How to Start a Finance Blog and Earn Money


With more money comes more debt”, I thought aloud as I stared at my laptop screen way back in 2011 – skimming through a series of online finance forums. My brief (3 years) stint as the online reputation manager for the company I worked for earlier, taught me interesting nuances of finances (because I was primarily managing the digital marketing campaigns of the finance companies) — “interesting” because (a) it taught me things which I wasn’t aware of at first and (b) it taught me things differently as I had perceived them before. This was the time when I stopped seeing “money” as a staid entity entailing equally uninteresting equations like “more income= more savings” or for that matter, “more money = less debt”. No it didn’t happen that way. Those people clamoring for advice on those finance forums invariably taught me that understanding the dynamics of money is more complex than earning money itself. Back in 2011, I knew that I would be floating my own start-up soon (which I eventually did in 2012). However, thanks to my ex-colleague’s response to my aforementioned exclamation (With more money comes more debt), I thought of addressing a few misconceptions about finance through a blog. So, the birth of Finance Wand is directly attributable to that moment. He refused to believe that more money meant more debt and I started making him understand that there is actually no difference between someone earning $300,000 a year with debts worth $1 million and someone earning $30,000 a year with debts worth $100,000. I knew most of the people out there thought like he did. And, thus I started my first finance blog with the preliminary of focus on dispelling a few money myths – in my own little way.

I sincerely believe that if you start a blog with a meaningful purpose (rather than only looking to earn from it), it becomes easier for you to earn. If you’re about to start a blog anytime soon and are looking forward to earn money from the same, then going through these points will possibly be of help!

Why exactly do you want to start a blog?

Don’t say you want to earn money. Your readers will not really be visiting your blog to help you earn money! They will come here to seek answers to the innumerable finance queries they have, to “listen” to variant finance stories and to treat them as learning tools to step up their own fiscal literacy, to see if there are others having similar financial problems as they are having or not and to seek possible avenues of improving their own financial behavior. You blog, at least, can act as the starting point for them (when it comes to viewing their financial woes as something addressable and not as a dead end). I started my blog because I wanted to address a few common financial myths. I was sure that they would help readers—irrespective of whether they are in deep financial trouble or not. They would help them realign their financial goals. For instance, there were quite a few readers who found it extremely difficult to prioritize their debts. This stands as a common problem despite the availability of so many articles out there. I personally would ask you to pay off as follows:

  • Mortgage
  • Property Taxes
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Secured debts
  • Federal Income Taxes Federal Student Loans
  • Medical Bills
  • Unsecured debts (starting from the highest to lowest interest ones)

Remember you’re not the messiah

Not even money is the messiah! Yes it does provide security to a certain extent but it does not really go on to ensure an eternal blanket of certainty. The more money you have, the more anxious you’re about saving it! We are not really asking you to undermine your speculative skills (when it comes to trends in World Economy) but make sure you are open to learning. Don’t end up sounding like an invincible finance guru ready to blurt out finance tips and tricks in your blogs. The advice is to be more human. I had read an article where this writer had said that a blogger is like someone sitting at the other end of the table chatting with his reader. I will say that this conversation can be about anything but one-sided preaching. Tell your reader that you’re still learning to mend your fiscal ways but would like to share your learning experience with him. Don’t end up sounding “infallible”. Your readers don’t want that.

Can you really earn money with your blogs?

Yes, you can! However, profiting from a blog is an elaborate proposition. In order to attract advertisers you have to attract readers first. Advertisers are very selective with their dollars. They know which blog is driving 2,000 visitors and which one is driving more than 5,000 visitors within the same time frame. Keep the aforementioned points in view in order to bring more readers.

Get Yourself a Reliable Hosting Service

It is important for you to get yourself a hosting service after you have decided your domain name. My personal experience with Bluehost has been quite fulfilling. The easy-to-use interface helps you to do a number of things at the same time:

  • Completion of domain registration and hosting in one single step
  • The facility to add WordPress blog Installation
  • Add easy-to-install forums
  • Secure support from features like FTP, e-mail accounts and automatic backups

Offered below is the step-by-step procedure to complete the entire hosting process with Bluehost.

  • Visit the Bluehost page through the affiliate link at Financewand.com and click on the Blue Button.

    Get Started Now


  • Bluhost offers you the chance to register with a new domain name or transfer an existing one:

3-Domain Registration

  • Provide with all your account information here:

4-Contact Info


  • Scroll down the packages section. The 36 months package makes for the cheapest one. However, you should not really forget that Bluehost charges the entire (36 months) payment upfront. Since you’re prepaying for the hosting services, you will get a lot of advantages including the money-back guarantee.

5-Choose Plan

  • Then comes the billing info part, where you enter the required billing details. Confirm that you are agreeing with the service terms and then click “next”.

6-Billing Info

  • Your Bluehost account has officially been created. Now you should concentrate on creating a password and log in to the “hosting” section. Bluehost greets you with a “welcome” message after you have logged in. And once you’re in the dashboard, you would require installing WordPress:


  • Once you’re in WordPress click “Install/Start”.



  • Select the domain you want to install.

9-Install WP

  • Carry on by providing these details and click “Install Now”

10-WP Login


  • After the installation of WordPress, you will receive an e-mail from the Mojo Marketplace. Save the e-mail as it contains your website URL, WordPress Login URL, and WordPress Login username


  • Click Admin URL which will direct you to
  • This particular notification center will help you retrieve your password:
  • Here are your WordPress Account details. Do not forget to save it somewhere


And, you’re home!

Reach me at Jonny @ financewand . com

Click here to get Started.

Negotiating Startup Capital Financing

business_capitalIf you have ever required capital for your start-up company, you may have an idea of the value of your company when going to the deal table. It is highly likely that there is a deviation between what your valuation is and what the investor’s valuation is at the onset. In order to close this gap, you should be familiar with how to negotiate a lower cost of capital and higher valuation for your company. In many cases, companies are fearful that appearing greedy will push investors away and they will be without any money whatsoever. However, this is rarely the case and the valuation is negotiable like many other things that are for sale.

Therefore, this article provides insight on how to effectively negotiate startup capital financing in a way that is effective and will not draw back investors from the deal table. In some cases, you can potentially risk the overall investment if you fail to follow a structured procedure and remain calculated in your responses and proposal. Therefore, we encourage you to analyze and adopt the following techniques:

Build a Logical Argument

You may be astonished to learn how frequently capital discussions turn emotion or are based on illogical arguments that have nothing to do with value. For instance, arguing how much money you have invested or time spent building the technology really means very little. Instead, focusing on the brand recognition in your early stage or competitive advantage strength can boost the value. In fact, getting emotional or personal about the effort can draw investors away from the investment opportunity. Being emotional may come across as being attached and lacking the ability to think in an unbiased manner about the company’s exit strategy, which is a purely financial decision for investors.

Show the Value Quantitatively

The most effective method of building a strong investment case is to demonstrate the value of the company through the financial model. If the revenue projections are reasonable and conservative, they are more likely to be taken seriously by investors. This means using accurate market research as the basis of the assumptions and being able to adequately explain all of the drivers that went into forming them. For instance, your pricing strategy having been demonstrated in the market through tangible sales or validated in a focus group.

Receive More than One Offer

Nobody likes to feel like they are the only one interested in something. The simple law of supply and demand will always work in your favor if you can get more than one investor interested in your company. This will not only increase your negotiation power, but also build a stronger safety net that grants you more power at the deal table by increasing your leverage. As you receive more offers, investors may also be interested in a co-investment relationship. Under such an arrangement, multiple investors will enter a deal together and reduce one another’s risk. This not only means a potentially higher valuation, but doubles the resources that you have access to from investment acquisition.

Understand the Screening Process

Understanding how investors analyze your company can be advantageous when you are soliciting for these offers. Investors will analyze both the quantitative factors and qualitative factors that will influence your company’s risk and impact your bottom-line. One of the most important points for any investor is what your competitive advantage is and what market problem that you are addressing.

Even if your company does manage to solve a problem in the market, the question then becomes how you are able to sustain your competitive edge in the market. It is extremely likely that investors will compete against you for market share and you must be able to effectively outperform them in a manner that they cannot easily replicate.

We hope that this article has provided you with quality information about how investors analyze your business and the method of leveraging that knowledge to arrive at a higher valuation. We have seen many companies agree to a lower valuation due to the inability of companies to negotiate their valuation.

US Fed Rate – A Persisting Dilemma

dollar_1999092bFinancial pundits have been forecasting US Fed rate hike for quite sometime now. However, many internal and external factors have resisted the Federal Reserve from hiking it from the persisting 0.250 per cent. Though the market expected the fed rate to increase in September 2015, it didn’t because the central bank was worried about derailment of resurging U.S. growth due to instability in Chinese economy and economic slowdown. If the minutes of September 16-17 discussions by the board members of Federal Reserve are taken seriously, it might take 9 years to increase the concerned rate.

Why US Fed failed to increase Fed Rate in September 2015?

One of the reasons that restricted board of Federal Reserve from increasing Fed Rate in September 2015 is the dismal job growth data. Per official figures, in September 2015 just 142,000 jobs were added, which is 64,000 jobs lesser than analysts’ expectation. Another figure published by US Labor Department is the “zero” rise in average pay. More alarming is the fact that thousands of workers left their jobs and the participation rate of workers fell to a dismal low, last seen in 1970s. In fact, slow down in Chinese economy also held the board back from increase interest rate.

To top it, US Consumer prices fell by 0.2 per cent during September. In fact, inflation rate has been steadily falling since May 2015, signaling persistent sluggish pace of inflation. This persistent fall is exactly opposite of Fed’s stated target of 2 per cent. All these phenomenon including slowing economy of China, falling inflation (both globally as well as domestically), and market disruptions are again making it difficult for Federal Reserve to increase the interest rate, which is stuck to the current near-zero level (0.25 per cent) since 2008 (the year US economy was in deep recession).

What analysts are Predicting about Fed Rate Hike?

On the expectation of US Fed holding interest rate hike till 2015-end, gold buying is witnessing rally since mid-September. Strength of dollar is also weakening. US Dollar has fallen significantly with respect to other currencies such as Euro in the recent past. Last week, Euro was up against US Dollar by 2.3 per cent, which is a striking phenomenon as Euro fell sharply in the past touching a 12 years low earlier in 2015. These phenomenons gave overall market all the reasons to park its money in the yellow metal for hedging risk.

Colin Hamilton, head of commodities research at Macquarie, said that they conducted a poll in their base metals summit survey earlier this week and found out that most of the audience is expecting a Fed rate hike only after December 2015.

Gold_industryJessica Fung, analyst of metals and mining at BMO Capital Markets, said during a press meet that overall market is currently expecting Fed rate hike around March 2016. She went on to explain that expectation of US Dollar drive gold price and pricing of the futures market is indicating towards a steeper gold price rise in latter part of the year. The momentum of gold price hike is expected to go on along 2016. Along with this increase in price of yellow metal, interest rate increase is expected to be during March 2016.


Ref: http://www.global-rates.com/interest-rates/central-banks/central-bank-america/fed-interest-rate.aspx









Solar Brokers Canada: Ontario’s solar power system brokers


North America is leading the way in a global solar energy revolution. As countries around the world honor their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incorporate more reusable energy sources into their power supply, the green energy sector has been able to reap the benefits of incredible growth. Data released earlier this year from the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research found: “U.S. solar power grew by 6.2 gigawatts in 2014, a 30 percent increase over the previous year and representing nearly $18 billion in new investment,” this as reported by Daniel Cussick and ClimateWire.

The steady growth is part of a five-year trend that has seen solar energy production increase along with the steady decline of solar panel prices. With solar panel installation costs decreasing across the board, experts predict the boom is here to stay. “Since solar costs are beating those of competing energy sources, there are expectations of a boom in demand — and it’s going to be a global solar boom. GTM Research predicts that solar installations will triple to 135 GW annually by 2020,” Travis Hoium wrote for USA Today.

With a global boom forecasted, there is bound to be a rise in companies that sell solar panel systems and do-it-yourself solar panel kits. However, like any new industry, it can be hard for the consumer to navigate, thus highlighting the importance of solar brokerage firms. These are companies that employ experts who can advise homeowners and business owners on the lengthy and often complicated process of assessing, acquiring and installing solar panels.

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) is the Canadian national trade organization representing the solar industry.While they are a not regulatory body, their existence helps maintain a high standard of quality and service within the industry. CanSIA members include solar panel manufacturers, installation companies and brokerages. One of those companies is Solar Brokers Canada, the leading solar brokerage firm in Canada.

Solar Brokers Canada was established to facilitate and consult consumers throughout the solar power system acquisition process. Solar Brokers Canada is committed to excellence and employs a strict vetting process of all key players within the industry for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

Since the company’s inception, Solar Brokers Canada has been able to establish itself as an industry leader; the company attributes its success to a strong business strategy that benefits both their clients and the industry partners they work with. The company’s Chief Operations Officer Joseph Barker says Solar Brokers Canada’s mandate is to “create a unified standards program that ensures transparency and quality for the end consumer.”

This dedication to excellence and transparency has not only benefited Solar Brokers Canada as a company, it has raised the bar for the Canadian solar industry as a whole. “We work closely with clients to understand their long-term vision and goals,” Joseph Barker said. “With a variety of choices for technology, implementation, financing and ownership, our clients value our experience in creating customized solutions allowing us to structure their investment to mitigate risk and generate worry-free returns.”

As deadlines quickly approach for applications to various feed-in-tariff programs around the globe, the growth in the solar sector is expected to continue and even expand in developing nations that are starting to implement green grids of their own.

Foreign Exchange Mistakes Businesses Often Make

images (8)Deciding to expand a business overseas can be an exciting, yet critical time for a company. It will bring about substantial changes for the business, which could see a rapid growth in turnover and staffing levels. If it’s a new area, costly mistakes can be made if you’re not careful, especially regarding the use of foreign exchange rates. It’s vital that businesses are extremely careful about establishing pricing for overseas customers, as otherwise you could end up losing some or all of your profits on a transaction.

Often companies are too focused on gaining ground in a new territory, and they can lose sight of some of the other businesses areas. Setting up in a new country can take up a great deal of time and have administrative and financial consequences. You need to make sure that the pricing is as accurate as possible, and for this you have to use the correct method of currency exchange.

Be Careful of Online Quotes

There are many online portals where you can check currency rates. This is an adequate method if you just want to establish a rough estimate, but often these prices are delayed. This can be by up to a day, meaning that the price you see is not the level the currency is currently being traded on the market. If you use an out-of-date rate to confirm a price to your customers, it could make a big difference to the amount you end up receiving. The foreign exchange market is constantly changing, and prices can alter within a matter of seconds. If your price isn’t accurate, it could reduce any profit you make.

Understand the System

When you first start trading overseas, it’s worth spending some time setting up an accurate method for pricing and transferring money. This could save you both time and money further down the line and, if you understand exactly what you’re doing, you are less likely to make a mistake.

The rates that you see quoted online and through the newspapers are usually the ones that the banks use to transfer money between themselves or large international businesses. The international transfer rate that you will end up paying will generally be higher than this, resulting in less money when the money is transferred into the local currency.

The foreign exchange market is extremely fluid. This means that if the transaction takes a few days to complete, the rate could have moved higher or lower. Sometimes this will work in your favour, but this isn’t a guarantee and it could just as easily go against you.

Effective Business Transactions

There are two different approaches you can use to effectively transfer money overseas. If you make frequent transfers, opting for an account in the local currency could be beneficial. This will make it easier to establish the rate and makes the accounting process simpler. However, these accounts often have high fees attached to them. Alternatively, you could work with one of the providers that offer to establish a rate before the transfer. This way both parties will know the true cost before the transaction goes through.

Relocation to Dallas Made Easier

homeRelocating can be both a dream and a nightmare. Coming into a new community can mean a brand new start and a new life for many people. However, coming into a new community can mean not knowing where to live, where to work, or where to play. Without close friends and family nearby, it can be even more confusing. But, relocation is a bit easier when you have a good real estate professional at your side.

Real estate professionals have the community knowledge to steer you towards a residence that will make you and your family happy for many years to come. They know where the best schools are located and what kind of commute times is common between certain points. This makes narrowing down new home choices a bit easier. They can give you the knowledge of your new community to make home buying or leasing easier.

Most people relocate to a new city for a job offer or for the potential of a new career. They may be leaving good and bad memories in their old home. But, the new home can represent a fresh start after a major change in life. Those who are graduating college may have received a job offer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Others may be coming off a divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship and need to make a new start in a new location. There are dozens of other reasons for moving, but all of them represent a major change in life and location.

Are you single and moving on your own? For you, the options are quite diverse. If you want to work and live within a short distance, you might consider residential units in the downtown or Uptown areas of Dallas. These areas are becoming easy living for urban dwellers with top businesses just steps away from luxury condos. Restaurants, shops, and other amenities are just steps away from both the job and the home. These areas promote walking and biking back and forth for most activities. There are both luxury and affordable living options in both areas. These are very popular areas for young professionals as well as the arts communities.

Do you have a young family? Then finding a home with a good school district is likely your priority. Dallas/Fort Worth has many cities with good school districts such as, Highland Park and University Park. You may find a gated community on the outskirts which is a good option. Most of these communities are within a short drive of major commuting routes. You might find one of the historic neighborhoods a good place to balance family and business needs. The homes available on the market are diverse and will give you plenty of choice.

For others moving into the DFW area, the housing options are wide open. There are many communities within a short distance of downtown. There are many communities also tucked into rural enclaves with plenty of land around them. The real estate opportunities in Dallas – Fort Worth are deep and wide, so you will find something to fit your family, budget, and lifestyle. If you are unsure how to proceed, you may want to stay a few months in a rental while trying to find your ideal family home.

Omni Chaparala works for DFW Realties, a DFW real estate company serving home buyers and sellers in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

A Simple Guide To Wealth Management

Managing your wealth can in fact be pretty difficult. So many people view the rich people of the world with distain but maintain wealth is something that is a skill in itself. There are so many ways you can go about it if you have the initial capital but very few people actually know what the most effective methods are.wealth management

In this article I will try to highlight three of the simplest methods and traits of a successful investor and wealth manager. There are also many companies out there that can provide this service for you and that again will be explained within this article.

The economy we are part of is changing consistently and at the moment is extremely fragile and I believe large scale investment is too risky but small scale investments and a solid plan can really stand you in great stead for the future and when the economy settles down some more then investment can increase further.

A Plan

It is essential that you have a plan with your money. There are too many people out there who invest without thought or care. In a world that is dominated by money you will find that people become more and more ruthless to get it and those investors who have the disposable income are at a higher risk of losing a lot of it through poor investment and taking poor advice.

There are many companies out there that have a strong track record in wealth management, Brett Lankaster is a boss of one of the city’s leading companies and he values planning for the future extremely highly.

The plan doesn’t have to be too detailed, at the end of the day, investment is something that is down to you as a person, it is your money and you can essentially do as you like with it but I firmly believe forward thinking and planning is essential.


When you have money you can re-invest to get more, that’s the way the business world works nowadays. If you have that capital, the potential to make more is vast and there are numerous ways to go about it and each of them differ in importance and value. If you have a particular interest in one area it can be a great way to engage with your investments.

There are thousands of investors out there and it is down to you as an investor to work out what direction you want to take with your assets.

Some go for short term profit investing heavily in stocks and shares and there are some people out there who go for more long term and steadily maturing things like government bonds.

Risk Taker

If you want to increase your wealth you have got to be a risk taker, you get nowhere in the investment world if you aren’t willing to go out and explore the investment world.

There are just so many options and providing you have the right attitude and knowhow a lot of enjoyment and profit can be had.

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Tom Sasse has experience in the writing industry and has completed work for some very high profile clients. He has a very particular style of writing that is quite chatty and engaging.

What is Underwriting and How Does it Work?

Mortgage_monkeyOnce you’ve finished your house search, made an offer for the property and been pre-approved for a mortgage, you may feel as though that home is yours. Unfortunately, however, the process is far from finished.

You still have to prove your credit worthiness to the underwriter before everything will go through on the sale, and if it is proved that you’re not worthy of credit, the sale will not go through. The job of checking your credit risk lies with the underwriter, and if you’ve told any ‘little white lies’ on any of your forms, the underwriter will find them.

Why Do Underwriters Exist?

For this reason, you can think of the underwriter as a form of ‘real estate detective’. Although your loan company may have pre-approved your finances, the deal isn’t sealed until the underwriter has approved it too. This is because the standards of the underwriter are much higher than the loan company. They will examine your application with a fine toothcomb in order to see if you have represented yourself in a fair and accurate manner. A loan company will assess your request at face value.

The reason that underwriters have increased their scrutiny is because of the reckless lending that led to the financial crash. Beforehand, banks were relatively loose with their lending and, as a result, many people were given loans that they simply couldn’t pay off. As a result, many homes have been repossessed, and because banks cannot afford to lend, they have tightened their regulations, employing underwriters. Today, you won’t be approved for a mortgage unless you can afford it and this provides both you and the bank with reassurance.

Spotting ‘Red Flags’

Any declared bankruptcy in your credit history or any irregularly will be considered to be a ‘red flag’. A red flag does not disqualify your loan qualification straight away, but it does make obtaining a mortgage much harder. If you have a solid employment history and can prove that you have rebuilt your financial situation significantly, however, you can still qualify. At the very least, they’ll accept a large down payment.

When your application is underwritten, the amount of money you owe will be factored into the equation. As a general rule,

Types of Underwriting

Underwriting, however, doesn’t only apply to mortgages. Many businesses the world over use underwriters to assess their insurance and the insurance they offer to others. Huge underwriting and insurances companies such as Catlin USA have specialist insurance policies for every situation and, as a result, they employ underwriters who specialize in specific niches.

So, to conclude, an underwriter will assess how much of a risk you are for a mortgage or how much of a risk you pose for insurance purposes. Remember, just because you’ve been pre-approved for finance doesn’t mean the underwriter will agree, and they will always flag it up if they think that you are trying to borrow more than you can afford.

Save Money And Get The Best From Your Van

If you are a self employed tradesman your van will be an essential function for the smooth-running of your business. You will need your van to transport supplies to and from your jobs, especially if you have heavy goods such as tools, ladders and materials like wood.  Here are a few ways to get the best from your van.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Make sure that you do weekly checks on the tyre pressure. Don’t overload your van too much, and be sure to check the tyre pressures according to the weight of your load as it could affect your steering.

Keep an eye on the oil because depleting levels can be detrimental to the engine. Always top up your washer fluid and check the windscreen wipers so you have optimum visibility.

Make sure your van is serviced regularly and ensure that your MOT and tax is always up to date. If you drive out of the local area and travel quite far to jobs then it is also wise to have breakdown cover. The last thing you want is to be caught off-guard and not be able to get to a job because your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road.

Make Your Van an Advert for Your Business

Your van is also an opportunity to advertise your company with your logo and contact details. A catchy van that is painted in a bright colour and displays your brand logo is an excellent way to attract attention and could increase your customer base.

It may sound like a small thing but it is also important to keep your van clean and tidy – what’s the point of having your logo on the side if it is smeared with mud and grime? This will show your customers that you are a professional company that cares about appearances.

Protect Your Van Inside and Outside

Having the right insurance is also essential because accidents can and do happen, especially if you are driving a considerable amount of mileage. If you a reliant on your van then you need to look after your interests, settling for the lowest band of insurance policy does not necessarily mean that it cost effective long-term. It is advisable to think about how much you could lose if your van was involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. One Sure Insurance offer a range of deals that can include everything up to and including the contents of your van being covered too.

Keep Your Van Secure

There are many insurance claims related to theft as well as accidents, yet this is something that van owners can sometimes forget about. After a hard day’s work you would be forgiven for leaving your van stocked up with your tools and other materials, the value of which can amount to a significant sum.  Not everyone has garage space to keep their vehicle locked in at night, and those who have to park on the road are instantly more vulnerable to theft.

Could Financial Trading Be for You?

Forex TradingWith many people tightening their belts, extra sources of income are becoming increasingly popular, especially ones which don’t require a second job. One such method is financial trading, and in particular, the foreign exchange (forex) market. While it may seem like something that only wealthy experts can get involved in, it’s actually quite a lot easier than you might think. Here are five reasons why forex could be for you:

It’s Simple to Learn

You don’t need qualifications or to go on expensive training courses. Everything you could possibly need can be found on the internet. While there can be a lot to learn, it’s generally not overly difficult if you take the time to do it properly. It is important to make sure that you’re fully clued up before you do get started. There are also plenty of social opportunities; forums and media sites mean that you can get information from others like you.

You’re your own boss

Being a financial trader means that you’re in control. You can decide when and where to trade, because the currency markets are open for 24 hours, each and every weekday. You can make as many or as few trades as you like, and work around another job and commitments.

It’s convenient

You don’t need to leave the house to make trades. Everything happens from your forex platform (a computer application) and through a broker such as CMC Markets, from the comfort of your own chair or sofa. The image of people waving pieces of paper and shouting while looking at big screens simply isn’t necessary.

Profits can be high

With forex, you get out what you put in. If you take the time and effort to make sure that the trades you’re making are good ones, then profits can be excellent. There is always inherent risk when investing your money, but you can take steps to mitigate it. Many people have huge returns on their investment within a short space of time, and it’s not about luck, it’s about being dedicated.

You don’t need a large capital

Lots of people believe that investing in the financial markets requires millions. In truth however, you can trade with as little as you want. Some products, such as spread betting, can be traded with pocket change. It’s always a good idea to start out with small amounts either way, even if you’ve been using a demo account.

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