi-million dollar firm. in 2013, INC. reported the company to have an annual revenue of $3.7m. A year prior, in 2012, the firm achieved a growth rate of over 400%. Billock spearheaded the direct marketing and sales departments of VDMG, which saw immediate success under his guidance. Within two years of joining the firm he was made partner in the com-pany. Since then, Billock has solidified himself as a major player in California’s competitive market-ing industry.

Aside from VDMG, Billock was also the founder of a documentation preparation company that sought to aide clients in navigating the complex world of US document filing. The firm serviced both personal and business clientele.

Billock is said to have retained an interest in VDMG, but will be largely stepping back to focus pri-marily on his independent venture. At the same time, VDMG CEO Ryan McAweeney has also started his own venture, but he will primarily focus on finance and business solutions in his inde-pendent firm. McAweeney recently took time to comment on his former partner Billock’s new ven-ture, “Myself and Neil have experienced a wealth of success over the past nine years of working together. It will be sad to spend less time strategizing with one another but I’m excited about both of our new projects. As we have different areas of expertise, we will be assuredly bouncing ideas off one another from time to time, and I wouldn’t rule out another group venture in the future.”

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