Ways To Save Your Marriage Without The Use Of A Solicitor!

Pareja (Couple)Divorce rates are going through the roof. It’s a sad fact of life these days – marriage is no longer forever. The amount of marriages that end in the court rooms is really high now. If you feel like your marriage is in the doldrums and you’re heading towards the divorce courts then don’t despair. There are things you can do to put yourselves back on track. You just need to take a step back from it all, get some perspective and be a little kinder to each other. A relationship that is not functioning properly can bring the worst out in everyone – and then it becomes a downwards spiral as you both become more and more horrible to each other.

Here are some ideas to help you and your partner fix things before you reach the point of no return:


Many marriages break down purely because the communication does. How on earth can you be in a partnership if you don’t talk? Would a business partnership work without regular meetings to check in and catch up? Of course it wouldn’t. People need to talk to understand each other’s points of view. But it can be tricky to open lines of communications that have been closed for so long.

Start by finding a neutral place to go – don’t discuss things in your home as it will just lead to domestic issues being spoken about. You need to get to the nitty gritty. It’s best to go for a walk – conversations happen far more naturally when you are not staring each other directly in the eye.

A great thing to get you both talking is a little nostalgia. Go to a place you both know well – perhaps you met there or you had your first kiss there. This will bring up positive, happy memories and will prompt the question ‘where did it all go wrong?’. Keep it constructive, diplomatic and try not to take things too personally.


Once you’re talking it’s time to make some changes. Whatever they are, agree to them so both parties completely understand what they are agreeing to. Write it down if necessary. Make them reasonable and achievable on both parts – if you set new expectations that are too high you will both just be disappointed.


You need to lighten the mood. Remember when you were courting (before kids!) – what did you do? Go out and have a drink together, watch a funny film, whatever it takes to get you smiling at each other. Break the monotony of everyday life by having some FUN together!

So perhaps you don’t need to sit back and watch your marriage hit the skids after all? All it takes is a little thought, a few changes of habits and you can get back on the road to recovery. Every relationship takes hard work and commitment to see it through. Works at being each other’s best friend – you both need one. Take care of each other and show your partner you still love them.

Hopefully we won’t see you in court!

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Phil Jakes is a renowned criminal lawyer Moorabbin. He is vastly experienced and has tackled many criminal cases throughout his career. A voracious reader, he likes to read his favorite novels in his spare time.

World Map of Trading

Trading Map

This is an infographic to describe world forex trading activity. It shows the top 15 traded currency pairs, volumes and buy and sell percentage rates. This is designed to aid new traders in getting a general overview of the forex market, which should allow them to make better use of their trading platform and maximise their potential. This infographic has been provided by Vantage FX UK who are an FX trading brokers based in London UK. Through them you can open a demo account to practice forex trading so you can acquire new skills and knowledge about forex which should give you a greater insight into the world of forex trading and may lead to you opening a live account with them so you can start trading almost immediately. If your looking for best binary brokers check them out today if you’re interested in opening an account or if you’re just looking for some trading education and tips.

Vantage FX UK are a leading forex trading brokers based in the UK in the city of London. They provide both Live and Demo accounts to forex traders, both new and experienced, as well as giving trading educational tips and advice for forex traders and brokers.

Claiming for an Accident

accident claimsIn the UK alone over three million people are injured in accidents.  Accidents occur in various situations and different places whether at the office, outdoors or out and about in their car in many cases it will be the fault of someone else as to why the accident occurred.  When there is a clear fault by someone else then the victim will be inclined to make an accident compensation claim.

Compensation claims do not have to be a long and drawn out process.  With the aid of an expert solicitor an accident compensation claim can go through quickly and easily, it does not have to be a complicated process.

What you need to establish

A viable case requires establishing before a successful compensation claim can be made.  It’s not possible to base a case on simply your word against theirs.  When an accident occurs the following details are of paramount importance:

  • The date of the accident; where and how it happened, detailing as much information as possible
  • Witness contact details from anyone who was there at the time of the accident
  • Full details of injuries sustained – it’s important to provide an official medical diagnosis with details of any treatment

Depending upon the details of your case you may also need to provide:

Evidence that you suffered loss of earnings and other financial expenses which are the result of your injury from the accident

  • Details of any insurance policies you may have as these may cover you for the cost of your compensation claim – examples of this include household or motor insurance
  • Any documents that could potentially help your claim – these could include documents from before your accident or any evidence of previous accidents in similar circumstances

How to make a claim

Your solicitor will firstly send a letter to the individual you’re making the claim against.  All details, regarding the incident will be listed, detailing injuries sustained and the circumstances of whereby it occurred and how.

In most instances the individual will have a fixed period in which they need to respond – this is usually within a 3 month period.  They will have to provide a detailed response letter that elaborates on an investigation into the incident.  The response will also require them to state whether or not they accept the claim – usual practice involves settling out of court if they accept full blame for the accident.

Accepting compensation

Your solicitor should inform you what they believe the true value of the claim settlement should be at this stage.  You’ll also need to think about how much compensation you’d be prepared to accept as your solicitor will be able to make an offer to the responsible individual for that amount.  The respondent can come back with a counter offer and if they are deemed to “respond reasonably” it will usually be settled without having to take the matter to court.

Going to court

If the claim can’t be settled between the parties involved and their solicitors; legal action can be sought. In this instance it will be in the court’s hands to decide whether or not you’ll be awarded compensation for the claim.

It Really Can Be Simple To Buy A Property In Your Pension: Our A – Z Guide

Buy A PropertyOne of the main reasons people use a Self-Invested Personal Pension, or SIPP for short, is to buy a commercial property, either for their own business to use or to be let out to a third party.

It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t need to be, so we thought we’d take you through the basic A to Z of buying a commercial property in your SIPP.

1. Decide on your strategy. Are you buying a property which your business will occupy, in which case you will still have to pay rent but to your own pension, or will you  let it to a third party? Of course your business could occupy part of the property and sub-/let part, the choice is yours

2. Find a suitable property. This is the fun part! Viewing property and imaging the possibilities can be very exciting, but don’t get carried away, remember your strategy and budget. You should also remember that a SIPP cannot buy residential property or a holiday home; it’s a big ‘no no’ and can’t be done, despite what some people will try and tell you

3. Organise your borrowing. SIPPs can borrow money to help fund the purchase of the property, but there are rules. A SIPP can only borrow up to 50% of its assets, for example if your SIPP is valued at £100,000 it can borrow up to £50,000, giving a total budget of £150,000 to fund the purchase and cover any fees such as legal costs, stamp duty, surveys, and other professional fees

4. Find a suitable SIPP. Some SIPPs will not allow you to buy a property, whilst other SIPP providers are very experienced in such arrangements. If your existing SIPP provider will not allow properties to be bought then you will need to consider a transfer to an alternative provider. Even if your existing SIPP provider will allow property purchase you should compare the costs of alternatives

5. Make an offer. So you’ve found a property and chosen your SIPP provider, it’s now time to make an offer. This works in the normal way, there’s nothing really different just because you are buying the property in your SIPP

6. Find a solicitor. You will need a solicitor to carry out the legal work associated with the purchase. Some SIPP providers will work from a panel of lawyers and insist you choose from this list, others will allow you to use any solicitor of your choosing; just make sure the one you chose has experience of dealing with buying a property in a SIPP

7. Organise a survey. You’ll want to make sure that the property you are buying isn’t falling down or about to cost you and arm and a leg in repair bills

8. Sit back and let the professionals get on with it. Once you’ve followed the first seven steps you can probably breathe a sigh of relief, settle back and let the professionals get on with completing the purchase

9. Find a tenant, move in, and arrange a lease. If your business is renting the property then you will need to draw up a lease and start paying rent, if you intend to find a third party then you’ll need to market the property, either through a professional agent or yourself

Our quick A to Z guide will help you buy a property in your SIPP, and whilst it might look easy there will always be complications along with way which is where your IFA and other professional advisers will really earn their fees.

Phillip Bray writes for Investment Sense and looks at the SIPP rules when it comes to buying a commercial property in your pension.

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How the Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

Avoid Paying Taxes

We’ve all heard tell of billionaires who can’t be bothered to pay taxes. Yet, how are they able to accomplish such a thing?

The top earners in America simply hire the best tax lawyers, who understand which tax loopholes are best able to keep money from going toward building roads and maintaining social security benefits. It’s not surprising, then, to learn that earners with an annual income of $10 million typically pay a 19% tax rate, or that estimated tax revenue losses are estimated to be around $70 to 100 billion each year.

Some of the most frequently used methods of skimping on taxes including sending money overseas and freezing assets. The wealthy are able to save money for a rainy day by transferring assets to their children, effectively freezing their worth and eliminating the need to pay taxes on them for many years. For the wealthy, the Cayman Islands are a popular place to do some banking. It’s estimated that about $21 trillion has been funneled into offshore accounts, effectively lowering tax bills for the wealthy.

Source: TopAccountingDegrees.org

Feeding 10 For Under $75 on Thanksgiving

Feeding 10 For Under $75 on Thanksgiving

via eBay Deals

If you are planning your Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute, you’ll be relieved to find out how you can feed your family a fabulous holiday feast for only $75. Roll over the dishes and plates in the graphic to get shopping tips and click to get recipes to make preparing the Thanksgiving meal easy. Everything you need to prepare, from the vegetables and other side items to serve with your turkey, to the pumpkin pie is made simple and inexpensive, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your family. So why stress about food this Thanksgiving? We’ve made things easy for you. Enjoy!

Young Faces Going Big Places

Young entrepreneurs are hot right now. In fact, the under 30 crowd may be giving established businesses a run for their money. These young folks are creating multi-million dollar businesses, oftentimes out of their own home. Here are a few of the bright young faces you should watch.

Matt Mickiewicz may be only 27, but he’s already the founder of 99 Designs, a site that matches business owners with graphic designers. The company lists graphic designers around the world and gives them an opportunity to find work.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are still in their mid-twenties but have already seen success most of us only dream about. They’re the co-founders of Instagram, a popular mobile photo uploading site. The company was recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp were under 30 when they founded Birchbox, a company that offers monthly cosmetic sample subscriptions. Their initial beta email to 40 of their friends garnered a waiting list of over 3,000 people!

These youngsters may not have lots of life experience yet, but they’re already on the fast track to success!

From: http://www.businessmba.org

Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Once again nature has proved that it is more powerful than mankind. What we propose, nature disposes and Sandy is the perfect example of it. Sandy, the largest ever hurricane (as determined by the National Hurricane Center) and the super storm to strike the Mid-Atlantic, Caribbean as well as the Northeast regions of the United States had the widest diameter of about 940 miles. It is almost double the diameters of other disastrous storms in the recent past, Katrina and Irene.

Sandy damages – An overview

This devastating super storm, Sandy, has caused enormous damages to the Northeastern part of America including New England area, East Cost and farther inland. To name the states seriously affected by Sandy, I must include New York, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Apart from densely populated cities, the tidal surge, heavy winds, intense rainfall and snows have significantly damaged the national parks. An estimated damage of $20 billion to $55 billion has been caused by this tropical cyclone.

  • Loss of life – It is still unknown how many lives are unaccounted for. But approximately 76 people died when the storm stroke as per the report by cnn.com. The storm claimed 28 lives in New York, while the number is 6 in New Jersey. The death toll is expected to rise to 145. Most of these deaths are the results of surging storm, cold weather and downed electrical lines.
  • Disarray and debris – The entire Atlantic Coast along with the New York City is inundated with a moonscape of shattering disarray, disorder, panic and debris. Millions of households in all 17 states (up to Michigan in west) are still waterlogged and out of the reach of any sort of modern communication. Most of these states were without power for many hours. Transit system, especially in New York has been completely out of gear. Sandy-affected individuals as well as businesses are struggling with burned houses, waterlogged houses and loss of power. On the other hand, the cyclone has brought about 3 foot of snow to some places in both Maryland and West Virginia leaving people without electricity. Sandy-struck people are in need of basic help and supplies.
  • Economic loss – The super cyclone is likely to put crimp in the economic growth of the country by keeping aside about 2 million people away from workplace. The physical damage owing to Sandy is expected to surpass estimated $50 billion including insured losses of almost $20 billion. And further losses are still being ascertained.

See Sandy’s activities between 28th October and 31st October.

Sandy damages – State by state

Superstorm Sandy has crippled entire East Coast and Northeastern part of the country. Now let’s have a look at state-wise damages (in brief) caused by Sandy.

  • New York – This is the state that has been affected the most. Highest number of fatalities (22) has been reported in New York City. 80 houses were destroyed. Almost 2 million people were without power.
  • Connecticut – Death toll is reported to stand at 2. Almost 477,000 are without power though it has been restored.
  • District of Columbia – 1461 households were without power that has been restored. Bus and rail services were disrupted.
  • Delaware – 7853 households were without power and being restored.
  • Maryland – The death toll stands at 2. 122,000 households were without power and being restored.
  • Maine – About 16,000 customers didn’t have power in their house, but it has been restored.
  • New Hampshire – Flood warning was in effect for Saco River till Wednesday. About 81,000 customers stayed without power.
  • Massachusetts – 108,000 households were without power.
  • Ohio – 151,000 customers including individual households and businesses were without electricity. The state was affected so badly that it needed about 400 crews to be dispatched to clear the debris.
  • New Jersey – Motorists queued in front of gas stations, while others stood with red canisters for refill gas.  Nearly 6 people have been killed by Sandy. Rail service has been damaged so badly that it may take a couple of weeks to be restored. This state faced maximum power outages. Over 2 million customers stayed without power.
  • Virginia – Sandy killed at least 2 people in this state. 55,000 customers stayed without power. Virginia has experienced heavy snowfall.
  • Pennsylvania – Death toll in the state stands at 3.  Almost 897,000 customers were without electricity.

I could cover only a little percentage of damages caused by the superstorm Sandy. However, practically, the damages are enormous both in terms of money and lives. Although Sandy’s heartbeat has stopped, yet affected people and businesses have still to face an unpleasant reality for coming couple of months, a year or even more.

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Your Money at Risk: 10 Criteria for Hiring a Financial Planner

Your Money at Risk: 10 Criteria for Hiring a Financial Planner

Some have called dabbling in the stock market the game of “Sophisticated Gambling.” Ball clubs and ponies are not being bet on, but companies and their products, profit, and management are. Investing in the stock market and other investment vehicles takes research, time, savvy, and more than just a little patience. While some investors, stock brokers, and financial planners may be unprepared, rash, impulsive, compulsive, and unwise, the majority of those who make money and last are the ones who are just the opposite.

Investing is a Risk

Investing is a risk. There are no guarantees. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably has a bridge to sell you out of the back of their car.

If you have been around long enough, you have seen the stock market rise and fall, sometimes correcting quickly, being affected by war, profit taking, poor or good economic news, geo-political issues, and company management. Stocks can be a great place to make money, but one can also lose their shirts if not careful.

Having an investment strategy when getting into the stock market demonstrates wisdom, but is your strategy wise? Day traders with a nice sum of expendable cash have popped up in the last decade, but many wash out sooner than later as the trading programs they purchase do little more than waste their time and money. The only surefire way to make money in the stock market is to get insider trading stock tips, and we all know where that leads.

You, the investor need a professional financial advisor who can communicate with you, and execute a sound strategy, across the breadth of your investment portfolio. This beats going it alone. So how does one choose the right financial planner to help with stock investments and more?

Choosing a Financial Planner

Financial planners are in abundance, so what criteria should you use when looking to hire one to help you grow your money?  This can be a daunting task for most people. It is recommended that you not give your money to the person who has neither the slickest, most colorful ad, nor the one who is most personable. Neither of these should prohibit you from doing business with a financial planner, but they should not be the main criteria. The following should be used when hiring a financial planner.

1)      Excellent Reputation – Both in their community and in their industry. Perhaps a friend or a business peer who has had long-term success with one can introduce you. Referrals are important to the financial planner, and the good ones work hard to earn their excellent reputation.

2)      Have They Been Disciplined? – Be bold and ask right off the bat if the regulating authorities like your state’s insurance and securities department, FINRA, and the CFP Board have had complaints lodged against them, or are under investigation.

3)      Certified – Certified Financial Planners should have a CFP certificate and the credentials to prove it. This typically requires that they have earned at least a 4 year degree, as well.

4)       Relationship – While they do not have to become a great friend of yours, they should be interested in getting to know you and your family to the degree that will help them understand your life and family goals, debt obligations, retirement plans, and what your investment hopes are.

5)      They Educate You – A solid financial planning professional will educate you on what is involved in everything they will do for you and your money, even if this takes time. They should be certain that you understand what is involved, the process, and expectations.

6)      Honesty – Your financial planner should be up front about the strategy they will employ on your behalf. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to smart financial planning, so they must tailor yours uniquely. Also, when it comes to stock tips, they do not push you on a “sure thing,” but let you ultimately make the decision based on solid, verifiable information.

7)      References – It never hurts to ask for references. In fact, your financial planner can be a Fort Mill financial adviser or one located in New York. Location matters little. Strong references do.

8)      Experience or Track Record? – Are they brand new in the industry? If so, it should not preclude you from doing business with them as there are more than a few brilliant financial planners who are relatively new. In fact, it is better that you have a financial planner who is new with a strong track record than someone who has been around for years but burns through clients.

9)      Affiliations – Who are they affiliated with? Smith Barney? LPL? This will help you understand what kind of support they get as well as tell you about the strength of the company they are united with.

10)  Trust – Ultimately, you have to trust them. You must feel comfortable with them, but this should follow all of the above, and not be the criteria you use before the rest has been pursued.

From the team of writers at National News Daily…providing news that helps

States To Get $25 Billion From Mortgage Lenders

States To Get $25 Billion From Mortgage Lenders

After it was discovered that many lenders may have engaged in deceptive or unethical acts in their mortgage lending and foreclosure practices, 49 states decided to sue. The result of those combined lawsuits is a $25 billion settlement.
The lenders involved in the suit are Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. If you currently make or have made your payments to any of those banks at any time between 2008 and 2011 and your home was foreclosed on, you may be in line for part of that settlement. If you have/had another lender or live in Oklahoma, you are not eligible.

The Issue:  Robo-Signing of Foreclosure Documents

The settlement is mainly over the ”robo-signing” of foreclosure documents that was uncovered a few years ago. You may be wondering what robo-signing is, so here is a quick brush of the highlights. Robo-signing meant that lenders ”routinely signed foreclosure-related documents outside the presence of a notary public and without really knowing whether the facts they contained were correct.” The practice is the epitome of illegal and unethical. It also caused huge problems for borrowers by causing some people to lose their homes wrongfully. It also froze some real estate markets as courts struggled to process foreclosures in a timely fashion, thus taking longer for homes to be resold and lowering overall real estate values.
The settlement shakes out like this:

  • At a minimum, lenders must commit to $17 billion in principal reduction and loan modification for homeowners who currently need help to avoid foreclosure.
  • Lenders must spend up to $3 billion in refinancing for homeowners who owe more on their homes than the home is worth, commonly known as being ”underwater”. These owners must be current on their payments.
  • Homeowners who lost their homes between Jan. 1, 2008, and Dec. 31, 2011 are eligible for part of  $1.5 billion in cash payments. There is a simple form to try to get part of this cash and individual borrowers can still pursue their personal legal cases against the lenders involved. A url for more details is provided below.
  • Of course the states did not sue out of the kindness of their hearts. Each involved state is to get some cash to support the prevention of foreclosure and create consumer protection and education programs. On top of that they will receive civil penalty cash to line the state coffers.

There are plenty of details about the settlement here:  http://www.nationalmortgagesettlement.com/faq.  This site was set up and dedicated to helping borrowers understand their rights in relating to this landmark agreement.

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  •  License: Royalty Free or iStock source: photodune.net

Author T. Brown covers home and auto lending for Keystone Auto Loans, a leader when it comes to new and used car financing (more information here).  He hopes this article helps some of you that may have faced foreclosure in recent years.

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