Tips on your household finance

Tips on your household finance

Like most large companies, a house is run like a business and so should be dealt with in a similar manner. The way people deal with their personal finances can often be lacklustre, though keeping track of it is of optimum importance.Unlike many businesses, which can account for their spending down to nearly he last […]

The best budgeting software to help you manage your personal finances

The best budgeting software to help you manage your personal finances

When it comes to managing your finances, staying on top and staying in control are crucial. Whether you want to maintain a big money share portfolio, monitor multiple savings accounts or simply keep a close check on your grocery spends each week, keeping accurate budget reports are crucial for keeping track of how your money […]

Why small businesses need a physical security deposit box?

After small businesses have shopped extensively for the most competitive, business insurance quotes one of the first purchases they should make is a physical security deposit box. In an ideal world, the smart business owner, when making their business plan, would go out and purchase a security deposit box with the same bank or credit […]

How Networking Marketing Can Be Used to Fast Track Your Way to Wealth

If you follow the careers of most people about 80 % are either dead broke, depend on the state, or their parents, 19 % are financially independent and can stand on their own, while only 1% are rich enough to live life according to their own terms. In the state of today’s economy where nothing […]

Is Online College the Answer for Aspiring Women Business Owners?

While yes it is true that technically you don’t need a degree to become a small business owner or entrepreneur, earning a business-related degree, especially those that involve accounting, marketing, business administration or leadership, can most certainly help you acquire the skills you need to make your dream a reality—it’ll teach you how to monitor […]

Teaching your Children the Importance of Money and Budgeting

Did you know that the ability to have financial independence lies in your budgeting skills? One of the wisest investments that you will ever make is to not just practicing having a budget but also teaching your children the importance of money and sharing your knowledge with them. Children are easy to teach. They learn […]

Rising From The Ashes

The world today is not what it once was. We have amazingly advanced technologies, medical breakthroughs, and of course, the economy just isn’t what it used to be. No longer are consumers buying and spending as much or as frequently. Instead consumers are spending much less than they ever have, which could be a result […]

Small Businesses Begin to Borrow Again

There is some good economic news to come out since the global financial crisis. According to recent research by DBM Consultants, there has been growth in Australian small businesses borrowing from the big four banks.The research of 19,000 Australian businesses found that since November 2010, for companies with a turnover of $5 million or less, […]

Succeeding Financially With Your New Business

Succeeding Financially With Your New Business

You have probably heard of a business which began with very little resources and struggled on by for a while until the recent recession, in which they sunk causing job losses internally and throughout suppliers and customers. One such case is Woolworths an entertainments business and high street brand (though not a small business by […]

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