The Right Injection For The Right Direction: What You Can Do To Make Your Business Financially Ready

It’s a huge concern every single entrepreneur will have at some point during their career, and the concerns when it comes to managing startup debt or keeping all of the finances in check can be quite a pressing task, especially if you don’t have the right resources at your disposal. But it can come to us all, there may be a point where your business is on the precipice between success and failure, and one gentle push in either direction could make a massive impact on your entire entrepreneurial career. So how can you better prepare your business financially to make sure it goes in the right direction?

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Form The Right Alliances

You can get discounts on bulk purchases if you join forces with another trade association or business. This works especially well if you are starting to manufacture on a large scale because you are not just getting good discounts on larger purchases which will help you in the long run, but it’s also a great way to form positive working relationships with clients and suppliers.

Minimize Interest Where You Can

In other words, shop around for the best type of loan or cash injection for your business size. If you look on a site like, you can get an overview of the different types of business cash injections, from a small business startup loan to invoice factoring, SBA loans, or even a personal loan for a business. It shows you the different interest rates so you can be savvier about what type of cash injection is best for you, so you can minimize interest, and therefore the amount of money you owe back.

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Do You Need All Your Staff Members?

When your business is starting out you may be forgiven for thinking that the more staff on side, the better. However, if you have the best people for the job you don’t need an abundance of staff members. In which case you can make the most of a skeleton staff, or if your business is right at the very beginning, you can use freelancers or temporary contractors to get the leg work you desperately need doing right now. You can worry about getting more staff members on board when your business needs upscaling, but if you are thinking about ways to conserve your finances right now make sure you are cutting every corner, and that includes making sure you’re utilizing the resources you have within your means.

Other Handy Hints

To make the most of your financial transactions you can make the most of a couple of nifty approaches. One good example is if you make bank deposits early in the day, as opposed to right at the end of the working day, you can start earning interest earlier. Another simple one is picking up orders from suppliers yourself as opposed to paying for shipping fees. Also, if you order your checks from a printing company like rather than from a bank, it will cost you less.

The best way to push your business in the right direction is to be sensible when cutting corners. A lot of businesses cut corners so much that it is to the detriment of their business, but there are simple approaches you can take advantage of.


How To Avoid Having The Slowest Business Website In The World

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If there’s one thing that can really hold your business website back, it’s speed. The speed with which the pages load is of the highest importance possible. With a slow website, you have a site that provides a very bad user experience. This isn’t a good thing for multiple reasons. Mainly, one of the key ranking factors is how good the UX is on a website. If your site is slow, it won’t rank highly. Also, people don’t want to wait for more than a split second or two for something to load. It frustrates them, they’re not satisfied and they leave, which means your bounce rate is too high.

So, you might struggle to gain traffic, and the traffic you gain will leave right away. As such, it’s hard for your business to generate leads and sales through your website. Therefore, your business will suffer.

Keeping that in mind, how do you avoid falling victim to a slow website? It’s simple, carry on reading to find out more:

Application Performance Monitoring

One of the first things you can do is use something known as application performance monitoring to analyse your site. A lot of people wonder what is application performance monitoring, and how does it work? It’s quite simple, on a basic level you have your website, and you can decide certain things to look at and watch over. In this case, you can monitor the speed of your site. What you do is you create an alert that tells you when your site is too slow. If for whatever reason, your website hits this low speed, you will know about it. The benefit of this is that you know when your site is too slow, and you can work on solutions to the problem. Keep track of when the alerts go off, and you may find patterns that tell you why the site is slow. Once you’ve found out what’s causing the slowness during these periods, you can fix it.

Trim Down Your Website

Secondly, you need to start trimming down your website. There are external factors such as traffic spikes that might slow your loading speeds down, but that’s why you monitor your site to figure this out. In general, most slow websites are caused by internal factors such as too much big media. Videos might look cool, but they’re quite large files that cause your site to work a lot harder and may make it slow for some people to load. The same goes for huge images, you need to optimize all the images on your site, so they’re the right size and don’t take ages to load. Essentially, trim down your site and make it leaner, so there’s less stuff to load, meaning it won’t be slow.

There might only be two tips here, but they’re two incredibly valuable tips. Most of the time, website are slow because they’re bombarded with too much information and data. Cut yours down, get rid of videos and make the images more suited to your site. Also, monitor the performance of your website so you can see if external factors might be causing slowness too.


Employability Boosts That Are Actually Worth it

Back in the days, it was as simple as having enough money for an education, and your dream job was suddenly within reach. It’s the reason we were ushered into University in the first place – until everyone else ended up there as well. Not only have they all completed a couple of years of higher education
, but they too are looking for ways to gain the upper hand in the competition; how is a regular drifter like us supposed to outsmart them all?

Luckily, there is a way through the jungle of employability options and add-on courses, so you don’t have to feel lost quite yet. Just follow this straightforward guide to the ones that are, in fact, worth your time and energy.

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Network within your company

When you attended university, everyone preached networking and how expanding your circle can land you a number of great offers. As we progress, however, people stop reminding us of this – and we tend to forget all about it. You can easily continue your networking journey and climb the career ladder by working it from within your company.

Most people with a lot of experience in a specific field would be happy to let someone shadow them for a while. Point out a few who have been working there for a while and spend some time observing different jobs and gaining a new set of skills – in addition to the new people you’re going to get in touch with.

It shows your employer that you’re eager to learn as well as adding some weight to your resume before you approach a potential new employer. It’s a win-win, in other words, and too good to miss out on when you’d like to progress.

Take a Master’s degree online

Modern technology has been great news for us who are looking to boost their employability but too busy in the daytime. While MBA graduates are known for being desirable in blue-collar jobs, you can gain some serious career weight with an online operations management course as well. The great thing about these is that they are accredited and, usually, possible to complete in as little as one year.

That’s the kind of stuff that an employer likes to see – and where you easily can gain the upper hand over the rest of the job seekers out there.

Offer to volunteer

The main thing that will make an experienced employer choose you over the ocean of other seekers is a genuine interest in the field. It’s not something that comes with a degree or even an add-on course; it shines through your hobbies and interest. When you’re genuinely interested in the job and have made an honest attempt at educating yourself sufficiently, the evidence of volunteering can weigh heavy in the eyes of employers.

You can make it an experience too by heading abroad to help others. That way, you’re gaining international experience at the same time and should be welcomed into the arms of the company you’ve been dreaming about, increasing your income at last and climbing up the ladder.

Job hunting and progressing with your career is a lifelong journey; by being smart about it and continuing to educate yourself, you can easily leave those other job-seekers far behind.

Be The Boss Who Your Employees Appreciate; And Increase Your Productivity

There are many factors in running a successful business; however, your employees are the ones who carry out the daily work needed to meet your targets and deadlines. Therefore, a happy and motivated member of the team will benefit your company’s productivity and the efficiency of your processes. Ensuring that you’re being the best boss, you can be will help to ensure that your staff appreciates what you do and they’ll keep up momentum regarding their job roles. The following are some areas to consider if you need to improve the relationship you have with your employees and want a better contribution towards your business from each individual.

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Invest In Their Development

If a member of your team feels like their job is going nowhere and they haven’t progressed or grown in their role for a substantial amount of time; they’re unlikely to be giving the role 100%. To keep up momentum in not only your employees, but in your business, it’s vital that you invest in continuous training and any added qualifications that will enrich a person’s knowledge and abilities in your business. Look into relevant courses for each member of staff and gauge their enthusiasm for further learning. Your employee will not only appreciate the interest and effort they’re being shown; they are more likely to remain in your company and grow as you do. Prospects and development within a job are very appealing attribute to a business, so you’re also going to attract fresh talent who will help to expand your brand further.

Perhaps a new qualification or further training in a particular area isn’t what your staff would benefit from. You might need to send team members out to conferences and networking events so that they can develop their skills in communication and become an ambassador for your brand. Giving a person the trust and encouragement they need to represent your business in a public domain, will give them a confidence boost and they’ll return motivated and ready to get to work. By creating an all-round employee, with the ability to network and gain contacts for you; you’ll have made sure that you have a strong, functional team that can multitask with ease. This reiterates the point that investing in your employees is actually investing in your business as a whole.

Lead your business and team through example, and ensure that you’re developing your own skills as the head of the company. Research into what skills you can develop in order to lead successfully and what the best attributes are for an MD or CEO. Go along to the seminars and relevant networking events with your staff, and you’ll show them how you too are open to progressing for the business, and you might get to know them on a personal level. Maintain your enthusiasm to encourage and push your employees towards qualifications and further training; if you’re keen and positive about the courses, they will be too, and productivity will go up in no time.

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Keep An Open Line Of Communication

Aside from encouraging your team to develop and master their skills in their job role; you’ll need to make sure that you’re consistently communicating with them. Regular group meetings are a great way to gauge the mood and momentum of your business; problems and issues can be raised and ironed out accordingly. A team or group meeting is the perfect environment to bounce new ideas off one-another and to come up with a fresh, and productive approach. You’ll be able to give your feedback and any constructive criticism to the team as a whole so that everyone is on the same page and you’re all moving towards the same goals.

Some people may find it easier to bring up issues in a one-to-one setting; so ensure that you take the time to talk to each employee individually, or give them the chance to talk to a senior member of staff. Your staff may need to ask for personal leave or have a query about their time off to discuss; so it’s crucial that they feel there is somebody there to help and assist them. Make sure that you’ve referred to an employers guide to refusing holidays so that you can deal with matters in an informed and helpful manner. Take the health and stress of your team into account and try to see how their life is outside of the work environment; this may help you come to a decision when they need time away.

If your team have any issues with their colleagues and coworkers; try to resolve the problem when both members are present. Communication will help you to pick up on any issues early on so that they don’t escalate and cause further problems. Utilize your senior staff to keep an eye in the day-to-day running of things and catch up with them weekly, so they can raise their concerns and understand how much you value their contribution.

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Give Credit When Credit’s Due

Praising a good job will go a long way in keeping the motivation of your workforce high, and it’ll end up doing the same for your productivity. You could implement reward schemes, incentives, and bonuses for when targets are met, and people exceed their job role. Depending on the means and size of your company; an annual awards ceremony could be a great way to celebrate the special efforts and achievements of your employees. Regular praise will boost an employee’s self-esteem, and they’ll continue to appreciate that you’re the boss and will want to work hard for your company.

As the head of your business; always remember that your biggest assets are those who you employ. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are happy, and motivated when they’re in the workplace. Investing in their future with you, communicating regularly, and rewarding them when they meet, and exceed, your expectations will push your productivity forward and help to ensure that you have a loyal, hard-working workforce behind you and your business.

Are You The Right Person To Lead Your Business?

There are a lot of people who want to start a business. Not all of them are going to do it. Not all of them who it should. At least, not before they understand what’s going to be required of them. A business needs a lot more than a great product or service to lead it to success. It needs someone who is prepared to take the helm. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re the right person, ask yourself if you’re any of the people below.

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The businessperson

The businessperson is the leader that gets down to brass tacks and knows how to turn their concepts into reality. They have the principals of what it takes to take a product or service to market, to manage their resources, and organize the efforts of the business. They have the administrative side of business locked down so that the team isn’t getting tripped up by errors in organization. Nowadays, it’s easier to build this business acumen with classes being offered through the internet from places like Fresno Pacific University online. The use of time, money, and other resources in a business will directly contribute to how easily it can profit. Without a focus on the “business” side of the business, you’ll find it hard to keep afloat.

The visionary

There are those who aren’t driven just by the numbers, by cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Every business needs to have a sense of spirit in it. It needs to know the grand aims of the business. This is where most business ideas come from, in the beginning. From a sense of creativity that sees a problem and knows exactly how to solve it. The visionary is also an important component in finding the brand identity of the business. They find the path ahead and dictate the values that the business holds most dear, including the all-important value proposition.

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The leader

Just like you need someone who can find the way forward, you also need someone who can lead others down that trail. The leader is all about the people. They create the corporate culture. They do this by focusing on employee productivity, motivation, wellbeing, and happiness. For instance, they are important in setting the goals for individual employees. When giving people aims, they don’t just give them targets but they contextualize them in how those aims contribute to the overall success of the business. They manage employees effectively. They put in place policies and processes that allow conflicts to be resolved with as little fuss or harm done to all parties as possible. A leader knows that the people in the business are the most important resource of all.

The advocate

The advocate knows that the people in the business aren’t the only ones that matter. These kinds of business owners are the ones that know how to apply the brand most effectively, focusing on finding the target market and ensuring that all marketing methods are aimed directly at them. The advocate isn’t afraid to be the face of the business. At trade shows, at networking events, with important clients, and in public relations opportunities, they are there to speak for their brand, their team, their products, and their services. Nowadays, that kind of public advocacy is becoming more and more important. That’s why many business leaders join groups like Toastmasters International to improve their public speaking and presentation abilities. A sense of charisma and interpersonal fortitude can be developed through plenty of practice.

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The organizer

The businessperson manages resources, the leader manages people. The organizer manages efforts. They know how to structure a company so that the individual processes all fit together in a much more efficient package. This is known as working on the business, not in it. For instance, they spot the methods and tools that are slowing certain employees down and surgically fix it by finding a more efficient replacement. They dictate the means of communication and information sharing in the business to make sure as little is lost as possible. They look at the overall workflow, see where they can speed it up, how they can avoid bottlenecks, and keep it working like a lean machine.

Which kind of person should you be? The answer: all of the above and more. The business owner has to be ready to wear many hats. It’s a big responsibility and if you’re not ready to face it yet, devote yourself to getting there. Further your education. Practice essential skills. Get experience in management and leadership roles. You’ll get there if you put in the work.

Speed: The Key To Satisfying Customers

Satisfying your customers should be the main thing your business thinks about. Naturally, you’ll be obsessed with profits and making money. But, you’ll only achieve that with satisfied customers!

It may please you to know that the key to keeping your customers happy isn’t something complex. As the title suggests, it’s as simple as speed. If you provide a fast service, you will keep your customers extremely satisfied.

How can you do this? Here are some of the best ideas:


Accept Multiple Payments

Whether you’re an online business or a traditional brick and mortar company, you can benefit from accepting multiple payments. Customers sometimes don’t have a certain payment type with them, and can only pay in a certain way. So, you need to cater to this and accept all the different payment types. As you can see in this guide, it’s easy to set your company up so it can accept contactless payments like Apple Pay. This enables people to pay for their phone if they forget their wallet. Likewise, online businesses need to accept PayPal. This is perfect in cases where someone doesn’t have their card with them and can’t memorize their details.

What all of this does is speed up the payment process as people can quickly pay via any method possible and aren’t stuck around trying to count change or look for their credit card.

Save Their Details

This is an idea for online businesses and can speed up loads of time. When someone buys something, they need to input all their details. This includes bank info, delivery info, and contact info. It can take a long time and is a pain to do every time you make a purchase. So, speed things up by allowing customers to save their details. They register their email when they buy their first product, and never have to input any details ever again other than their email and password to log into their account. This leads to faster checkout times, and more satisfied customers.

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Next Day Delivery

Customers are most affected by speed when it comes to delivery times. They don’t like waiting for their products to arrive, and you need to ensure they don’t wait longer than needed. So, you should always have a next day delivery option. Even if it costs money, customers won’t care, they just want things quickly. It speeds the whole ordering process up and means someone can order something today and have it in their hands tomorrow. In fact, soon there will be same day delivery, so you need to get on that as well!

If you operate a fast service, you leave your customers waiting less and less. This makes them happier, as they can enjoy your business without it taking too long for them to get what they want. So, if you’re keen to keep your customers as happy as can be, you should turn your attention to the speed at which you provide your service. Increased customer satisfaction will lead to increased revenue!



Do what you love in spite of all money fears – Make a passive source of income

Regardless of where you work for your full-time job, you might be someone who is totally stressed and frustrated with the kind of job you do. Have you been dreaming of pursuing your passion and dreams in order to set yourself a passive income flow? If yes, then you’re not alone as there are many such people who aren’t happy enough with whatever they’re doing now and they are all looking for ways of increasing their income by doing what they love. So, if you don’t think you can anylonger take on the financial weight on your shoulders, here are few ways in which you can pursue your passion and earn income out of it.

  • Do it as a side business

Whatever you love to do, make sure you start doing in whenever you get free time. Cooking, writing, teaching, coaching, no matter what it may be, you can start doing what you love right now. If you love to write, write for blogs or magazines for free, put an advertisement in a local newspaper to offer some kind of teaching class in your community. As you continue with your day job, you get your money rolling from the current job and also keep getting money from your passion with ease. You also build your knowledge and follow your passion more pro-actively.

  • Do it part-time

Once you start growing your business, you will soon see that you have started creating a strong source of side income for yourself. Although it might not be much in the initial period and may range from $10 in a week but eventually it will grow to $250 before you even start knowing about it. This is when you can choose whether to opt for part-time with the current job and use the additional income, or whether you want to do it full-time.

  • You save yourself enough money

One more strategy is to save enough money so that you can cover expenses while pursuing your passion for a certain time period. For instance, you may take a break of 6 months and dedicate your entire day to your new business. Being able to dedicate your time to your new business, this will ensure fast progress. This way you don’t even have to split your time in between 2 jobs. Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating how long it may take to build a satisfactory stream of income. It’s all about enjoying the process of the job since you’re doing something you love to do.

  • Reduce your business overheads

Sit with a paper and jot down all the overheads that have been bothering you. What are those things that are putting such financial pressure on you? Would it be possible to live with a smaller home or could you go without a smart car? You could perhaps save money on your insurance policy in case you did more research. Take into account all such considerations before taking off all financial burden from your shoulders.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been wondering about creating a passive source of income, make sure you start doing what you love. Consider the tips and strategies given above.


How to Avoid Common Startup Payroll Mistakes

Embarking on the journey of running a startup is exciting, but it is also complicated — especially when it comes down to things like payroll and the related paperwork. Avoid the following payroll mistakes when you’re getting your startup off the ground.

Incorrectly Classifying Employees

You don’t have to worry about paying taxes or benefits for independent contractors, so why not label all of your workers as such? Because doing so can saddle you with major fines, and you’ll end up paying back taxes. Correctly label your employees from the start, whether they are full-time, part-time, or independent contractors.

The guidelines for what constitutes an employee and an independent contractor are different from state to state, but it always relates to how much control you have over the person. The less control you have over the person, the more likely it is that they are an independent contractor rather than an employee.

Not Having a Separate Bank Account

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Startups don’t usually make much money in the first few months, so it might seem silly to open an account just for your business. However, not opening a separate bank account comes with some major drawbacks.
Without a clear distinction between your personal and business expenses, your personal assets could come under the gun if your business is ever sued or audited. Furthermore, when you pay your employees with a personal check, this can look unprofessional, and you might lose talented team members because they perceive you as not being on top of business procedures. Use secure business checks to enhance your image and protect your finances.

Not Shopping Around for Benefits

You want the best talent possible on your team, but recruiting the best will be impossible if you don’t offer a robust benefits package. Still, finding an affordable benefits package is tricky for small businesses. Don’t settle for the first offer you come across. Compare deals from different companies, and carefully examine the coverage they offer. The more you know about what is available, the more negotiating power you have.

Also, before you decide on which benefits to offer, consider who you’re hiring. Different groups of people are more attracted to certain benefits. For example, people with young children might gravitate toward great health coverage, whereas people in their 40s might lean toward employers that offer a retirement package.

Not Working with a PEO

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. PEOs specialize in payroll, compliance, and benefits for businesses. They can help you find affordable benefits and make sure you don’t make any costly tax mistakes. You’ll save time and headaches when you work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Although working with a PEO will cost money, it may save you money in the long run because you’re less likely to frustrate employees or pay government fees for inadvertent payroll mistakes, non-compliant taxation, or benefit processing errors.

Startups are working against the odds, so you shouldn’t let something like payroll mistakes stack the odds even higher. Avoid the above missteps and give your budding business the chance it deserves.

Extra Space on Your Business Premises? Here’s How to Take Advantage of It

Having extra space on your business premises is something that a lot of business owners dream of having. However, for those of us that are sitting on larger plots of land that we can’t seem to make use of, it can be difficult trying to determine the best use for it. To help you make the most of your land investment, here are a couple of ideas that will help you utilise that space.

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Outdoor Area

If you operate a restaurant or cafe, then using the space outside of your store is a fantastic way to add seating areas and also expose your food and drinks. The space outside of your store can also be used to show off the items you sell indoors. For instance, if you own a florist then you can use the outdoors to showcase some of your best selling bouquets and plants. There are plenty of ideas for outdoor areas, but it all comes down to your imagination and the type of business you own.

Separate Office

If your main building has a small office that you want to expand, consider building an extra office. With help from Armstrong steel buildings, you could easily bolt on an additional office on the outskirts of your property. They’re cheap, easy to construct on your own, and extremely durable, making them perfect for small businesses and startups.

Parking Lot

Want a way to give back to your customers? Why not add a small parking lot to your business location? If you have space, adding a couple of parking spaces would be a fantastic idea especially if your location is in a remote area or if you sell large appliances that need to be taken back via a vehicle. A parking space is extremely convenient for your customers and you could even rent out the parking spaces if you’re in a desirable area like a city.

Premises Extension

Whether you sell toys, food or run a law firm, extra office and store space is never a bad idea. Extend your business however you want, be it vertically or by adding new rooms, and never run out of space again. You could use these extensions for more seating areas, more storage space or even an additional office for when you expand your business online. For most people, extensions are an excellent way to accept more orders and deal with more customers but keep in mind that by extending your location you also require more staff to cover the extra demand you might get.

Storage Area

You can also consider adding extra storage areas. This is useful if you need space to house large appliances or cleaning items. Think of it as an outdoor storage area for items you need after closing. You could also keep reserves in the extra storage area. For instance, if you sell books, then you could have just a couple of books out for display and reading purposes, but store more copies in your storage area for when customers want to purchase it.


How Startups Are Getting A Boost From Celebrity Investors

Celebrity Investors

Aside from being the face of a brand or product; many celebrities are now using their money, and industry knowledge, to invest in small businesses and startups. The constant rise of the entrepreneur and developments in technology are providing a wealth of opportunities for investors to strike when the time is right, and celebrities often have the luxury of cash at hand to do so.


Water provides a healthier image to a celebrity than a can of soda might do. Therefore, stars like 50 Cent has backed Vitamin Water, and Beyonce invested in the startup, WTRMLN WTR (so good that it didn’t need vowels), rather than putting their faces to one of the bigger brands like Evian, or Fiji water. And, what would a busy schedule be without coffee (probably slower); some celebs feel the same, and have therefore invested in coffee startup brands. Philz Coffee gained support from Jonah Hill, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Jamie Kennedy; while Jared Leto and Tony Hawk put their faith in Blue Bottle Coffee, ensuring both brands created a buzz that wasn’t just down to the caffeine.

A totally different type of consumable to drinks is cannabis. Snoop Dogg obviously likes to smoke with his coffee, as he has backed several cannabis startups, including Merry Jane, Eaze, FunkSac, and LeafsBySnoop. Snoop is not the only one investing in the herbal remedy; Whoopi Goldberg founded marijuana company Whoopi & Maya.

It’s not just the individual consumable products that celebs are getting behind either; Thrive Market, an organic and health-led food delivery startup up was backed by Demi Moore, John Legend, and Toby McGuire, giving the brand a Hollywood seal of approval. Jared Leto (back again) sure loves his food deliveries, as he has invested in three startups that provide the service; including Plate Joy, Reserve, and Nom, ensuring he’ll never go hungry when he’s filming on set.


New apps and services that enhance everyday life, and provide faster processes, like Netverify, and Venmo, are in high demand. The public is craving new ways to better themselves and their lifestyle, and if they can find it within an app, all the better. Celebrities are more aware than most about how having instant access to help and services at the touch of their iPhone screen has the potential to improve everyday life, and make money in the meantime. Ryan Seacrest invested in the mindfulness app Headspace, while Will Smith helped the startup BioBeats, which focuses on healthy living and instilling calmness; showing that both celebs are aware of the growing need for better mental health care and ease of access to it.

Booking platforms are also in demand, so basketball star Kobe Bryant has given time and money towards the restaurant booking app Reserve, while record label owner, Scooter Braun, has invested in salon reservation platform VIVE. It seems many celebs are putting their money into services that they feel are missing from their everyday life and ones that could enrich other people’s.

All The Rest

There are often startups and products you’ve heard of but have no idea that a celebrity investment was behind them. Popular new mattress company, Casper, was backed at the start by Leonardo DiCaprio, retired basketball player Steve Nash, and Scooter Braun. Learn more about the incredible rise of mattress brand Casper here.

It goes to show that not every celebrity-backed success story is down to a famous name being involved; it has to be a great idea or product in the first place before the money invested can help.

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