Top Five Least Stressful Medical Jobs

Top Five Least Stressful Medical Jobs

While most people think that holding a medical job means receiving a hefty paycheck every end of the month, they also know that working in a hospital or any medical facility means having to work round-the-clock, being on-call even during the ungodly hours of the night, all while having to deal with irate patients. And although this general description of healthcare workers is rather accurate, luckily, there are jobs which aren’t as stressful as one would think.


According to a list of 200 least stressful occupations by CareerCast.com, audiologists topped that said list. In charge of treating patients with hearing loss, audiologists work closely with physicians and speech pathologists, and are often found as part of a medical team. In order for one to be an audiologist, one must have a graduate degree and it’s even common for audiologists to have a doctorate level degree.


Also known as nutritionists, dietitians may not exactly be like the celebrity chefs we see on TV but they come close enough. With a healthy job demand and competitive compensation, being a dietitian is a job that does not require one to work nights. Dietitians should have a bachelor’s degree and some even go on to pursue a master’s degree.

Dental Hygienist

Making it to the fifth spot of the list of least stressful jobs, dental hygienists rank third on the same list reserved only for medical occupations. Job outlook for dental hygienists is outstanding and a healthy demand for this job is expected to continue all throughout the next few years. Most dental hygienists take home an average of $67,000 for tasks that include doing routine cleanings, taking patient x-rays, and assisting dentists with various dental procedures.

Speech Language Pathologist

What’s great about being a speech language pathologist is the fact that you do not have to be stuck in a hospital or clinic. These individuals are able to work in schools as well as medical offices. The only catch is that you need to be a master’s degree holder in order for you to work as a speech language pathologist.

Occupational Therapist

Listed as the ninth overall least stressful job and fifth in the list of solely medical job, occupational therapists are responsible for helping rehabilitate individuals who have undergone accidents, surgeries, and various disorders. They interact with patients of all ages and teach them various skills which will allow these patients to function more autonomously.

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The Great America Oil Rush: The Economic Impact Of ND’s Bakken Oil Boom

During many previous economic downturns it’s been the big states, like California, that have led the way toward recovery. Could one of our smallest states in terms of population, North Dakota, be set to pull the American economy out of its doldrums? It certainly looks possible, if one considers the strength of the state and local economies in the area. The Bakken Oil Boom has brought a steady stream of economic growth to North Dakota. It’s providing jobs directly in the oil industry and indirectly through all kinds of supporting services. Even better is the fact that increased domestic oil production reduces dependency on foreign oil, which sends American dollars directly to overseas oil suppliers.

The effects of this oil boom are far reaching, both politically and economically – more jobs, better paying jobs, increased tax revenue, decreased dependence on foreign oil. What other opportunities are there that could drive similar growth and potential? Only time will tell…

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5 Habits That Will Make You More Money

5 Habits That Will Make You More Money

Most of us work. For money. And we’d like some more of it. But we don’t always know how to get it.

Is it possible that all of the opportunities to make more money are right there in front of us, we just don’t know how to get our hands on it? Is it possible that more money could be waiting for us, we just need to change some of our habits in order to find it? In most cases, the answer is yes!

Here are 5 habits that can help you make more money.

1. Wake up early

The early bird catches the worm. This isn’t just a catchy phrase. It is so, so true! There are many benefits to waking up early. It gives you more time in your day to do productive things. It helps you to get to the office earlier (which could help in that next promotion). It gives you more time to brainstorm. Many successful people have said that it is in the early hours of the morning, before anyone else is awake, that they find the most inspiration and come up with the greatest ideas.

2. Check your email twice a day

Time is money. Anything that eats your time, eats your ability to make more money or find opportunities to make more money. Email is one of those great time eaters. Timothy Ferris, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, has advised us to only check our email twice a day (at the most). He has referred to email as “the largest single interruption in modern life.”

Create a schedule for yourself where you only check your email twice a day. If you want, you can set up an autoresponder that informs others of this. That way, if it’s urgent, they can find another way to reach you. The trick to this habit is to stick to it! You must be disciplined with this one!

Once you’re in this habit of checking your email and responding to emails only once or twice a day, learn to utilize this newfound time. Use it to brainstorm, create, work, build, network, etc.

3. Keep your eyes open

You never know when the next opportunity will come to you. Always keep your eyes open for these opportunities! If you are in the business world, keep your eyes open to new jobs. You never know when a promotion or a new higher paying job may come along. Keep your eyes and ears open to these kinds of opportunities. Never be closed minded. You never know where your next opportunity will come from.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities, ventures, or partners. Also, keep your ears open to yourself. As a business owner, you will be the source of the majority of opportunities that come your way. So, make time to brainstorm. Listen to your gut.

Never say no to someone who wants to pitch you on an opportunity. If you have a friend that wants to talk to you about a job opening with their company, give them a minute of your time. Follow up on leads. If you have an acquaintance who calls you out of the blue to discuss an “opportunity too good to pass up,” let them take you to lunch. Again, you never know where your next opportunity will come from, so always stay open minded. Either way, at least you got a free lunch.

4. Create a group

Two minds are better than one. Four minds are better than two. In many of the make money books, you will hear them talk about “power groups,” “master groups,” or “master mind groups.” Basically, these are groups that you can use to brainstorm, share ideas, and share talents and resources. This group could be as simple as a few individuals who meet together every so often to brainstorm and run ideas past each other. Or it could be as complex as a group of individuals with different skills and connections, who work together in business ventures.

Either way, leverage the abilities of others. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Get advice from those you respect. Find a group of people who you trust, and utilize each other’s skills, ideas, connections, etc.

5. Take a break

The power of taking a break can’t be overstated. We all want to work hard towards our goals. When we’re trying to make more money, many times it boils down to outworking the competition. But if you take that so far that you’re burning yourself out, you can be undoing all of that hard work. It is necessary to take breaks once in awhile. This will reignite your creativity, allow you to have a fresh mind, give you new perspectives, etc.

Work hard. Work harder than those around you. But find balance. Have one rest day a week. Or take an hour or two each night to decompress. Let the time rejuvenate you so that you can start again fresh and renewed, ready to conquer the world and make yourself some more money.

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How to Reshape your Finances and Live a Debt Free Life

Debt FreeMany think that living a debt free life is a farfetched dream and cannot be easily attained. It is one of those things that they strive to gain but fail every time due to some circumstances or the other. Be it reckless lifestyle or overspending on the credit cards debts sometimes are too hard to shake off.

However by taking some planned steps you can cut down your dues and live a debt free life. It may be a little time taking and a little difficult at the beginning but it is not impossible. So, instead of repenting on the things that are already done, try and get your finances back on track by implementing some of these debt free direct ways:

  1. Design a budget plan: If you want to keep an accurate track of your expenses and get control over your finances it would be a good idea to design a budget plan. If you can stick to a well made monthly budget plan you can cut down your unnecessary expenses and can save some money to pay off your bills. A proper budget plan also helps in maintaining a stable financial life by avoiding debts.
  1. Cut down your credit card bills: You may not realize the amount of problems you face due to reckless spending habits till you get your credit card bills. You may be fond of buying things with cards but the habit may not be beneficial if you default on your bills at the end of the month. If the amount is high you may find it difficult to repay them. Such defaults may further lead you to debt problems. So in order to avoid that the best thing is to set a limit on your credit card expenses.
  1. Reduce your interest rates: You can get rid of your debts faster by reducing the interest rates on your debts. If your financial condition is poor inform your creditors and convince them to reduce your interest rates. If they agree to your negotiation deal you can pay off your debts comfortably and also avoid any problems relating to foreclosures, lower credit scores or bankruptcy. However make sure that you give proper reasons and show earnest efforts in becoming debt free.
  1. Avoid defaulting on payments: When in debts it is very important to make the payments of your other loans properly. It helps in improving your financial condition slowly and maintains your credit score. Avoid defaulting on the monthly payments of any bills. If required keep a track of your payment dates so you do not default on them and end up paying penalties.
  1. Consider other sources of income: If you want to get rid of your debts faster you just cannot depend solely on your primary income. The amount may not be sufficient for making the payments after meeting all your basic financial needs. In such circumstance consider taking up a part time job or work overtime to supplement your income. You can use this income to pay off your debts without hampering your budget plans.

The Law Of Attraction – And How It Could Make You Rich

If you read self-help books then you will find that largely they all say the same thing – the only thing that changes is the way that they say it and the different goals they promise you’ll be able to achieve as a result.

One of the most popular recurring themes for instance when you read self-help books is the ‘law of attraction’ which is a concept that lends itself very well to tis area and which can easily be re-written to apply to different areas of your life. In many cases then you’ll come across the law of attraction in various different guises when you read books designed to help you get rich and generally on personal finance. But what is it? And does it work? Here we will aim to find out.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The idea of the law of attraction is that ‘like attracts like’ and that the way you behave and act will ultimately affect the way that others behave and act toward you. It can also be compared to the concept of the ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ and generally it suggests that if you behave and act in a certain way, then your life will change to follow suit.

A very basic example of this for instance is what you buy and what others buy for you. What you would assume here is that the person who is poorer and who has less ‘stuff’ would receive more gifts and presents from others than the person who has more and isn’t wanting for anything. This of course would make sense – because the person who has a lot of stuff needs less. However the reality is that actually we tend to give people who are wealthier and who have more things already more expensive gifts than those who do not. The simple reason for this is that we are trying to ‘keep up’ with the standard of what they own and give them something they aren’t likely to turn their nose up at (though hopefully no one would do this).

How it Makes You Rich

The general idea behind using the law of attraction to get rich then is that if you act like you are already rich and successful then you will be more likely to become rich and successful. This means spending a little more on your hair cut, dressing better and walking with more confidence. Act as though you know you’re going to be successful and everyone who deals with you will think that you must be – otherwise why would you act like that? This in turn will give employers more faith in you so you are more likely to get better jobs and it will mean that people want to do more business with you so that they can become successful ‘like you’.

Of course you could just liken this to investing in yourself – investing in your looks and your confidence so that others believe in you too. That’s all this really boils down to – valuing yourself. And while it’s not smart to spend money you don’t have, if you look like you value yourself highly then other people will be more likely to do so as well.

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Working Hard For Nothing

 It is often said that if you work hard, you will become successful. There are those who would go so far as to say the people who are not successful simply have not worked hard enough. Although no one would dispute the value of hard work, it is not true that it will not always lead to success. Many hard working people have died penniless.

In fact, there have been many hard working people who have contributed great ideas that changed our society but were never rewarded for their labor and creativity. Examples of this are men such as Eli Whitney. He invented the cotton gin, but was never able to enforce a patent and made little money from his work.

The opposite end of the spectrum of wealth and labor are those who did nothing and were richly rewarded. Most of these situations revolve around the golden parachute. This is compensation that is guaranteed for many incompetent corporate executives when they leave a company.

Source: Business MBA – B-school Rankings

Money Saving Tips for New Moms

Money Saving Tips for New Moms

Ah… the feeling of being a new mom. So much joy. So much hope. And so many questions… It’s a very exciting time. From the wonder to the uncertainty, being a new mom comes with a laundry list of new chores, new responsibilities and new expenses.
But being informed is the best way to keep these under control. And saving money as a new mom can be a challenge, but it can be done with the right know-how.


Breastfeeding gives infants the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. It may also help new moms get back to their pre-pregnancy weight faster. Breastfeeding offers a number of health benefits fom baby and mom, and, lo and behold, it’s also a lot cheaper than bottle-feeding. New moms can save about $1,000 a year by breastfeeding.

Shop Online for Baby Products

Shopping online lets new moms take care of all their baby-shopping without leaving the house. That means no gas and they get to stay home with baby. Shopping online is also one of the best ways to save money on baby products. And the reason is simple: there are many more baby stores online than in any neighborhood so the competition drives down cost. Additionally, online stores don’t have the same overhead so they can afford to sell the same items at lower prices. Plus you can shop around for online clearance items, promo codes and free shipping. Some websites also offer rewards programs and giveaways.

Buy Cloth Diapers
A pack of disposable diapers can cost anywhere from $10 to $30. That may not seem like much, but it really does add up over time. A newborn baby can very easily go through a pack of diapers in three weeks. New moms can save over $500 a year (and upwards of several thousand dollars in a two-and-a-half year period) by buying cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are a little more expensive than disposable diapers, but they last much, much longer. That means cloth diapers not only save you longterm costs of buying new disposable diapers every few weeks, but also help do your part for the environment.
Use coupons

Mailer coupon books are usually chockfull of baby item discounts. Cut and save! But don’t stop there. If you’re alreay shopping online, go to sites like Coupon Cabin and Retail Me Not for promo codes to your favorite online stores. Coupons can be a money-saving mom’s best friend. Moms who use coupons can save from 20-50 percent on baby products.

These tips are only the beginning. Remember, knowledge is the key to saving.

Do your own research. Find out when stores update their product lines and buy out of season. Visit thrift stores. Shop at eBay and Craigslist. The list goes on, but the point is motherhood doesn’t have to put a hole in your pocket.

Bryana is a blogger and online marketer for Diaper Junction, an online baby-products retailer.

Enjoy Summer Fun without Splashing Out

Enjoy Summer Fun without Splashing Out

When your budget leaves you with little room for extra treats, it can be difficult to find ways to enjoy yourself without spending a fortune. By getting creative this summer and making the most of the free or more affordable opportunities which are all around, you will be able to enjoy a long summer of fun in the sun, without damaging your bank balance.
If you regularly take holidays abroad during the summer months, but a break abroad will be beyond your budget this year, take a look at the following cheap ideas of how you could enjoy a summer to remember, even if you are staying at home.

Pack Up a Picnic

Why spend money on an expensive meal at a restaurant when you can make up a picnic basket or cool bag of treats and head outside to enjoy the scenery? Whether you are simply dining al fresco with a fresh salad on your garden lawn, or you are taking a trip to your favorite park for an afternoon of sunshine and sandwiches, a picnic is an easy and affordable way to spend a relaxing day.
If a big group of you get together and agree to each bring a different item of food or drink, then your picnic can be even more affordable. All you need are a few things to eat, some refreshing drinks and a picnic blanket, and you will be all set for a simple yet enjoyable lunch in the open air. For something a little different, why not try a classic barbecue with your friends on a summer evening?

Get Gardening

Gardening isn’t just about mundane tasks like mowing the lawn. When the sun shines, take the opportunity to get outside and make the most of the sun by spending some time improving your green space. Colourful and fragrant flowers help to make any garden a more pleasant space to spend an hour or two, so why not invest in a few new plants to brighten up your outside space?
Not only will you be improving your garden, but you will also be enjoying the fresh air, getting a good tan and lifting your spirits. All without spending a fortune.

Grab your Walking Boots

If you are lucky enough to live in the countryside, then you will be surrounded by opportunities for affordable exercise. Simply put on a good pair of walking shoes, grab a bottle of water to keep you refreshed, and head out into the fresh air to enjoy a relaxing walk. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a more adventurous hike, going for a walk is a proven way to improve your mood and give your health a boost.
If you live in a more urban environment, then you can still enjoy the benefits of a good walk. Take a trip to a different area of your town or city and explore new streets, or alternatively go for a quiet stroll around your nearest park.

Go On a Fruit Hunt

From picking strawberries to seeking out blackberries, fruit picking is synonymous with summer, and doesn’t cost a penny. Grab a basket or bag, head to your nearest hedgerow, and see what delicious treats you can discover. Whether you are picking to eat, or are planning to whip up a delicious smoothie with your bounty, going on the lookout for fresh fruit is a rewarding and enjoyable way to spend a summer day.
There are numerous farms who offer self-picking, where you can help to bring in the fruity harvest in return for a few pieces of fruit of your own.
These are just a few of the ways to enjoy the summer season without stretching your budget. Think a little more creatively and it can be easy to find free and fun ways to make the most of the summer.

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Seven Simple Ways to Cut Household Costs

Seven Simple Ways to Cut Household Costs

Household bills continue to be a major drain on family finances. While people cannot avoid them completely, there are things that can be done to cut expenses and make them more manageable.

Clean up your finances

Cleaning products can make an expensive dent on your supermarket bills. The various sprays, scrubs and wipes that you can buy can really add up. Take a look at how much you are spending on these items. There may be cheaper products you can use; for example, cleaning wipes will be more expensive than simply spraying cleaner onto a cloth yourself. There are also natural products such as lemon juice and vinegar that you can use to clean in the house. These can be effective as well as economical.

One of the easiest things to do is to reuse items you already have when it comes to household cleaning. Cloths can be expensive, so try turning old towels or clothes into rags for cleaning. Pop them in the washing machine to keep them fresh.

Budget-busting tips

Actively look out for vouchers and coupons you can use to set against the cost of shopping, products and services. There are plenty of websites now that specialise in daily offers of discount vouchers that can give very significant savings and manufacturer websites often have deals on their items too. You can also take the old-fashioned step of cutting and clipping out coupons from food packets and tins.

Energy costs have soared in recent years but there are ways to cut bills. Buy energy-efficient appliances to help the environment and your budget. Modern household essentials such as washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers are now marked with a rating that shows which use the least amount of electricity. The best performers will shave pounds off your energy bills.

Shopping around is a tried and tested way of saving money. Research on the internet to find the best prices for pretty much anything you are buying, especially big household items.

Look out for finance deals that have 0% interest rates over several years to take the sting out of a big purchase and spread the cost. If you can afford it, bulk buy items you would be putting in your shopping basket anyway. Special offers (especially buy-one, get-one-free deals) on non-perishable food items can be a great way to stock up.

Keep items in good condition to ensure they last longer. Follow the maintenance and care instructions for appliances, vacuum cleaners, etc., to ensure they stay in tip top working order. When buying items look out for offers of free or cheap extended guarantees so that if something does break down you don’t face an expensive repair bill, perhaps for up to five years.

Having several pots simmering on the stove can get the electricity and gas metres ticking over, so find some great one-pot recipes to save on the utility bills and the washing up.

Apply as many of these money-saving tips as you can and hopefully you’ll soon notice the difference in your household expenditure.

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Patience Brings Wealth-Infograph

Warren Buffet has the mentality of a long-distance runner. He knows he will outperform others because he has more endurance. While others worry about short-term gains, he is thinking about the finish line. He puts every investment through the same process of financial analysis.

Don’t make your stock purchases or sales dependent upon current headlines, according to Warren Buffet. Look at the return on investment. Stock investments are about the most efficient use of money. This return-on-equity (ROE) calculation compares companies who deliver the best results based on the inputs they were given.

We may not have been born with the same wealth of talents. In financial circles, the money that companies get has equal value. One dollar equals one dollar. This assessment permits comparison between investments in different markets. Given one dollar – “What does the company do with that one dollar?” The highest profits accrue to the most efficient enterprises.

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